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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:[[BeneathTheMask Behind the Rick who is the]] [[{{Jerkass}} irresponsible,]] [[StepfordSmiler yet always happy explorer of the universe,]] '''[[BrokenAce he is simply a broken, sad old man]] [[DeathSeeker who yearns for death.]]''']]²->'''Bird Person:''' Morty, do you know what "wubba lubba dub dub" means?\²'''Morty:''' Oh, that's just Rick's stupid nonsense catchphrase.\²'''Bird Person:''' It's not nonsense at all. In my people's tongue, it means, "I am in great pain. Please help me."\²'''Morty:''' Well, I got news for ya—he's saying it ironically.\²'''Bird Person:''' No, Morty. Your grandfather is indeed in very deep pain. That is why he must numb himself.²-->-- "Ricksy Business"²²Of course, one of Creator/AdultSwim’s greatest shows of all time can even have its fair share of moments that can reduce you to drowning in your own tears. ²----²[[foldercontrol]]²[[folder:Season 1]]²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:''[[Music/MazzyStar Look away from the sky]]\²[[WhamEpisode It's no different]] [[NothingIsTheSameAnymore when you're leaving home...]]'']]²[[AC:Meeseeks and Destroy]]²* The [[MoodWhiplash infamous]] attempted rape scene by Jellybean and Morty's terrified reaction. Doesn't matter that he beat the rapist to a pulp (and the rapist was later killed), it's still heartbreaking to watch poor Morty sob and grab onto Rick, crying that he just wants to go home.²* The giant's wife and infant son walking into the kitchen after the giant slips and cracks his head open on the table. It's revealed later that the giant died from his injury, so that moment counts as especially sad for the soon-to-be widowed wife.²-->'''Wife:''' Oh ''Jesus,'' '''''DALE!!!'''''²** What's worse is that, altough Rick and Morty ''were'' there to steal treasure from the giants on behalf of the village, they had absolutely nothing to do with his death, which really was just a tragic accident. They just get railroaded in court anyway because of the animosity between the giants and the little people, and only get aquitted due to a technicality (they werent read their rights) on behalf of a little person lobby group. So the giants family get no closure, Rick and Morty barely avoid an undeserved fate, and the village lose their beloved king Jellybean, who was a child molesting bastard all along. The only bright side is that Rick gives the villagers some of the gems he won in a poker game to cheer Morty up, which is the only good ending in the whole damn story.²* The idea that merely ''existing'' is painful to a Meeseeks, and that they ''cannot die'' until they accomplish a given task. Now, factor in a task borderline ''impossible'' to complete, like, say... Jerry's golf issue...²²[[AC:Rick Potion #9]]²* The ending. Due to Rick's incompetence, 99% of the planet is transformed into hideous monsters, so Rick devises a way to go to another universe where he and Morty solved the problem but then later get killed so they can slip into their place. After burying their alternate universe counterparts, [[ThousandYardStare Morty has an emotionless stare]] (folder image) that screams "hug me" while silently looking at his new home to find a new life that is just like it was before, but was still never really his in the first place. This kid is at the DespairEventHorizon and deep inside he knows he'll never leave it.²** The tragedy that the Rick and Morty of the alternate universe seem very content with each other in contrast to the tumultuous Rick and Morty we know.²** A special salt in the wound moment? In the devastated earth Rick and Morty left behind, Morty's parents' marriage got back on track [[TookALevelInBadAss (due to Jerry taking a level in badass to fight the monsters)]] and Beth says she feels much happier without Rick and Morty around. That's right, she feels so much happier that her own father and son are gone. I mean, it's understandable she's happy that someone like Rick is gone, BUT HER OWN SON?! This is softened a bit in the tie-in comics, though, wherein the family winds up adopting Cronenberg Morty.²** Hammering it home is Music/MazzyStar's [[ "Look On Down From The Bridge"]] playing over the scene.²-->''I can't be the same thing to you now,''\²''I'm just gone,''\²''Just gone''\²''How could I say goodbye?''\²''How could I say goodbye?''\²''Goodbye...''²²[[AC:Raising Gazorpazorp]]²* Morty takes care of his half-alien son who rapidly ages into his adult form. Fearing that his alien instincts will kick in and cause a murder spree, Morty lies to his son that the outside world is toxic. After getting in a fight with him and Morty accidentally hitting him, Morty Jr. runs outside to die and finds out the truth.²** And TheStinger reveals he goes on to write a best seller about how much of a terrible father Morty was. Ouch.²** After an episode of trashing Morty's parenting skills, his parents tell him he did the best he could. A failed attempt at a SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming Moment|s}}, or a SuspiciouslySpecificDenial of his capabilities? ²²[[AC:Rixty Minutes]]²* The look on Summer's face when Jerry reveals that she was almost aborted.²** Made worse when she asks them if they really did considered getting an abortion, her parents cruelly say "You're welcome!" to her because they didn't go through with it. Talk about emotional abuse. At least she never heard them say they were ''already on their way to the clinic'' before a flat tire stopped them.²** Pretty much the entirety of the Jerry/Beth/Summer plot of that episode. Summer decides to leave home after feeling like her entire existence is the cause for her parents misery and Jerry and Beth decide to separate after finding their alternate universe selves are much happier without them being together. Though it turns out that alternate Jerry and Beth's lives have left them empty and hollow and they eventually reunite, as does the main universe's Jerry and Beth.²*** It's depressing to see that in all parallel timelines Beth, Jerry, and Summer saw, there seemed to be none where Beth and Jerry were a happy -or at least functional- couple, with or without a family.²** On a similar note, Morty convincing Summer to stay has him tell her about what happened in "Rick Potion No.9" and says he eats breakfast a few feet away from his dead alternate universe self and saying how the world is so chaotic and you just have to make the best out of it. [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments Doubles as heartwarming]], since it convinces her [[YouAreNotAlone not to run away]].²-->'''Morty''': Nobody exists on purpose, nobody really belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die... [[TheAntiNihilist Come watch TV?]]²²[[AC:Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind]]²* The fact that there are hundreds of Rickless Morties. Who knows how they (and perhaps the Beths as well) will cope with the loss of Rick.²* While being tortured by Murder!Rick, Rick sees his memories of himself and Morty having adventures, and one of the memories is when Morty was just a baby, holding out his hands so Rick can hold him. This causes Rick to tear up, something he's never done before or since in any episode, and lay to rest any remaining doubt that, deep in his calloused and alcohol-poisoned heart, he really does love his so-called human shield of a grandson. Made worse by Murder!Rick's spiteful words towards him, basically insulting Rick for actually giving a damn about Morty.²-->We both know that if there's any truth in the universe, it's that Ricks ''don't care about Mortys''.²** When Morty's eyes fill with tears after Rick all but states that he only keeps Morty around so he can be a human shield. It's heartbreaking to see poor Morty, who's already the biggest Woobie on the show, being reduced to tears because he thinks his grandfather doesn't actually love him and only sees him as a tool.²*** That in itself is a tear jerker because for all we know, Rick was saying that in the heat of the moment after he and Rick were arguing if he saw Morty as something more than a shield. [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation He was likely going to say no but their fight and the circumstances of the Evil!Rick stopped him.]]²*** Don't forget, Murder!Rick was being mind-controlled by a Morty this whole time. When Murder!Rick says "Ricks don't care about Mortys," that's a Morty saying that. What did he go through to feel that way? ²* Jerry having to part with Doofus!Rick, who respected and liked him far more than his own Rick.²** Also when Jerry shows Doofus!Rick his R2-D2 coin collection, an investment everyone else has mocked him over. Doofus!Rick clarifies that it doesn't matter whether they up in value or even keep the same as they are now, they have value to Jerry, which must be worth something. Jerry is left teary-eyed from what is one of the very few times anyone has gave his opinion any respect.²[[AC:Ricksy Business]]²* According to Bird Person, Rick's "Wubba-lubba-dub-dub" catchphrase isn't nonsensical, but an actual phrase from his native language. It translates to "[[BeneathTheMask I am in great pain. Please help me]]."²** Also from that episode, Morty's increasing frustration with Rick and Summer's behavior, especially now that Summer and Rick are probably the only two people he can really count on. Morty was very close to telling his parents about Rick and Summer's parties and ending his adventures with Rick.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 2]]²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:[[LikeFatherLikeSon Like father, like daughter.]]]]