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1Hey hey hiya! The name's Boots! I'm a demigirl aroace who uses they/them pronouns, though I'm fine with any titles, gender-neutral or otherwise. I'm an artist who loves character design, and (currently) a Minecraft YouTuber addict!\\I first dipped my toes into making and editing pages in TVTropes back in November of 2019, when I helped make a Works page for a Danganronpa roleplay I was in. It was honestly pretty shit. Few months later, though, and I'm doing better pages! ...I think. My primary goal in this website is to create/contribute to Works pages for franchises I enjoy! That's actually a pretty good time killer, not gonna lie... I lurk in certain forums every so often, specifically Ask The Tropers and Trope Finder. Because I do be stupid like that.[[folder:Work Pages Created/Majorly Contributed To]]* ''WebAnimation/AnimatedInanimateBattle''* ''FanFic/{{Danganmon}}''* ''LetsPlay/DreamSMP''* ''WebAnimation/MysteriousObjectSuperShow''* ''WebAnimation/OpenSourceObjects''* ''WebAnimation/RecordedByArizal''[[/folder]][[folder:Future Projects]]* {{Creator/SAD-ist}}* {{Creator/Aimkid}}* {{WebVideo/Thafnine}}[[/folder]][[folder:Comfort Artists and Animators]]* Rensaven ([[ YouTube]] and [[ Instagram]])[[/folder]]


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