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Context Trivia / LifeInPieces

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1* HideYourPregnancy: Creator/AngeliqueCabral's pregnancy was beginning to show towards the end of the second season, necessitating that she be shot in tight close-ups from the chest up. By the beginning of the third season, Cabral was approaching her due date and the show decided to have fun by putting Colleen in a wheelchair with two broken legs and a broken arm, giving them an excuse to cover Cabral's belly with a comically large cast and sling. Later, we see how far along the actress was when Matt has a nightmare about starting a family with Colleen in "Bunny Single Nightmare Drinking" and finds his wife about to give birth the morning after they have sex.
2* RealLifeWritesThePlot: The second season ends with Colleen suddenly [[spoiler: falling several stories off a faulty balcony and into a swimming pool]]. This was done because Angelique Cabral was pregnant and she was going to be approaching her due date by the time the third season began production so the writers needed to find ways where they could either hide her pregnancy or write her out for a few episodes.