²[[AC:A Rickle in Time]]²* After unfreezing the universe from the S1 finale, Rick, Summer, and Morty find themselves split across multiple possibilities due to Summer and Morty's uncertainty in themselves. While Summer and Morty are split apart, Rick remains in sync with his copy across the other timeline, and boasts that his absolute certainty in himself and his decisions means he'll never have to worry about going through the same trouble they are; at least, until Morty manages to make one quiet, offhand criticism that manages to knock Rick off his game just enough to put them all in even more trouble. What was it that shook Rick enough to cause him to become unsure of himself? Morty calling him out on [[TheAlcoholic his alcoholism]].²-->'''Ricks 1 and 2:''' This time, be like ''grandpa''.²-->'''Morty 2''': [[NiceJobBreakingItHero You mean drunk?]]²** Immediately after we see just what happens when Rick becomes uncertain and it's not fun to watch. Rick immediately becomes convinced that the alternate him is going to murder them to eliminate one of the possibilities, then admits the same idea had been in the back of his mind but that he would never actually do it. After a brief cross possibility shootout with himself he orders Summer and Morty into the cabinets under his work bench to try and protect them from stray bullets but realized the other him would do the same thing, has them wait a few seconds before blowing away anyone who might have been inside in another possibility before turning the gun on himself figuring that if the two of them are still in sync that would kill the other Rick as well. The severe problems this reveals with Rick's psyche are staggering and begin to explain the pathological need for control.²** Later on in the episode the three of them manage to obtain some collars that will allow their selves across the multiple realities to re-converge, setting everything back to normal. Summer manages to get hers to work, but in one of the 64 realities, one of Morty's collars has a broken latch, leading to him arguing with his Rick and preventing both of them from leaving. Eventually said Morty falls through a hole in space-time, and Rick hurriedly rushes after him, [[HeroicSacrifice takes off his own collar, and places it on Morty, allowing him to leave while he floats through the void.]]²--->'''Rick:''' I'm okay with this. Be good, Morty. Be better than me.²** In one of the singularities, Rick gets on his knees and prays, "God, [[HollywoodAtheist if there is a Hell]], ''please'' be merciful to me." He knows he's going to Hell if it exists, and he sacrifices himself for Morty anyway.²** Rick concludes that Morty and Summer are feeling uncertain of their place in the universe; more particularly, they both want to be his favourite grandkid. Rick then comes up with [[DarkHumour a mathematical equation explaining how they're both pieces of shit to him]], and half the time he can't even tell them apart because [[CrossesTheLineTwice they're both pains in the ass]]. It's not so much what he's explaining (at this point, [[JerkAss you expect such insults from Rick]]), but Morty's reaction to it. You can see the hurt on his face in both singularities. The idea of Rick not loving him really is a sore spot.²²[[AC:Mortynight Run]]²* Morty being forced to kill Fart, even though he'd spent the entire episode trying to save their life, at the expense of many others. And what drove Morty to do such a thing and violate his principles? Well, only that Fart was going to go back to his fourth dimensional brethren and bring them to our universe so they could ''exterminate all carbon-based lifeforms'', which they view as a disease. Seeing Morty struggle with what needs to be done before tearfully killing Fart--as well as seeing his later distress when he realizes that all of the destruction that he and Rick have caused in the quest to help Fart has been totally meaningless--is pretty painful. At this point, you really just want to give poor Morty a hug after all the hell he's been through.²-->'''Morty:''' ''(Tearing up)'' Goodbye.²* The Gear cop tearfully committing suicide after Fart convinces him that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend.²²[[AC:Auto Erotic Assimilation]]²* The ending (pictured). After realizing Rick's destructive nature, Unity quietly leaves him, abandoning the planet it conquered in the process. Rick finds himself in a completely empty room, now littered with countless sheets of paper all displaying the same break-up letter over and over. As Unity points out, it may be able to assimilate people into a hive-mind, but he's even better at turning people into mirrors of his harmful personality and cannot be changed by others. Rick reads this, goes back home utterly depressed, and attempts killing himself with an invention, only failing because he passed out and fell out of the path of the heat beam. The episode ends with watching Rick as he sits unconscious in his garage for an entire day.²** The music accompanying this moment is completely heartbreaking, with [[ Chaos Chaos's "Do You Feel It?"]] even continuing in the credits. Especially the ominous piano at the song's beginning and end.²-->''Do you feel it, do you feel it?\²Do you feel that I can see your soul?\²Do you feel it, do you feel it?\²Do you feel the beat in your heart?\''²** Rick and Morty live in an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, which means that in at least one of those universes, Rick's suicide attempt works. Since the beam turns its victim to ash, there's a good chance that the family (especially Beth) will think Rick abandoned them again.²*** Or not. On the commentary track one of the creators states that his theory is that the chemical Rick drinks right before hand syncs up all your timelines, ensuring that if one dies, they all die. So on one hand none of the Ricks died. On the other hand, Rick was so sad he wanted to ensure not a single one of them survived.²** When Rick backs down without a fight when Beth lays down ground rules about underground labs, the looks on everyone's faces show they can immediately tell he's not in a good place emotionally, to the point that even Jerry looks concerned.²** While Rick languishes unconscious in the garage, not a single person comes to check on him, even though he's in there for a full day. The sheer isolation of that is bad enough, but it only gets worse when Jerry is literally out there in front of the garage, [[FailedASpotCheck but is too absorbed in weed whacking to even turn around and see.]] Rick said in this episode that he's trying to reconnect with his family, but it's very clear he's not succeeding.²** [[ Someone on Reddit described it as]] "one of the most realistic suicide attempts I've ever seen on television".²** To quote a [=YouTube=] comment:²-->What many people don't quite seem to understand is that this isn't just about Unity. Unity breaking up with him did make him sad but it was also a reminder to him. A reminder that he can never be happy. Because no matter what he tries, his intelligence or his personality will always come in between and fuck everything up for him. He can numb himself for a few hours but he can never be truly happy. He is doomed to restlessly travel the universe until he dies, looking for something he knows he can never achieve. And he just can't do it anymore.²** Rick tests the vaporizing beam on some... ''thing.'' Before he kills it, he comforts it as to apologize. The creature looks quite repulsive, but it is clearly scared or in pain, suggesting he actually gave it a MercyKill, much like the one he planned to give himself.²*** TheStinger is even worse, with Rick outside Beta 7's ship screaming for Unity to come out so he can talk to it, even though it's declared him a dangerous entity who shouldn't be allowed in. And Beta 7 gleefully rubs salt in his wounds by threatening to open fire on him.²*** Rick says he doesn't believe Beta 7 actually has guns on the ship, and was willing to call that bluff before Morty told him to stop all this and leave. Did Rick really believe that, or was he about to go SuicideByCop?²* Jerry and Beth's relationship is at its absolute lowest point in this episode. To wit, while looking for Jerry's weed whacker the two discover Rick's underground bunker and find an alien strapped to the wall. It leads into an argument over Rick where the two pull the lowest punches they can. Jerry screams at Beth about her blind devotion to her father, a negligent alcoholic and sociopath who constantly puts everyone in danger, and Beth accuses Jerry of being too jealous and stupid to understand the scope of her dad's brilliance. The two begin pointing out the positive and negative possibilities of why Rick would have said alien trapped in the bunker, such as keeping it prisoner because it would kill everyone on Earth or it's an innocent creature being used for inhuman experiments against its will. Finally, said alien breaks free and uses a voice translator to deliver a massive TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. He says that while both were technically right about why Rick had him locked up, he's leaving Earth forever because the two are absolute pieces of garbage that hate each other and themselves, and simply use Rick as an excuse not to own up to their own self-loathing.²* Beth's behavior at the end of the episode provides a more subtle Tear Jerker. She speaks in a careful, almost scared tone when she tells Rick he can't keep aliens locked in the garage anymore. It almost sounds as if she rehearsed the whole speech, because one wrong word might send Rick away again. "And I know I sound like Mom, but I can't sacrifice this entire family's safety because I'm scared [[DisappearedDad you'll leave again]]." Even though Rick says okay, she has a quick moment of fear that she's messed up and he'll leave anyway. It seems like Jerry actually had a point when he said that she's still, at least partially, a child inside--Beth is still that same little girl dealing with abandonment issues.