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1''Thieves' World'' is a role-playing game supplement published by Creator/{{Chaosium}} in 1981, based on the ''Literature/ThievesWorld'' series of novels, notable for including rules that allowed its use with nine different fantasy RPG gaming systems:
2* ''Advanced Dungeons And Dragons''
3* ''Adventures In Fantasy''
4* ''Chivalry And Sorcery''
5* ''Dragon Quest''
6* ''Dungeons and Dragons''
7* ''The Fantasy Trip''
8* ''Rune Quest''
9* ''Traveller''
10* ''Tunnels and Trolls''
12Thieves' World was one of the first “Shared World” fantasy settings, set in the city of Sanctuary established in the novels.
15* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: The boxed set stated that the sewers under Sanctuary were large enough for armed troops to pass through them.
16* TheCityNarrows: The Maze is a neighborhood of Sanctuary that is more thoroughly explored in the game guides.
17* PercussivePickpocket: The Game Master's Guide to Sanctuary had a plethora of random encounter tables. A couple of the entries had pickpockets bumping into the [=PCs=] in order to steal from them. Other encounters mentioned a NPC bumping into a PC so players wouldn't think that everyone bumping into them was a pickpocket.