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1* Judo CREATE PAGE WITH VANDALISM! Is that Ermac you have as your avatar? -@/TestYourMight²** Yes. I was thinking of joining WeAreOurAvatars as Ermac, but I've decided not to for the time being. -@/DragonGeyser²** Maybe you should be him in AGOG: Infinites. -@/TestYourMight²*** Already in as JakAndDaxter. -@/DragonGeyser²* Ello Dragon. Tis [[@/{{Fusionman}} Fusion]].²** [[DragonBall Ha?]] -@/DragonGeyser²* Another vandalism-only page? [[AtomicFBomb FUUUU]] -@/{{desdendelle}}²** My fault. -@/TestYourMight²* I have invaded this page for a friendly greeting! -@/SMSoldier²** ... I HAVE A [[MetalSlug RAWKET LAWNCHAIR!]] -@/DragonGeyser²* ~''Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!''~ - @/{{X2X}}²** Rock? Okay. ²** ~''[[ThemeTune Dragon Ball Z! Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Come get me!]]''~ (''Kamehameha'd'') - [=X2X=]²²!'''''[[{{VideoGame/Kirby}} CHESTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]'''''²²...²²*** Happy? @/DragonGeyser


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