²-->''"Okay? 'Okay' like, you're gonna quietly teleport somewhere and never come back?"''²** This is made even worse, when you consider what would have happened, had Rick's aforementioned suicide-attempt been successful. Rick would simply have disappeared one day, and Beth might fear that he left because of what she said - or that his suicide was her fault.²** The whole ending is even worse in hindsight for Rick, when you remember how the episode started, with Rick and his grandchildren actually enjoying their time together. And then how quickly it went downhill to Rick's DespairEventHorizon.²** [[UpToEleven Made even worse]] [[HarsherInHindsight by the season finale,]] when Rick gives himself up to the Galactic Federation for their sakes at the cost of the rest of his life, and Beth knows it.²²[[AC: Total Rickall]]²* The bad memories the family has flashbacks of when determining who is real and who is a parasite. They're not particularly out of the ordinary for family problems and they're all supposed to make you laugh, but it's the reactions on the characters that tear your heart out.²** Morty remembers being dragged off by a giant crab, experimented on, and Rick pantsing him and pushing him down the school stairway for fun in front of two girls he's trying to impress. They laugh and point at him. And Rick goes down the stairs to laugh and point with them. Morty is in tears.²*** Not to mention, Summer kicks him in the groin as hard as she can because she thought he went into her room. Damn, that's cold.²** Summer remembers Beth drunk on her bed when she has to take her to school. Beth wildly swings her wine bottle, hitting Summer in the eye, then makes a spacey apology. It is class picture day. Summer is in tears. She cries that she wants the police to take her instead.²** Summer also remembers catching Morty masturbating in the kitchen. The sad part comes when she calls him on how disgusting and disrespectful this is, and he tells her that not only does he do it ''in every room of the house'', he does it while thinking of her friends. ²--> '''Summer''': You are not the victim here!!²** Beth remembers going to the grocery store with Jerry and a crazy homeless bum pursues them with a glass bottle in the parking lot. Jerry gets into the car and locks the door to be safe. He witnesses Beth grapple with the bum herself, begging him to come out and help. He doesn't come out.²** We never get any from Jerry's perspective. [[ButtMonkey We don't]] [[NoRespectGuy really]] [[TheWoobie have to.]]²* Honestly, it's kind of sad at the end when Beth shoots Mr. Poopy Butthole under the apparently false pretense that he is a parasite. After it turns out he is real, she goes to the kitchen and shakedly pours herself a glass of wine in an attempt to calm herself down, spilling much of the contents and overflowing the glass. That is the shot immediately before the cut to the end credits! In the post-credit scene, she and the family visit him at the hospital, and it is so very clear that [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone she regrets her actions very much]].²** The pictured look on her face as she's pouring herself the wine... good god. '''This can clearly count as one of the most heart-ripping, traumatising and artistic shots of the entire series.'''²** She drinks the wine ''as the rest of the family acts to his emergency and they call 911''. Yes, Beth legitimately decides that drowning her own stress with alcohol is more important than tending to a family friend she herself shot!²*** She's also a surgeon, albeit on the vet side of things, so she should have at least had some sort of training that would have helped in the situation.²*** And then the fact that when Beth tries to apologize to Mr. Poopy Butthole in the hospital, he refuses to meet her, though it's implied that he thinks he should be the one to apologize.²*** Becomes a [[FridgeHorror Fridge Tear Jerker]] when one considers the [[DownerEnding ending]] of the previous episode; Rick's destructive and alcoholic tendencies rub off badly on others, causing Unity to leave him, and it's hinted this same personality led to him abandoning Beth and her mother - only for Beth to develop the same drinking habit, uncaring attitude, violence and desire to leave her spouse. [[NotSoDifferent Looks like intelligence isn't the only thing Beth inherited from Rick.]]²** There's also the fact that the family is utterly broken emotionally, that they literally can't even CONCEIVE of a person they would have no unpleasant memories with. In other words... a truly good person with no real negative qualities? It must be a lie. ²-->'''Jerry''': This is depressing. We killed every good person in the house. We're what's left? What a family.²* Before that, Morty has Rick at gunpoint, positive that he's a parasite. Rick decides to unleash on Morty, telling him how he has "about a thousand memories of [his] dumb little ass, and about ''six'' of them are pleasant", then daring him to shoot him in the head and end his misery already. Even when Morty realizes that bad memories are the tell-tale sign of the parasites, Rick meant every single word. A double layer of sadness: Rick tearing into Morty, and Rick is ''still'' suicidal.²* When Beth kills Sleepy Gary, a particular parasite which falsified a secret love affair with Jerry, Jerry immediately becomes so utterly distraught he begs Beth to kill him so they can be TogetherInDeath, going so far as to say that he's a parasite himself.²--> '''Jerry''': *sobbing* I'm parasite!!²--> '''Beth''': I know. But you're real.²* Rick of all people can't bring himself to kill Pencilvester. He even sheds a tear as he orders Morty to kill him.²** He even begs Pencilvester to remind him of some bad memory between the two of them. Some kind of reason to not go through with it.²²[[AC: The Ricks Must Be Crazy]]²* The fates of anyone physically or mentally beaten by Rick's car as it defends Summer, from the man who is left paralyzed from a laser to the spine to the person who is reunited with his dead son only to see him melt in his arms. ²** Speaking of the dead son, [[Creator/AlanTudyk the voice of the boy's father is spot-on,]] sounding like his sadness is absolutely genuine in the entire scene.²* The revelation to Zeep that his microverse exists solely to power Rick's car, and the fact that his scientific endeavors will be forever hobbled by this fact, since if the power supply is ever interrupted, Rick will destroy his universe.²* The scientist in Zeep's miniverse commiting ''suicide'' upon finding out his universe is just a scientist's creation, similar to the creation he was busy making instead of going to his father's funeral. Complete with ThousandYardStare.²** It wasn't just that revelation, but also the sight of Rick and Zeep fighting over such a petty reason that contributed to the sheer existential despair that resulted in his suicide. ²²[[AC: Big Trouble in Little Sanchez]]²* It's TheReasonYouSuckSpeech as an A-plot as Beth and Jerry spend most of the story being told by Rick, therapists, and demonized mytholizations of themselves how horrible and inadequate they are as a couple and as separate people.²** Beth sadly admitting to Jerry that while they might successively hide or escape from the chaos at Neptia-4 separately, they'd probably just get in each other's way if they stick together.²* The social sacrifices Summer makes as she tries to save Rick from dying in the body of Tiny Rick. TeensAreMonsters, indeed.²* Summer forces Tiny Rick to listen to Elliott Smith to remember who he is, causing him to break down in tears. He spends the rest of the scene rapidly alternating between trying to explain how to put him back in his old body and tearfully lamenting his life.²* During Mytholog-Beth's rampage, several innocent bystanders are horribly killed. It was bad enough when Beth and Jerry were just making each other miserable; now their toxic relationship has collateral damage.²²[[AC: Interdimensional Cable II]]²* Jerry being gunned down.²** The family's reaction to it (especially Beth and Summer, who cry and scream in horror, while Morty and Rick looked in shock).²** And even after it turns out the advanced alien hospital was able to revive him, he's still treated poorly.²²[[AC: Look Who's Purging Now]]²* Morty didn't need the chemicals to start killing people for no reason. Rick lies to protect Morty from learning this.²** The fact that Morty snaps like a twig when finally given the means to survive the night. The poor kid tries so hard to be a good person and the universe just keeps shattering his optimism with each new blow. It's telling that when Arthricia asks for their help with ending the Purge Morty just calls liar and suggests killing her for revenge, and when Rick decides to hear her out Morty unloads all the repressed rage he has against his grandfather.²** It's implied that Morty has '''''A LOT''''' of repressed rage against Rick, and even threatens to kill him after he snaps because of everything he's been through.²* It's implied the Purge will [[ShaggyDogStory start again]], even without the influence of the rich, meaning Arthricia and Rick's efforts were all for naught.²* Jerry's attempts to bond with Summer as a result of his unemployment, while PlayedForLaughs, can hit a bit close to home for some. ²** The reason he's trying to bond with her? He's hitting her up for money to pay for an expensive phone line where he pays someone to act like his best friend. The fact that Jerry is so lonely he needs to pay someone to act like a friend is almost as bad as using his own daughter to feed his addiction by faking interest in his daughter and manipulating her to give him money.