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1* ActorAllusion: Adam Brody is wearing a ''Film/FightClub'' T-shirt while being interrogated by Creator/BradPitt. [[CelebrityParadox Presumably, Tyler Durden was played by somebody else in this universe]]. John's yellow/orange sunglasses later in the movie are also suspiciously similar to a pair seen on Tyler Durden.* DeletedRole: ** Estella Warren planned to make a big comeback with a supporting role, but her part - she and Adam Brody play a husband and wife who get wrapped up in the film's plot - was deleted from the final print (although Brody remains in the movie).** Creator/KeithDavid and Creator/AngelaBassett were cast as the bosses of the title characters, but only their voices remained in the final movie. David can still be briefly be seen [[FreezeFrameBonus in the reflection of a computer monitor during one single scene.]]** Creator/TerenceStamp and Creator/JacquelineBisset also appeared in a subplot as terrorists that got cut.* MissingTrailerScene: Due to over an hour of scenes being cut before release, the trailers were filled with these. Every scene with Creator/KeithDavid and additional scenes with Creator/VinceVaughn are gone.* RealLifeRelative: Not at this stage but soon afterwards, the romance between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was already well publicized before the movie came out, to the point that some initially assumed that this was a ''Film/{{Gigli}}''-style attempt at capitalizing on their romance. Apparently, they fell in love on the set.* RecycledTheSeries: There was an attempt to adapt the film into a TV series that never materialized.* RomanceOnTheSet: Creator/BradPitt infamously started a romance with Creator/AngelinaJolie while filming (he was married to Creator/JenniferAniston at the time, and eventually divorced her to marry Jolie).* ThrowItIn: ** When Jane is going to her first shown kill, she correctly answers a question from ''Series/{{Jeopardy}}'. This was unscripted and spur of the moment on the part of Creator/AngelinaJolie.** The scene where John accidentally shoots through Jane's windshield was supposed to have him hopping over the last fence, but Brad Pitt actually tripped and broke the fence. However, his muttered line of "Oh, dear God!" as he rushed through the mangled fence was so amusing that the director kept the scene the way it was.-->'''John:''' Nononononono! ''Accident!''* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Brad and Angelina were both replacements when filming began to snarl. Before the two of them were confirmed, others such as Creator/WillSmith, Creator/JohnnyDepp, Creator/CateBlanchett, Creator/NicoleKidman, Creator/CatherineZetaJones, Creator/EvaGreen and Music/GwenStefani, were considered. Now try to imagine both A) the movie with any combination of the previous actors, and B) a world without over a decade of Brangelina.----


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