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1* Imagine finding out about the rumors that Danny died in a car crash and actually falling for it.²* One can't help but [[TheWoobie feel bad for]] Shirlena, since her grandpa has Alzheimer's, [[SeriousBusiness a very serious disease]], and Danny just cracked up. Even though her story was a little far-fetched, one can still feel sorry for her.²* Danny had a failed marriage to Shirlena. ²** And some bitch named BARB.²* Danny's phone call to 911 about having chest pains is this. Such can preclude a stroke or a heart attack. DudeNotFunny²* Danny sounds like he's in genuine agony during a segment where he is showering and cussing out Head & Shoulders, with his stream of profanities dissolving further into crying as the segment plays out.²* When Shirlena was telling Danny about how she's worried that her mother will die soon, Danny tries to make her feel better by saying "At least you'll still have your aunts and uncles, and all that bullshit."²* Danny cussing out people on the phone is played over clips from the film can be this for fans of Tourettes Guy who are also ''WesternAnimation/TheLionKing1994'' fans and take humor very seriously.²----


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