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1* AscendedFanon: The original stage directions had Moon and Birdboot sat at the back of stage facing the audience outwards. However, almost every director has found it easier to have the critics sat towards the side of the stage at the front.....and Tom Stoppard himself has admitted that this was the best place for them.* TakeThat: A rather brilliant and evil one, which takes a little spoiler-filled explaining to fully appreciate Tom Stoppard's [[MagnificentBastard magnificent bastardry]]:** The play-within-a-play is a direct and conscious rip-off of ''[[spoiler: Theatre/TheMousetrap]]'', complete with TwistEnding. ''[[spoiler: The Mousetrap]]'' [[spoiler: famously asks that playgoers not reveal the identity of the murderer, so as not to spoil the surprise for future audiences; Stoppard deliberately used the same twist in his play, knowing full well that the producers of]] ''[[spoiler: The Mousetrap]]'' [[spoiler: couldn't call him out on it without inadvertently spoiling the ending of their own play.]]


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