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1* AllStarCast: Season 8 -- ''Top Chef: All-Stars'', which brought back 18 chefs across all seven seasons for one more shot at the title.** Season 17-- ''Top Chef: All-Stars Los Angeles'', following the example of the above show, with only seasons 2, 5, and 9 lacking representation.* ThePeteBest: Katie Lee was the hostess of season one of Top Chef before being replaced by Padma Lakshmi, who is perhaps one of the face beside Tom people would associate with the show. Katie was brought back as a guest judge in ''All-Stars''.** Kelly Choi hosted the first two seasons of ''Masters'' before being replaced by Curtis Stone, who is incidentally the first male host of any of the shows.** For Top Chef Canada, Season 1 hostess Thea Andrews was replaced for season 2 by Canadian actress and former model, Lisa Ray. Though in this case, it was because Thea was pregnant, as shown when she guest hosted for the third episode of season two.* RomanceOnTheSet: Hosea and Leah in Season 5.* WordOfGod: Tom had to step in and confirm that Alex did nothing wrong in the infamous "pea puree" incident - he legitimately made his own puree and Ed legitimately lost his, and a large amount of the onscreen chaos was due to ManipulativeEditing.


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