²²[[AC: The Wedding Squanchers]]²* Right after Rick makes a heartfelt speech about how happy he is for Bird Person and Tammy, she latter reveals herself as a deep-cover agent for the Galactic Federation, and guns down Bird Person almost immediately after. The hurt in Bird Person's voice is just awful.²-->'''Bird Person''': ... Tammy?²* Rick's reaction to Bird Person being gunned down is heart-breaking. For a man who rarely shows any emotion besides anger (or annoyance), the anguish and sorrow at the death of his best friend is palpable.²-->'''Rick:''' '''[[SayMyName Bird Person!]]''' '''''[[BigNo NOOOOOOOOO!]]'''''²** The [[ Instagram breakdown]] of that scene is commentated by your typically sweary, irreverent Rick. Click on Bird Person.²--->''He was my best friend.''²* Rick taking back his earlier speech about love, trust, and friendship after seeing the results of Birdperson letting Tammy into his life:²-->'''Rick:''' Should I have been more open and trusting and loving like, oh, I don't know, my now dead best friend? Or your daughter, who was [=BFF=]s with an [[DeepCoverAgent intergalactic narc]]? ... Fuck you, Summer, and fuck the government, and fuck me for letting my guard down, which I will ''never do again''.²* Rick blaming Summer for Tammy's betrayal and bringing her to tears.²* Mid-argument with Jerry, Beth finally drops all pretense about why she puts up with Rick's craziness. The fact that she bursts into tears when she says it implies that even ''she'' knows how selfish she's being:²-->'''Beth''': Because I don't want him to leave again, you dumb asshole!²* The entire ending, scored masterfully to the Music/NineInchNails song "Hurt." ²** Rick turning himself in to the intergalactic feds in exchange for his family's safe return to Earth, knowing full well that it'll mean he'll never get to see them again. Given his crimes ''and'' position on the galaxy's most wanted list, it's highly likely he was given a life sentence or the death penalty.²-->'''Inmate''': WhatAreYouInFor²-->'''Rick''': (in a defeated tone) ... Everything.²** Morty's reaction when Rick says that he's "going to get ice cream". He knows that Rick is leaving and isn't coming back, and that it'll break Beth's heart, but, well, it's Morty, and there's nothing he can do to stop him.²** After Rick leaves, He poses as Jerry giving the tip to where he'll be. He seems genuinely concerned and serious about the safety of his family.²-->'''Rick (pretending to be Jerry)''': And listen.²-->'''Detective on the Phone''': Yes?²-->'''Rick (as Jerry)''': I'm doing what's right for the galaxy by calling you, so if we come back to earth, can my family have a normal life?²-->'''Detective''': We only want Sanchez, sir. Your family will be fine.²-->'''Rick (as Jerry)''': Nice. Thank You.²** The last thing that Rick does before turning himself in to the police is drink in a bar while looking at a picture of himself, Squanchy, and Birdperson, happy together in what looks like a strip club. ²--->'''Song''': My sweetest friend... everyone I know... goes away... in the end. ²** The entire family waiting for Rick to return home from his trip, all the while the sun sets on Dwarf-Terrace 9. ²--->'''Beth''': He's not coming back, is he?²--->'''Morty''': No.²* After returning to Earth, Jerry is the only one who is happy. Jerry hugs Beth after he gets assigned a job, but she does not return this hug. ²* Hell, even ''TheStinger'' is kinda depressing, given the low-key implication that Mr. Poopy Butthole is now ''addicted to painkillers''. He practically gulps down an entire bottle of them! Which... can't be healthy.²* A more subtle one, but Tammy was Summer's best, if not only, friend. However, Tammy only became her friend to get closer to Rick, her target. Not only that, but Tammy is part of an organization that will have no problem painfully torturing Summer if need be. This makes Summer just as much of a {{Woobie}} as the rest of her family.²* Rick posed as Jerry when he turned himself in. Why he did was obvious, it wouldn't make sense to turn himself in. But imagine if Beth heard that Jerry had turned her father in. It's not like she would ever believe Jerry if he claims he didn't do it. So their already rocky relationship could be destroyed by this revelation. ²** Another possible reason he posed as Jerry to turn himself in is because if Beth learned the truth, it would really devastate her. [[ParentalAbandonment Because her mother already walked on them both, and if she found out he left her too.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 3]]²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:''[[OOCIsSeriousBusiness "We need a vacation."]]'']]²[[AC: The Rickshank Rickdemption]]²* During the stand-off when Rick, Summer, and one of the Council of Ricks Ricks are yelling at Morty for ruining Rick's gamble to free Summer from the other Rick, leading Morty to shoot his Rick in the head. It turns out it was a fake gun that Rick believed Morty would know when to use, but Morty's response indicates he didn't know that and really did intend to kill his grandfather in a fit of anger, at the end Morty's meltdown and Summer's breakdown after watching her little brother murder in cold blood her grandfather is genuine.²** A bit of FridgeBrilliance and/or FridgeHorror could also be at work. Considering all the times Rick planned ahead or improvised throughout the episode, it's possible that even if Morty didn't know the gun was fake, Rick could still goad him into shooting him knowing he'd be fine. [[MagnificentBastard As well-played as it sounds]], [[DeathSeeker It wouldn't be the first, or even last time]] [[SuicideByCop that Rick would convince Morty to kill him and prepare for him to go through with it]].²** The fact that at the beggining Summer and Morty believe that Rick was willing to shoot Summer just to kill the other Rick who was using her as human shield, Summer's meltdown shows how incredibly angry she is for the betrayal.²* Beth's rant at Summer about why she can't trust people like Rick because they'll abandon her and later complains of their current situation while breaking down in tears.²--->'''Beth''': Stop saying his name, he abandonded us. Don't make my mistakes Summer, don't deify the people who leave you. (gives a rant about their lives and starts crying) Is that what you want for yourself?²* While Jerry's life under the Federation isn't exactly desirable, he seems genuinely pleased with his situation for once before the government collapses. Then he finds himself crawling for his life through a horrifying warzone and is shortly after divorced by his wife for the sake of the man who caused the destruction of his newfound happiness.²* The fact that through the whole episode Morty just wants Summer to understand that Rick is nothing more than a destructive influence and that he will never change no matter what, his voice sounds disappointed and depressed, it really shows how Morty knows that Rick is a lost cause and there is no way to help him.²** Also before they leave, Summer yells Morty for [[WhatTheHellHero giving up in saving Rick and saying how horrible the life on earth is now because the Galactic Federation now rules it]].²* Morty's reaction after hearing his parents are getting divorced. Worse yet, he's the only one who seems to care.²* Our Rick's backstory on how he lost his wife Diane and Beth to a portal bomb was incredibly depressing. Granted, it's possible [[UnreliableNarrator he really might have]] [[MultipleChoicePast made the whole thing up]]. However, there is a distinct possibility that it has some grain of truth to it, and even if it was fake it was still rather sad to watch. Assuming that some of it was true and the Council Of Ricks did something terrible to him in his past, this raises many questions about just how broken Rick is. ²** A minor detail in the story: The Beth in the story died, which would mean that he hopped dimensions to get a new one. But even with infinite universes, he didn't go to one that also had his wife. Either he somehow couldn't find one, he could but other circumstances intervened and he lost her again, or he just wasn't willing to try and just replace her like he did everyone else. Whatever the explanation, it's depressing.²*** Alternatively, He did find universes with Diane still alive, but didn't want to replace the Rick in those universes because he knew how devastating it was for him to lose Diane and didn't want to put his other selves through that experience.²*** There's some credit to that last theory. Beth occasionally mentions how she remembers Rick abandoning her and her mother... so it's entirely possible that just like after the Cronenberg incident, Rick chose to find a version of his original Earth save for the fact that Beth and Diane didn't die, but instead ''he'' did. And because he's stated to have only come back into the Smith family's lives in the last year (as of the first season, at least), that could mean that not only did he spend ''years'' trying to find such an Earth, but he was perfectly willing to accept the stigma of having been seen as 'abandoning' his family as long as it meant there was a chance they'd accept him as 'their' Rick.²* Even if the story is a fake, the look on our Rick's face when he sees Beth and her mother die is one of pure heartache. He may never had experienced it but seeing what could have happened clearly hurts him greatly. ²* Remember the ending last season when it seemed Rick turned himself in to spare his family from being hunted by the Federation? Well, it turns out the real reason he did it was to get back at Jerry for wanting to turn him in. His whole plan to turn himself in and destroy the Galactic Federation from the inside was with the goal to get Beth and Jerry to break up. Turns out Rick's "good deed" was just another scheme to [[EvilIsPetty get back at someone for wronging him in some way]].