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1* TechnologyMarchesOn: In "Carrie" the protagonist visits an address trying to find the titular girl only to be told that "doesn't live here any more" and "that she left no forwarding address". These days he'd probably just look her up on Website/{{Facebook}}. The song also talks about a "message on a payphone wall" - with payphones rapidly disappearing in most modern locales this seems quaint to modern listeners.˛* OldShame: his CoverVersion of "Honky Tonk Angel,"''immediately'' became this for Sir Cliff when he found out the title didn't mean a piano player, but instead [[TheOldestProfession something rather different]].˛* CreatorBacklash: In addition to above, he didn't care for "[[ Two To The Power Of Love]]." his duet with Music/JanetJackson, telling ''Smash Hits'' he figured [[Music/MichaelJackson her brother]] would help out on it so it would turn out all right.˛* [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff Filipinos Love Cliff Richard]]: In the Philippines he is mostly known for the melancholic saccharine ballad “Ocean Deep” as an epitome of “senti” aka sentimental music.


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