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1* CastTheRunnerUp:
2** Creator/FeliciaDay auditioned for Fred in ''Angel''. She would later play Vi in the final season of ''Buffy''.
3** Creator/ChristianKane auditioned for Riley Finn on ''Buffy''. He went on to play Lindsey [=McDonald=] on ''Angel''. Kane says he played his audition for Riley "perhaps a little less than wholesome", which he feels resulted in Creator/JossWhedon later casting him as a darker character.
4** Creator/AdamBusch auditioned for a part in ''Angel'' before being cast as Warren Mears on ''Buffy''.
5* CreatorsPest:
6** Creator/JossWhedon named Adam as the most boring of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'''s {{Big Bad}}s, a sentiment shared by a lot of the fandom.
7** Cordelia was gradually phased out during seasons four and five of ''Series/{{Angel}}'' due to friction between Whedon and Creator/CharismaCarpenter (he told Magazine/TVGuide that it this was due to the writers running out of things for her to do). This became HarsherInHindsight when Carpenter revealed in 2021 that Whedon had essentially written her off the show to punish her for getting pregnant at a time he considered inconvenient.
8** Creator/VincentKartheiser said that he quickly lost interest in playing Connor after about four episodes. He disliked that every scene would have him and Angel arguing, and he would then go into a corner to sulk. He said he wasn't surprised when he learned that Connor was hated by the fans as well.
9** To say that a decent number of writers on staff were befuddled and annoyed by [[BreakoutVillain Spike's]] popularity would be an understatement. Whedon was known to be particularly frustrated by it, as he believed very firmly that soulless vampires shouldn't be redeemable, and Creator/JamesMarsters has told several stories over the years of seeing the brunt of that frustration on-set. Other writers like David Fury were known to openly condemn Spike's fans on online forums while the show was running, likening them to people writing love notes to serial killers in prison. It had also been stated in several interviews that the point of the deeply controversial episode "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS6E19SeeingRed Seeing Red]]" was to [[CharacterCheck remind viewers that Spike was evil]]. Curiously, later down the line many of these creators have walked back on much of this, with Whedon admitting to preferring Spike with Buffy and David Fury trying to push for Spike to be the one to fulfill the Shanshu prophesy.
10* ExiledFromContinuity: When ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' moved to Creator/{{UPN}}, ''Series/{{Angel}}'' remained on Creator/TheWB, and until the networks came to agreement a season later, no crossovers could be done. This made things extremely difficult when Buffy wanted to meet and talk to Angel after her resurrection. Neither series could use the other network's character, so the meeting had to take place between Sunnydale and L.A. Additionally, by the time the ''Buffy'' tie-in novels set in season 3 were being released, Wesley had already left for Angel and that series had the rights to him. None of the season 3 set novels feature Wesley at all, only the episode {{novelization}}s do.
11* FunnyCharacterBoringActor: Creator/DavidBoreanaz is an inversion. Unlike the dour, brooding Angel, he was notorious for doing anything to get his castmates to laugh, up to and including exposing himself. There were even times when he and Creator/SarahMichelleGellar pranked each other by eating garlic and other bad-smelling things before kissing scenes.
12* HostilityOnTheSet: In 2021, Creator/CharismaCarpenter [[ went public]] with long-rumored allegations surrounding her time on both shows, which inspired the ''Variety'' article. She said that Creator/JossWhedon played favorites with actors on set and pit them against each other to win his approval, she was overworked to the point where it caused her physical harm and she only stayed on [[MoneyDearBoy for the steady paycheck]], all while justifying his behavior in her mind because she didn't want to admit she was being harassed. The ''Variety'' article notes she was a network-mandated hire, which grated on Whedon who wanted complete control and would be dismissive of her performance. Whedon in turn was frustrated by Carpenter's tardiness. Long before this was revealed it was known that her pregnancy in the fourth season of ''Angel'' caused a lot of friction between her and Whedon, but he seemed to take the reveal personally (suggesting she get an abortion), which ended with Cordelia being written out of the fifth season in a manner that left a lot of bad blood, not least because Carpenter only found out from the press. She was eventually brought back for the fifth-season episode [[Recap/AngelS05E12YoureWelcome "You're Welcome"]], [[spoiler:only for Cordelia to be KilledOffForReal after Whedon [[LyingCreator promised her he wouldn't do so]]]]. By her account, Carpenter was in tears when she realized how she was being written out of the show. Nearly every castmember from both shows (ranging from the stars to recurring actors) either corroborated her claims or lent their support.
13* NoStuntDouble: Creator/DavidBoreanaz did a lot of his own stunts for both shows.