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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²''Street Time'' is a drama that follows Kevin Hunter (Creator/RobMorrow), a recent parolee. He's trying to get his life back on track, but his former associates are after him. His parole officer, James Liberti, (Creator/ScottCohen) tries to keep him in line while dealing with his own problems.²²A ShortRunner that ran from 2002-2003 on Creator/{{Showtime}} and ran for two seasons.²²²----²!!This show provides examples of:²* AbsenteeActor: Several characters don't appear in some episodes.²** Steve Goldstein (Creator/SimonReynolds) doesn't appear in "Rapid Dog".²** Ann Valentine (Creator/AllegraFulton) doesn't appear in "No Excuses".²* DysfunctionalFamily: ²** Kevin is trying to smooth things out with his wife. [[spoiler:Kevin also had to cover for his brother dealing with drugs and he got sent to prison as a result]].²** James has to deal with his son, who is shown to be having behavioral issues, and even gets kicked out of school.²%%* FairCop: James Liberti, a parole officer. %%Describe what makes James "fair".²%%* TheGamblingAddict: James is revealed to be one. %%Describe his addiction.²%%* ReformedButRejected: A Major problem that parolees have to deal with. %%Describe the problem.²%%* TheUnFavourite: Kevin is this to his parents, in relation to his drug charges, as compared to his seemingly clean brother. %%Describe how his parents treat them differently²----


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