²** Assuming, of course, that you take [[UnreliableNarrator Rick's explanation of his motives at face value.]]²** Worse is Morty's reaction during Rick's rant, he finally believed that Rick was a good guy, only to discover that he only saved the earth to make Beth and Jerry end their marrige, Rick was able to shatter Morty's faith in him being a hero in one hit by admitting that he only ended the Galatic Federation's government to get back at Jerry for suggesting to turn him in to the police.²** Remember Jerry's speech to his family at the end of "The Wedding Squanchers", about how Rick would never do anything for anybody but himself? Turns out, he was absolutely right about that.²** With all this in mind, the rest of the family was against Jerry's suggestion no matter how unhappy they were, something Rick had clearly heard from them, and seemed genuinely depressed himself at the time from his own losses. So it's still possible that even if it was part of the plan, Rick wanted to make sure that they were safe from the Federation first ''before'' destroying it and getting Jerry out of the picture. [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim The last part also still happened in a suspiciously non-lethal fashion]].²²[[AC:Rickmancing The Stone]]²* The whole episode involves Morty and Summer handling the fallout of their parents' divorce their own ways. Morty is angry at Jerry for not bothering to fight for Beth while Summer seems more unhinged than ever before.²* Jerry has become a magnet for ridicule. The wind sounds like it's saying ''"loser"'' around him and a wolf eats his unemployment cheque just to make his life even harder.²* Morty breaking down when he realizes the mutated arm (Armothy) will disappear once it kills the tyrant that caused the death of the arm's host's family. Morty just wants to continue letting out his frustrations over his parents' divorce.²** Armothy spends the entire episode smashing a town's worth of mutants into bloody paste. But when it's time for Armothy to leave, the monstrous arm gently wipes Morty's tears away and hugs him goodbye.²* The Morty robot that Rick created to fool Beth manages to gain sapience, and desperately pleads to be allowed to live. He screams that he's alive and has all the emotions of a real person, only for his personality to be overwritten as he's reduced to a robotic husk again. It's as heartbreaking as it is chilling.²²[[AC:Pickle Rick]]²* The ending is all kinds of depressing. With Beth and Rick so committed to their self-destructive dynamic, that they totally drown out the kids wanting to continue visiting Dr. Wong.²** As noted in the Nightmare Fuel page, there is also a bit of a fridge implication. With Morty and Summer still dealing with the divorce, seeing Dr. Wong is probably their best solution. With Rick and Beth ignoring them, this means that they won't be getting their hopes soon. This could be their chance to get some normality in their lifes, but thanks to Beth and Rick's dynamic, this won't be happening any time soon.²* Dr. Wong's summation of Rick's personal philosophy is pretty spot-on... and pretty depressing, too:²-->'''Dr. Wong''': Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family - you included - use intelligence to justify sickness. You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force, and as an inescapable curse, and I think it’s because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it’s your mind - within your control. You chose to come here, you chose to talk - to belittle my vocation - just as you chose to become a pickle. You are the master of your universe, and yet, you are dripping with rat blood and feces, your enormous mind literally vegetating by your own hand. I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy... because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is: it’s not an adventure; there’s no way to do it so wrong you might die. It’s just work, and the bottom line is: some people are okay going to work, and some people - well, some people would rather die. Each of us gets to choose.²** And even though [[IgnoredEpiphany Rick ultimately chooses to ignore this speech]], his expression right after implies that he knows it's true.²** Speaking of Dr. Wong, it was rather sad to see Beth and Rick ignore Morty and Summer asking if they could go to another session and that they liked Dr. Wong.²²[[AC:Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender]]²* Morty tries to look cool in front of the Vindicators because of being rejected on the second adventure for Rick's actions, only for Rick to black-out after drinking for hours, which causes him to murder Worldender and makes a series of challenges that forces the Vindicators to reveal that the only reason they bring Morty was because he's "the learning disabled kid we do photo ops with", that they destroyed a whole planet to kill an evil shape-shifter hiding there, just because they hated Rick and didn't want to turn to him for help and that Supernova and 1-Million Ants had an affair behind Alan Rails; at the end most of the team is dead, Supernova becomes a supervillain, and Morty ends up disappointed on both the Vindicators and Rick after the episode.²** Morty steps on a ride in which it first appears that Rick is expressing his love for Morty as his grandson; however it is revealed the ride was intended for Noob Noob to ride, and it later shows Rick mocking Morty's love for the Vindicators and calling him a moron. After the ride Morty doesn't want to talk to Rick, who doesn't remember any of this due to being drunk at the time.²** Million Ants’ death in particular is probably the saddest, having his heart literally ripped out by his own lover.²* Crossed over with FridgeHorror: When asked how many of his bombs Morty's had to disarm, Morty shouts "TOO MANY, RICK! TOO MANY!" which shows this isn't the first time Morty's had to clean up from Rick's blackouts. Moreover, Morty knows there's a "40% chance" the bomb is a dud. He's had to do this so many times and deal with Rick's abuse so often, he has this down to a ''science''. Those aren't skills a teenager should have to develop.²* Supernova and Million Ants having a child, only for it to be miscarried due to it being a half-ant colony half-collapsed star abomination.²²[[AC:The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy]]²* Jerry in the episode's opening. His life just got even worse after Beth kicked him out.²* While it is PlayedForLaughs, the fact that Jerry's relationship with Rick is so strained that he assumes that the only reason Rick would kidnap him would be to execute him instead of going on an adventure. Even Rick is surprised by this:²--->'''Jerry''': My son asked you to take me on some pity adventure?²--->'''Rick''': What did you think it was?²--->'''Jerry''': An execution.²--->'''Rick''': Geez, you really do need a win.²* The kid alien accidentally killing his sister for real when the immortality shield is broken.²* Rick and Morty giving a huge TheReasonYouSuckSpeech on both Jerry and Beth. Morty calls out Beth for acting just like Rick as way to keep him around, when Morty knows well that she is acting just as arrogant and irresponsible as her father and is thus pushing her whole family away from her. Rick calls out Jerry for ruining Beth's life by telling him that only reason Beth married him was because she feels pity for him when in reality he's a predator who uses pity as a way to survive. [[ItMakesSenseInContext Even the alien plant that's trying to eat Jerry]] [[RewatchBonus says "Oof."]]²** The fact that the only way that Risotto Groupon convinces Jerry to help him is reminding him how Rick destroyed his life without remorse. It doesn't help that Rick brings this up like it's friendly banter. And then when Risotto corners both, he only wants to kill Rick and tells Jerry that he is only being spared because he is too pathetic to even deserve a bullet.²** In a quick but powerful moment in the same scene, Rick's about to tell Jerry the only reason he's keeping him alive, and Jerry quietly says: "you never had a son."²* Summer being depressed by her breakup with Ethan (who leaves her for a girl with bigger boobs). When she asks Beth for advice and gets nothing, she uses the Morphizer-XE to gain a bigger bust, only to become a giant, and then when Beth tries to solve it she instead accidentally reverses Summer's body, causing Summer to run away. Luckily this is resolved when Beth comes back as a reversed giant as well and talks with her and they resolve their issues.²* Crossed over with FridgeHorror: Morty is indeed starting to become the Rickest Morty, by mutating Ethan into a freak just for breaking Summer's heart. Spending time with Rick is really causing some mental issues in Morty. In this case, Ethan indirectly causing what Morty wanted to avoid for once.²--> "I tricked Rick into taking dad on an adventure because I thought I could get a break from this kind of shit!"²** That line in itself is a tearjerker. One would assumed that Morty sent his father on an adventure to cheer him up after the divorce. Instead, his reason was "better my own, divorced father goes on another trauma inducing adventure with that asshole than me" . ²²[[AC:Rest and Ricklaxation]]²* In the cold open, Rick takes Morty out of school for an adventure, one he promises will only take twenty minutes. SmashCut to six days later and Rick and Morty are in the middle of a massive space battle that would make ''Film/IndependenceDay'' or ''Franchise/StarWars'' blush. The two of them actually manage to destroy the enemy mothership and are honored by the people that they helped in an award ceremony. Most of this is actually a CMOA, right until the two of them get back in Rick's car. They let out a breath before they start ''freaking out'' and crying over how out of control that situation is and how they almost died, as pictured in this folder. Something needs to be stressed here, it's not just Morty... '''RICK was freaking out'''. ''[[SeenItall Rick]] [[NightmareFetishist fucking]] [[SociopathicHero Sanchez]]'' was talking about how he had no control over that situation, how he got through it with pure luck, and that he is still shaking from it. When Morty demands to know why Rick keeps doing this to him, Rick flat out says he doesn't know, and that maybe it's because he hates himself and maybe it's because he thinks [[DeathSeeker he deserves to die.]] Rick has had moments where he's let his guard down before, but he's never fully cracked like this before. Doubles as NightmareFuel.