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1* FranchiseKiller: SMNC's lukewarm critical reception and its small userbase sunk the Monday Night Combat series. Aside from a brief foray into the mobile game market with ''Outland Games'' in 2013, the series has yet to resurface since SMNC's final patch in March 2013, with the only news about the series' future since then being both ''Monday Night Combat'' games shutting down in May 2018.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** [[ Assault was originally going to have a British accent]], but the developers couldn't find a voice actor that fit their vision.** Also, the Assassin was originally envisioned as a male character called "Spec Ops".** A competitive version of the Blitz mode, called "Danger Zone", was in development for SMNC, but was never implemented.* TheWikiRule: [[ The Monday Night Combat Wiki]].


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