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1* ActorAllusion: Much like his [[Series/KamenRiderW two]] [[Series/KamenRiderGaim performances]] in ''Franchise/KamenRider'', Minori Terada once again plays someone related to one of the members of the main cast. Much like with Hideo Ishiguro[[note]] who previously played Kai from ''Series/KamenRiderDenO''[[/note]] playing the titular character of the [[Series/UltramanOrb previous]] ''Ultra'' series, however, he's a good guy this time.˛* ActingForTwo: Creator/NobuyukiHiyama voices the Geed Riser (when scanning Ultra Capsules) and Ultraman King. Later on in episode 19 Kento Matsumoto (Geed Riser Monster Capsule voice) did the voice of Rekyum Man, an alien information broker.˛* CastingGag: Riku Asakura in a previous life had [[Film/UltramanZeroTheRevengeOfBelial fought against Ultraman Belial and fought with Ultraman Zero once before]].˛** In Geed's movie, Jean Bot even mentions that he looks familiar and asks him to do the "Jean Fight" pose.˛* TheCastShowoff: Laiha's actress (Chihiro Yamamoto) is a real life martial artist.˛* CrosscastRole: Suit actress Hitomi Adachi as Alien Pegassa Pega and the Rekyum Man (episode 20).˛* CrossDressingVoices: Creator/MegumiHan as Alien Pegassa Pega.˛* FanNickname: AIB (Alien Investigation Bureau) can also called as [[Film/MenInBlack Alien In Black]].˛* NamesTheSame: Riku Asakura, Geed's human host, has the same last name as [[Manga/WanganMidnight Akio Asakura]], [[Series/KamenRiderRyuki Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja]] and [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} a certain heretic scientist from PC-98 era Gensokyo who values science more than magic]].˛** After hearing the name of the AI that assists Geed, Rem, one might expect that she has a sister AI by the name of [[LightNovel/ReZero Ram, or at the very least, her being a maid with blue hair]], but that's not the case.˛** Monster Capsules as a name has been seen before twice, only both times had [[Series/UltraSeven the name being reversed in word placement]], [[Anime/YuGiOhCapsuleMonsters with one instance being completely in English words]]. ˛* TheOtherDarrin: The casting of Creator/NobuyukiHiyama for Ultraman King has lead the Japanese fanbase [[BaseBreakingCharacter divided]] between the forces of: 1) [[VocalDissonance Too youthful for an old geezer Ultraman]], and 2) [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Original voice actor—Motomu Kiyokawa is always the best]]. All teams are equally in dissonance of Kiyokawa being physically younger than Hiyama back when he first voiced Ultraman King in ''Series/UltramanLeo'' which was one of the main points of argument.[[note]]As of 2017, Hiyama is now 50 years old, while Kiyokawa back then, was 39 years old when he was hired for the role.[[/note]] [[EnemyMine But all forces agreed on one thing:]] [[AuthorsSavingThrow Hiyama]], though sounded similar, is way better than [[WhatTheHellCastingAgency former prime minister,]] [[Film/MegaMonsterBattleUltraGalaxyLegends Junichiro]] [[ Koizumi.]][[note]]who portrayed Ultraman King in the movie.[[/note]]˛** In regards to how Hiyama received the role of Ultraman King, Hiyama [[WordOfGod revealed]] at first he was approached by the ''Geed'' staff in person to ask him if they would have the honor to have him for the role. Normally, as according to Hiyama, he would take any roles at the drop of a hat if the roles were directly offered to him. But [[LongRunners THE]] Ultraman King? ''[[DumbStruck He had]] [[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe second thoughts.]]'' Hiyama wasn’t sure if he’s the best person for the task, so he proposed in taking the audition route and got the role from competing instead.