²* It's rather disturbing and sad that Rick thinks having an emotional attachment to Morty, his own grandson is toxic. Worse, it's true. While Rick does actually love Morty, it's a toxic, horrific relationship. As we see on the Citadel episodes, a near-infinite number of Morties are suffering or dead because of their Ricks' involvements. It would be far better for his grandchildren if Rick had never met them, and Rick KNOWS IT.²** By the same token, it's also disturbing that Morty thinks having a moral compass is toxic.²* Toxic Rick despite being a huge {{Jerkass}} who wanted to transmit the toxicity around the planet and that he always wanted to take control of Rick since always, the fact that when Rick shoots Toxic Morty he starts to beg Rick to stop and agrees to remerge with him.²** Toxic Morty's death, after he dies in Rick's arms he promises that he will remerge him with Morty, Rick promising to do the last wish of a fallen relative (who is also the personification of his grandson' insecurity) is something never seen of him and that is what makes it tragic:²--->'''Toxic Morty''': You are gonna save me right?²--->'''Rick''': Part of me wants to Toxic Morty, part of me really wants to.²* Morty after getting rid of his toxins, becomes the more popular kid in school, he gets to date Jessica only to lose her when it turns out he is too active for her, after saving the planet from Toxic Rick, Morty becomes a successful business man, dates an older woman and he becomes famous, only to discover that without his toxins he can't enjoy his new life, so he allows Rick to find him and remerge with his toxins, is depressing seeing Morty who after being able to live a happy life away from Rick, he still can't feel the joy of it.²²[[AC:The Ricklantis Mix-Up]]²* The society on the Citadel of Ricks, where Ricks from different dimensions have done to themselves exactly what they left earth to escape. Most of them toil in mediocrity while a select few at the top hold all the power, wealth, and freedom for themselves. It makes a lot more sense now why C-137 Rick refuses to be a part of the Citadel. At the end of the day The Citadel was just a world where the Ricks may as well have been Jerrys for all it mattered, they weren't special anymore and had just as little freedom as an Earth bound wage slave.²* Simple Rick. A Rick who eschewed the science and adventure, and decided to be a normal family man. His reward is being trapped in a LotusEaterMachine, with his happiness used to make cookies.²** It gets worse. When a factory worker Rick sets him free with an unlicensed portal gun, he walks into "the blender dimension" and blood explodes out the portal. The factory worker Rick then tastes freedom when he ''thinks'' that his boss is setting him free... only for him to get shot, and then [[AndIMustScream forced to replace Simple Rick]].²* Campaign Manager Morty receives information that the Morty running for president is actually Evil Morty. He tries to save the day by assassinating Evil Morty, but fails to kill him. As punishment, Campaign Manager Morty is tossed out of an airlock before he can warn anybody else.²* One of the Loco Mortys pulls a WoundedGazelleGambit on Police Rick. He sobs as Police Rick encounters him in a room with a crib, asks "Are you my new Rick?", and stabs Rick when the latter picks him up gently. Police Morty shoots that Morty and explains the crib was there specifically as a sympathy ploy.²* Cop Rick is forced to kill Cop Morty when Cop Morty's corruption comes to light. His voice shows a cynical and depressing view of his job and now has to work for the Evil Morty's new regime.²** Cop Morty - and when you think about it, a lot of the Mortys of the Citadel - is pretty tragic. After an entire episode establishing him as a world-weary beat-cop, he drops this DespairSpeech and the viewer is suddenly reminded that this is a fourteen-year-old kid:²-->'''Cop Morty''': "Oh, Grandpa Rick! I don't want to be on the Citadel anymore! I want to be a regular kid! I want to go to school and throw balls around and masturbate!"²** What's worse is that this speech seems insincere. Cop Rick was tricked by a similar ruse by one of the criminal Morty's from earlier, and for as close as he and his partner had become it seems Cop Morty was willing to try and manipulate Cop Rick in the same way. At the same time, Cop Morty wanted to die so he manipulated Cop Rick ''specifically'' so the latter would shoot him. ²* Slick Morty throwing himself into the "Wishing Portal" because he has nothing else to live for and whatever is on the other side is bound to be better than life trapped on the Citadel. The Wishing Portal turns out to be a trash disposal.²** The fact that Slick Morty's friends believe that his wish came true when in reality this is because of Evil Morty now being the president of the Citadel. it's horrible to see that an innocent wish (that wasn't even real to begin with) has been turned into an evil purpose.²* Evil Morty now rules the Citadel and what he does first is to kill an entire council of Ricks, and after that, he declares that his new regime will use action against anyone who dares to defy him. This is the DarkestHour the show has given.²* It's also sobering that, on the surface at least, Evil Morty keeps his campaign promises and is doing more good than the Rick and Morty we know.²* As mentioned in the commentary, in their own way, nobody on the Citadel really got what they wanted in this episode except for [[TheBadGuyWins Evil Morty, the bad guy]].²* Getting a look at the society of the Citadel for the first time, it's rather depressing to see that a ([[{{Understatement}} somewhat]]) simple relationship between grandfather and grandson was morphed into heavy prejudice between Ricks and Mortys, how the former is viewed as top of the food-chain (and even then, the social heirarchy is askew), whilst the latter are treated like second or even third-class citizens with barely any rights or prospects of their own.²* The level of poverty and despair on display in Mortytown. The place is nothing more then [[TheCityNarrows a glorified ghetto]] for unclaimed Mortys who fail to graduate and be paired with a Rick. Crime is rampant and Morty-on-Morty murders are common enough that it's something Police Morty points out directly. Of the few Ricks who bother to come to Mortytown, they seem to either be cops there to kill criminal Mortys or people like Crack Rick, who trades his drug addled intellect for housing with criminal Mortys. It really highlights how twisted what the counsel and citadel have done to them is; each and every one of them might well have a family to go home to but since they have no Rick, they're treated like objects or animals, not as people.²²[[AC:Morty's Mind Blowers]]²* Rick and Morty nearly commit suicide after going through their collection of bad memories to regain the memories they lost, deciding that life must be too shitty to keep going if they needed to get rid of all those memories.²** This has apparently happened so many times that Summer has a specific set of situational cards to read instructions from whenever these sorts of things happen. In this case, tranqing both of them, resetting their memories and [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall making them think it was an Interdimensional Cable episode,]] and propping everything up to continue as normal. All the while Summer has a SeenItAll tone and simply expresses that she doesn't get paid enough while ''shrugging the whole thing off.''²*** It's also kind of sad to know that every time this has happened, Rick and Morty resort to killing themselves after Morty sees so many terrible memories. It's different from season 1 where Morty seemed content with life, but here he's ready to kill himself and instead of Rick talking him out of it, he actually decides to join in. He doesn't even know this kid or his life, or even his own and he's ready to do a suicide pact with him even though he doesn't even know what Morty saw.²** After waking up, both Rick and Morty believe that they fell asleep during an Interdimensional Cable episode and curse out Summer for it, and Summer just sits down and listens. It is depressing that Summer is now used to being insulted by her family.²** Remember those times when Morty would call out Rick for cursing at Summer or someone else? [[TookALevelInJerkass Not the case here.]]²*** Slightly negated by the fact that the last step on the instruction card told Summer to leave the room when they wake up, implying that Rick knew they would lash out at Summer and wanted her to avoid getting chewed out. ²* Morty once accidentally drove a former Marine to suicide. He didn't mean to and assumed the man was some moon creature, which Principal Vagina misunderstood and assumed the man was a pedophile, but the guilt of unwittingly driving an innocent man to kill himself is too much for a high school kid to deal with.²* Morty physically attacking and cursing out Rick when he finds out one of the mind blowers is him ''correcting Rick for a grammar mistake.'' No grandson should ever attack his grandfather, and they shouldn't have a ''[[{{Jerkass}} justifiable]]'' reason for it either.