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Context Trivia / BaronCorbin

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1* FanNickname:** "Big Bully/Baldy Bastard", thanks to [[WebVideo/WhatCultureWrestling "King"]] [[WebVideo/{{Cultaholic}} Ross Tweedell]] and his "WTF moments".** His PowerTrio with Wrestling/BobbyLashley and Wrestling/DrewMcIntyre has been given the nickname of "The Midcard of Evil" by the guys of [=WrestleTalk=] and "Team Baddies" by Brian Zane at ''WebVideo/WrestlingWithWregret''.* WhatCouldHaveBeen:** It's hard not to wonder what trajectory Corbin's career would have taken if not for Corbin getting into a shouting match with a WWE doctor, which was apparently the reason for his notable career downturn.** [[ An interview with WrestleZone]] states that Corbin had wanted to shave his head a while back but had to wait for WWE to approve it due to merchandising conflicts.----


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