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1* TheOtherDarrin: Most of the entire cast. The dub of the game consists of a mix of archive footage, redubbed lines and new dialogue. Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor is voicing Donald Gennaro in ''Jurassic Park'', while other film characters used their original voices. Different people also voice Mr. Arnold (John Eric Bentley) and Dennis Nedry (Creator/FredTatasciore) too.* RoleReprise: Creator/PeterStormare was the only cast member of previous films available to reprise his role, in this case as [[Film/TheLostWorldJurassicPark Dieter Stark.]] Most of ''Film/JurassicWorld'''s cast returned to voice their characters.** The Spanish dub had many of its actors returning: Salvador Vidal (Alan Grant in the third film), César Lechiguero (Ian Malcolm in the first film), Antonio García Moral (Eddie Carr), Luis Marco (Roland Tembo), José Posada (Nick van Owen), Guillermo Romero (Owen Grady) and Creator/AnaEstherAlborg (Claire Dearing). The rest were [[TheOtherDarrin replacements.]]----


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