²** The fact that this isn't the first time Rick did this either. [[KarmaHoudini And that he gets away with it.]]²* One random memory has Morty asking Rick to build him a device to hear what animals are thinking. This causes him to discover squirrels are secretly planning domination of the world, something even ''Rick'' can't do anything about as this basically forced them to jump to another universe when the squirrels are about to attack them for discovering it. There's no real indication for when this happened in the series besides Rick mentioning the [[CallBack exact same thing]] in that they only have a "few more of these, tops," from ''Rick Potion #9'', meaning even what people thought was a constant universe since then thus far [[FridgeHorror may not even be that anymore.]]²** It also reminds one of the fact that just like back then, a single random invention of Rick's can completely ruin their lives for arbitrary reasons no one could've predicted.²* Another memory has an alien villain forcing Beth into a SadisticChoice to choose which one of her children he'll spare. Beth immediately chooses Summer, not even hesitating for a second to resign Morty to death. Summer is just as horrified, even if it means that she will be spared she'll have to see her little brother die. No wonder the poor kid wanted that memory removed. Even the villain who gave her the choice [[EvenEvilHasStandards looked shocked]] by how quickly she came to her decision.²** Morty was once possessed by an evil parasite who wanted to kill his family, and the only way to make the parasite leave was by making him feel loved. Unfortunately, Beth and Summer couldn't stop laughing at Morty when he was puking the parasite, showing that even when he is on the verge of death, Morty's family can't stop mocking him.²* Other minor memories show how much Morty's messed up life and why he wanted those memories gone:²** Morty met a warrior alien once who wanted to have an honorable death so he could go to heaven, only for Morty to make him doubt his faith, making him run into a car and sending him to hell.²** Rick killing an innocent creature whom they had bonded with in front of Morty just to survive a horrible winter only to discover that this planet doesn't have it.²** [[ItMakesSenseInContext Morty experiences true level ground thanks to Rick and experiences happiness only for Summer to try to take him to school and away from it which causes him to have a breakdown, saying how reality is crooked.]]²** While helping Rick, Morty accidentally flipped a switch that shut down the life support of several people.²** Others involve Morty being used for experimentation by Rick, being maimed by aliens and even having to bury Santa Claus.²** The last one, despite being PlayedForLaughs, shows Mr.Poopybutthole doing a marriage proposal to Morty, who looks happy. The fact that Rick deleted the memory of Morty's most joyful moment of his life just show how much of a {{Jerkass}} he can be towards him.²** Even the ending episode clip is pretty sad: Jerry discovers a mind blower for him and it shows him (or Morty) forgetting an alien they were trying to save was in Jerry's car and he died from being in the car too long and suffocating from the heat.²* One of the memories shows a giant alien who collects members of different sapient races. In the background of one scene, two noticeably aged Mister Meeseeks are in an enclosure. They aren't banging on the glass, trying to dig their way out, or even screaming. They're just...[[DespairEventHorizon sitting there.]]²²[[AC:The ABC's of Beth]]²* Beth discovers that Rick used to send her to a fantasy land made by him so he didn't have to take care of her. Beth is angry because of Rick showing how irresponsible he is, while Rick is offended about Beth being ungrateful for all the effort he put in. This shows how far Rick's whole family is now strained that now even Beth doesn't want him around.²-->'''Beth''': I can't believe you used to lock me in this glorified chicken coop.\²'''Rick''': Chicken coop?! Those are procedurally generated clouds, Beth. That river is a rainbow -- literally. Come on, I put real elbow grease into this place.\²'''Beth''': You're supposed to put elbow grease into your daughter.²* It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but apparently ''every'' Rick (with the exceptions of Simple Rick and Doofus Rick) has created a "Froopyland" for their respective Beths.²* Rick and Beth's discussion after leaving Froopyland, in which she starts to realize [[GenerationXerox she is exactly]] [[LikeFatherLikeSon like him]]. Just the entire conversation. It's worth noting that despite Beth's revelation that she's reached the same point as him, Rick does ''not sound happy at all'' throughout the conversation. Not to mention this is the first time we ever get an actual, 100% serious, good look at Rick's worldview as he explains to Beth.²-->'''Beth:''' ...Am I evil...?²-->'''Rick:''' Worse. You're smart. When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours. And I've never met a universe that was into it. The universe is basically an animal, it grazes on the ordinary. It breeds infinite idiots just to feed on them. Not unlike your friend, Timmy-²-->'''Beth:''' ''Tommy.''²-->'''Rick:''' It hardly matters now, sweetie. Y'know, smart people get a chance to climb on top, take reality for a ride, but it'll never stop trying to throw you. And eventually, it will. There's no other way off.²-->'''Beth:''' Dad... I'm out of excuses to not be who I am... so... who am I... what do I do...?²-->'''Rick:''' My advice? Take off. Put a saddle on your universe, let it kick itself out.²-->'''Beth:''' I can't do that! The kids, Jerry, my job, and, as much as I hate to admit it, ABC's "The Bachelor"-²-->'''Rick:''' I can make a clone of you, a perfect instance of you, with all your memories. An exact copy in every way. It'll love and provide for the kids, do your job, and consume broadcast-network reality TV on the same allegedly ironic level as you. You could be gone a day, a week, or the rest of your life with zero consequences. The moment you decide to come back, I flip a switch, and the clone's job is done. It feels no pain, it regrets nothing, and has zero chance of going "Film/BladeRunner".²-->'''Beth:''' If nothing matters, why would you do that for me?²-->'''Rick:''' I don't know, maybe you matter so little that I like you. Or maybe it makes you matter. Maybe I love you. Maybe something about your mother. Don't jump a gift shark in the mouth.²-->'''Beth:''' I don't know if I can do it.²-->'''Rick:''' Then stay, and luxuriate in a life you can finally know you've chosen. My secret bonus is that no matter what you choose, you're finally gonna chill the fuck out.²** Can also double as a Heartwarming moment for Rick. He's making sure his daughter has all the information she needs to deal with her new self-realizations, he gives her not only a choice to stay or go, but options for making both choices minimally disruptive for her (and basically saying he'll support her whichever way she goes), and while the very last line (the "chill the fuck out" part) sounds a bit flippant, it could also be taken to mean that Rick's happy his daughter can have a less stressful life now that she's confronted the truth.²* During Jerry's (pathetic heel digging) break up with his girlfriend, he mentions how low his life is now. It can be seen that Beth might be the only relationship he's had before she divorced him, and he has no real clue how to form new romantic relationships.²** Also Jerry's cowardice nearly leads to his children getting killed. And he still won't honestly break up with Kiara until he's publicly shamed into it.²* In a more sympathetic take to Beth's background as a CreepyChild, some of the devices young Beth asked Rick to make her sound less like the darkest wishes of an EnfantTerrible and [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation more like a sad little kid asking for things to fix her life,]] like "a parent trap" (which could also suggest her parents' marriage was much rockier than we know or Rick left so often that she felt that desperate to keep him home) and "a whip that forces people to like her" (which ties into Beth's feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and desperation to have her father's love). Most of the less-than-innocent sounding "toys" sound more innocent when one reframes it in the context of normal child behavior, such as playing pretend -- like, say, playing the role of an adventurer like the dad she hero-worshipped? -- with the added cool factor of having toys her genius dad whipped up for her that ''really'' did what they were supposed to. This would mean that Rick was horrified by his young daughter because he failed to understand what she was ''really'' asking for and simply wrote her off as too much like him and therefore a danger to everyone around her. The decidedly non-child-friendly inventions he mentions are explained by Beth herself as having stemmed from young Beth acting out for attention from her dad, presumably escalating the seriousness of the toys and using them for the violent purposes he thought she wanted them because [[WellDoneSonGuy it gave her the most attention from him]].²* The whole A Plot of finding Tommy to clear his father's name:²** Tommy's family lost their only son, and his father was arrested on charges of murdering him. A few decades later and his father is nearly given a lethal injection for a crime he didn't commit. ²** Beth believed that Tommy was lost in Froopy Land and that his disappearance traumatized her. It did, but not in the way that she remembered: Tommy claims she was jealous of the relationship he had with his father, and tried drowning him in a honey swamp. Note that Rick had demonstrated you can't drown in the rainbow river, and Froopy Land was built as childproof as possible.