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1* ActingForTwo: Crystal Dahl plays both Crystal and her boyfriend at Happy Time.* CaliforniaDoubling: Although set in Seattle, the series is actually filmed in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. No effort is made to hide street signs, local business names (e.g., Avalon Dairies), etc., and in one episode both a Canadian flag and a B.C. flag are visible in the background.* ExecutiveMeddling: Bryan Fuller [[ in this interview]] talks about his thoroughly unpleasant time on the show, where he and Showtime (who largely supported him) frequently butted heads with MGM Television over story decisions, such as Clancy's ComingOutStory being cut out, and making homophobic comments to Fuller (Fuller is openly gay.) He [[KnowWhenToFoldEm eventually left after five episodes not wanting to risk a]] CreatorBreakdown.* TheOtherDarrin: From start to finish, the entire production used a total of three Argentinian horned frogs to play the "red frog". ("His" eyes very obviously change color from bright red to a more neutral color.)* ScrewedByTheNetwork: The show's ExecutiveMeddling caused Creator/BryanFuller and the team to split after five episodes. * UnintentionalPeriodPiece: The clothes, hairstyles, cars and computers really pin point it to the late 1990's/ early 2000's.** The then-recent [[UsefulNotes/TheWarOnTerror Iraq invasion]] is mentioned.** Smartphones are a half a decade away, while camera phones were just coming out.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: According to Bryan Fuller, it was originally planned that George's father would be gay, and this development would spell the end of Clancy and Joy's marriage. After Fuller left the show, MGM execs decided that Clancy should be heterosexual, but philandering with his female students.* The show shares elements with the 1990 Film ''Soultaker'' but played as a dark comedy instead of a slasher film. Also, the focus is on the reapers more than the souls taken. However, the rules appear to be the same for reaper and reapee alike.* The ComicBook that Mason is reading in a number of episodes are each editions of "Cosmic Plan", a subtle nod to the role of the reapers.* While Rube's cause of death is never overtly stated, Season 2 episodes strongly imply that on the night he was killed, Rube attempted to rob a bank. (Examples: the wanted poster Rube finds when searching for information about Rosie and the gun he carries around in his flashbacks).* The drum kit that Reggie owns is made by Ayotte, a Canadian drum manufacturer.* The actors who play the versions of George and Mason (seen in the pilot) that regular people see are credited as "Un-George" and "Un-Mason", respectively.* Inspired by the Creator/PiersAnthony novel ''Literature/OnAPaleHorse''. Unlike in the novel, the series shows multiple Grim Reapers working the planet, as opposed to just one.* The red frog that keeps appearing here and there through the series comes from the first scene of the pilot. It is, depending on who you ask, the first "person" to die, the first reaper, or both. The frog is an Argentinian horned frog (aka, "the Pac-Man frog"), which does not make sounds like North American frogs (during [[ one take]], however, the frog hissed when Ellen picked it up, scaring the daylights out of Callum Blue and Creator/JasmineGuy), The "frog sound effect" is dubbed in. The Pac-Man frog also has sharp teeth, and should only be handled by professionals, as its bite is very painful.* The pilot took one month to film, whereas all other episodes were filmed one per week.----


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