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Context Trivia / LaCollectionneuse

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1* BreakthroughHit: Creator/EricRohmer's first hit in France.* CastTheExpert: Daniel Pommereulle was a prolific painter and sculptor in RealLife (HeAlsoDid acting, filmmaking and poetry writing).* TheDanza: Haydée (Politoff) and Daniel (Pommereulle).* HeAlsoDid: Sam is credited as having been played by "Seymour Hertzberg", but that's actually a pseudonym for ''New York Times'' film critic Eugene Archer, who'd spent some time in France and worked with Rohmer at ''Cahiers du Cinéma''.* RealLifeRelative: Mijanou Bardot (Carole) is married to Patrick Bauchau (Adrien).* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: Haydée is very much into the [[AmbiguousGender androgynous]] fashion style (short hair, male-type clothes) that was big at that point of TheSixties, popularized by [[ Twiggy]].* WritingByTheSeatOfYourPants: Quickly put into production when ''Film/MyNightAtMauds'' got delayed (hence the OutOfOrder "#4" numbering), without a finished script. Patrick Bauchau, Haydée Politoff and Daniel Pommereulle improvised and developed the characters so much that they all shared writing credit with Rohmer.


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