²** Rick's reaction to learning that his daughter tried to kill someone in the very land he built for her to prevent that exact scenario from happening. He takes more interest in Tommy's play, and sarcastically says he gives it a Fresh rating but is obviously disturbed by what Beth did. When he and Beth escape, Rick tells her that this is her problem and she has to figure it out on her own.²** How Tommy has changed as the "king" of Froopyland: he's a large man with a dirty beard, torn jeans and no shirt, rambling to outsiders about his identity and putting on a show of how his best friend betrayed him and left him to die. Tommy makes it clear that he's given up hope of leaving Froopy Land a long time ago and can't tell reality from the false world anymore. When Beth reveals her identity to him, he cowers behind one of his children and shouts, "The Destroyer!"²** As the episode goes on, it's made clearer that Beth wants to save Tommy not because it's the right thing to do, as she claims, but because it's a self-aggrandizement that builds into her narrative of being a neglected child. She doesn't want to take moral responsibility for ruining her friend and his family's lives, and thinks that. When Tommy shows fear of her, she says, "Oh suck it up, Princess Incest" with NoSympathy and claims that her pushing him into the honey was a matter of opinion.²** Beth and Tommy's argument about her abandoning him in Froopy Land: she claims that it was only how he remembered events and that she respects his opinion. Tommy gives a scathing, on-point TheReasonYouSuckSpeech about how it may have been her view, but it was [[JerkassHasAPoint his reality that got affected]]. He demands an apology before returning to the real world. Beth refuses, so Tommy understandably sets his children on her. Beth then gains a SlasherSmile as she slaughters them all -- Froopy Land inhabitants and human hybrids that are ''children''-- and possibly kills Tommy offscreen. ²²[[AC:The Rickchurian Mortydate]]²* Beth questions Rick whether she's the real Beth or a clone in her place. He casually assures her that she's just questioning herself because she's smart, but then an offhanded mention that she's afraid he'd kill her if she ''was'' a clone who was becoming self aware causes her to scream in terror. Clone or not, Beth was terrified at the thought of her own father coldly killing her off and replacing her, especially being aware of Rick's violent methods of killing. ²** Not to mention if she was the clone, then she'd basically be an organic version of the robot Morty from "Rickmancing The Stone", only ''worse'' as she has the memories and emotions of the original Beth and if she was the clone, then once the real Beth gets back, she'll cease to exist.²* Rick immediately stops his fight with the president when Morty calls him and says he's moving back with Beth and Jerry. It's just so... unsettling to see the viciously triumphant Rick chose to walk away the moment he realizes he's about to lose what he had with Morty and Beth.²** Rick finds his family in a cabin and walks up to it with a rifle. Beth pleads for him to leave their dimension for another Beth believing that he's going to kill her for being a self aware clone. He puts the gun down and assures her that he wasn't ....he was going to kill Jerry instead, which essentially runs his somewhat improved relationship with him from "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" straight through the dirt.²*** Or even further than that - despite Rick's contempt for Jerry, he never thought of causing his death up until now (he originally merely wanted to separate him from Beth), and even he was shocked at the sight of Jerry brutally dying in "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate". Rick was so pissed by the thought of him and Beth reuniting that all bets were off and he'd actively try to murder him in front of his family.²* The Smiths seemingly finding peace amongst themselves and laughing together at the family table. Except Rick, who just bitterly stares off into space as the camera pans towards him. Probably because he knows he can't use their flaws to stay in the house and has to comply to his now-healthy family. While it's a ''good thing'' that Rick isn't getting what he wants this time, but one can't help but feel sorry for him being the odd man out. It's quite possible that they may demand that he'd leave when his destructive tendencies get too much for them again one day. And Rick is NotGoodWithRejection, as we learned in back the [[BungledSuicide ending]] in "Auto Erotic Assimilation".²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Season 4]]²[[AC: Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat]]²* Summer seems to be pretty hurt by the fact that she was once again left out of a Rick and Morty adventure and when she makes fun of them, Rick and Morty gang up on her and yell at her to get out of the garage and call her a "stupid bitch" repeatedly.²[[AC:The Old Man and the Seat]]²* Despite frequently denying his friendship and trying to humiliate him, Rick is clearly broken over the loss of Tony. Even worse, when he deliberately triggers the trap he laid for Tony, which spawns a thousand holographic Ricks screaming at him and berating him, their insults could easily double as a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech directed at Rick himself for getting someone who was willing to be his friend indirectly killed [[SkewedPriorities all over a toilet]].²-->'''Holo!Rick:''' There he is! There's our guy! Congrats, Tony! Have fun with your stupid toilet that you get to use all by yourself now. Enjoy using it all by yourself while you sit there and think about how [[LonelyAtTheTop nobody wants to be around you]] and [[NiceJobBreakingItHero how you ruined it for yourself]] because [[{{Jerkass}} you're a huge piece of shit]]. Look at you sitting there, King Shit on his throne of loneliness. Enjoy this toilet with a thousand of me screaming every time you take a shit! All hail His Majesty, the ''saddest'' piece of garbage in the entire cosmos! Long live the big bad doo-doo daddy! May his reign last a thousand years!²[[AC:Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty]]²* The Wizard repeatedly whipping Balthremar after learning the dragon had formed a soul bond with Rick, when it was Morty who signed the contract.²* When Rick finally humors Jerry's request to learn why the cat can talk via a scan. Though the viewer never sees what Rick and Jerry see in the visor, their reaction speaks volumes: Rick implores Jerry '''not to see it''', Jerry does anyway, and he only sees a fraction of what Rick saw before vomiting violently. Both Rick and Jerry are screaming at the cat to GetOut in absolute disgust, Jerry is sobbing, and Rick readies to shoot himself in the head before hesitating out of it and choosing to erase Jerry's memory of what they saw. It's one of the few times where Rick is willing to help Jerry, if not because of what they saw was so disturbing that even Rick was appalled, then out of concern for Jerry's mental well-being and being willing to shoulder the burden of what they saw.²-->'''Rick:''' Jerry, I have a device. I-It can help us forget.²-->'''Jerry:''' ... No. I don't think we ''should'' forget. Not this. Someone ''has'' to remember.²-->(Rick prepares to erase Jerry's memory)²-->'''Rick:''' ... Someone will.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Extras]]²* [[ Mr. Poopybutthole looks over his family album]]. In a short released by Adult Swim, we see Mr Poopybutthole reminiscing over a photo album. While most of his memories are happy ones, such as his wedding day and the birth of his child, we see a flashback of his little grey cat "Kitty" growing old and succumbing to old age. There's one photo that shows Poopy holding Kitty's blanket and silently weeeping as his wife and dog comfort him. If you're a pet owner, this may get you misty-eyed. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:''Pocket Mortys'']]²* Test-X1 Morty's backstory. He's an artificial Morty created by a Rick shattered with guilt after his original Morty's death. It can switch over to SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming|Moments}} when you realize it means Rick cares more about Morty than he lets on.²** Test-X46 Morty can only feel pain and hunger, and his creation led to the downfall and financial ruin of his Rick. It's implied that the final evolution, Test-X72 Morty, is a result of a "transdimensional pharmaceutical conglomerate" acquiring him after a hostile takeover.²* At the Rick restroom in the Morty Games area, hidden in the bottom right corner is a picture of a Morty. Walking up to it and interacting with it leads to this line.²-->'''Ghost Rick''': I'll never give up on you, Morty. I know you're out there… somewhere.²* Summer Morty's sister died when she was 17 and his Rick erased his memories to "keep him from pain". Jerry Morty "never knew his real father", and Beth Morty's mother left him when he was young. Each of these Mortys are dressed like their lost family member, carrying around a photo of them at all times, and have character traits like "anguished", "stunted development", and "mother issues". The kicker is the last Morty in the line, Rick Morty; he was tired of being called an idiot and "would never have even half the brain power" his Rick possessed. Like the other Mortys in his line, he's also dressed like Rick, but instead of carrying a photo he's carrying a brain. This and the choice words in his description implies this Morty pulled a KillAndReplace on his Rick.²[[/folder]]²----


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