[[]][[]]˛** According to his interview with a Tokusatsu magazine, Hiyama revealed he was initially lured in solely to voice Geed Riser, ''then'' was approached with the offer of playing King. Hiyama also revealed his thought process behind his weariness of darrin the role--first, ''Ultraman Leo'' was one of his most favorite Ultra Series, and two, he was keen over his voice to be more than likely [[VocalDissonance not suitable for an old geezer Ultraman despite "being physically fit for the age range."]] To sum up, [[ThisIsGonnaSuck he felt screwed,]] but accepted the challenge anyway.˛** As for being constantly compared to Former Prime Minister Koizumi’s Ultraman King, Hiyama revealed he wasn’t aware that [=FPM=] Koizumi had even done it until people told him afterwards. ˛** As to how Director Koichi Sakamoto answered to this subject, he revealed that "he wanted the Geed Riser voice to be based on Ultraman King since the beginning," further revealing his process of "casting the voice of King ''before'' Geed Riser;" So no matter how courtesy (and vulnerable) Hiyama was on this issue, Sakamoto's casting option was ''dead set'' on Hiyama as Ultraman King right from the get go. ˛--->'''Sakamoto:''' "I was also curious on how Hiyama would sound like if he were to play a collected, [[RoyalBlood regal]] character." ˛* PromotedFanboy: Some of the cast of Ultraman Geed is this:˛** Tatsuomi Hamada (Riku Asakura) says that his favorite Ultraman is [[Series/UltramanCosmos Ultraman Justice]].˛** Yuta Ozawa (Leito Igaguri) is a fan of and always want to become [[Series/UltramanAce Father of Ultra]], even though that his character is Franchise/UltramanZero's host. Wait a minute, isn't one of Geed forms uses Zero and Father of Ultra?˛** Creator/MegumiHan (Alien Pegassa Pega) is a fan of ''Series/{{Ultraman}}'' and ''Series/UltramanTiga''. A long time ago when she announced as one of the cast of {{Manga/Ultraman}} manga motion comic, she moved to TearsOfJoy when she gets to meet Ultraman Tiga in person.˛** Creator/NobuyukiHiyama (Ultraman King / Geed Riser) revealed he was a fanboy of everything between the ''Series/ReturnOfUltraman''-to-''Ultraman Leo''. With ''Return of Ultraman'' being his most beloved; he noted that his mom recalled "the first ever song he learned how to sing was the opening theme of ''Return of Ultraman.'' "˛* PropRecycling:˛** 1: RE.M.'s U-Tom probes are evidently remodeled from the Chiburoid capsule from ''[[Series/UltramanGinga Ultraman Ginga S]]''.˛** 4: The baby Eleking in Tri's memory was from ''Ultraman Max''.˛** 14 & 15: Zegan is suspected to be modified from Lagoras of ''Series/UltramanMax'' fame.˛** 24: [[spoiler:The Nebula House's true form is taken from the alien ship from episode 42 of ''Series/UltramanCosmos'', which in turn was modified from the artificial sun of ''Series/UltramanDyna''. Funny when you realized that this series is meant to be Dyna's 20th anniversary]].˛* RelationshipVoiceActor: Creator/MamoruMiyano, Creator/YukiOno and Creator/ShintaroAsanuma were previously in ''Series/UltraZeroFight'', with the latter had a villainous role. In ''Geed'', the former two reprise their roles and Shintaro gets into a new role, this time as an ally to protagonists.˛* RoleReprise: Kohji Moritsugu return as Ultraseven in episode 1 and Creator/KeiichiNanba returns as Ultraman Hikari in episode 8.˛* RomanceOnTheSet: Mayu Hasegawa (Moa) and Hideyoshi Iwata (Zena) are married as of 2019.˛* SoMyKidsCanWatch: What motivates Otsuichi to write ''Ultraman Geed'' is when his son fanboys ''Series/UltramanX'' back then.˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Geed's Primitive form was originally going to use an entirely different costume. [[spoiler: Said costume was later recycled into Belial's Atrocious form]].˛* YouLookFamiliar: ˛** Tatsuomi Hamada from ''Film/UltramanZeroTheRevengeOfBelial'' plays Riku Asakura in this show.˛** Hitomi Hasebe (Mizuki from ''Series/UltramanMax'') plays Lumina Igaguri, Leito's wife.


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