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Context Trivia / AngelS05E15AHoleInTheWorld

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1* TheCastShowoff: Sarah Thompson sings "LA Song", which was written by series co-creator David Greenwalt and Creator/ChristianKane for Lindsey [=McDonald=] to perform on-stage in "[[Recap/AngelS02E18DeadEnd Dead End]]". Thompson, who grew up doing musical theater, had begged Creator/JossWhedon to allow her character to sing.
2* CompletelyDifferentTitle:
3** Czech: "Démon starší než sám čas" ''(A Demon Older than Time Itself)''
4** Finnish: "Maailmassa on reikä" ''(There's a Hole in the World)''
5** German: "Illyria"
6** Hungarian: "A szarkofág" ''(The Sarcophagus)''
7* CreatorsFavoriteEpisode: Creator/AlexisDenisof and Creator/AmyAcker named this as one of their favourite episodes, with Denisof calling it "the most difficult, but also satisfying and heart-rending day at work".
8* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
9** The original idea for the episode saw Angel and Spike fly out to England to see Giles, as Creator/JossWhedon needed someone who both the characters and the audience would believe when he told them that there was no way to save Fred. The limited budget prevented them from flying in Creator/AnthonyStewartHead for a cameo, though (ironically, from England), so the character of Drogyn was invented as being [[CannotTellALie physically unable to lie]].
10** Creator/JossWhedon had planned for Fred to return in season 6, fighting Illyria for control of her body. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled, and so Fred remains dead and even, as we learn in the next episode, deprived of an afterlife, which comes off as quite pointlessly cruel if you don't know the behind the scenes story.
11* WriteWhatYouKnow: Creator/JossWhedon revealed that the "astronauts versus cavemen" discussion that reoccurs throughout the episode is based on something written on the idea board in the writer's room.