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1[[quoteright:319:]]²[[caption-width-right:319:L-R: Toni, Maya, Joan, Lynn]]²²A show that aired on Creator/{{UPN}} and later Creator/TheCW. One of the longest-running sitcoms with a predominantly African American cast. For most of its run, it had the same main characters until Jill Marie Jones, the actress that played Toni left after the sixth season when her contract ended. It ran for 8 seasons until it was cancelled in early 2008, partly because of the writer's strike. Executive produced by, of all people, Creator/KelseyGrammer.²²Not to be confused with the film [[Film/{{Girlfriends}} of the same title]] or the manga ''Manga/GirlFriends''.²²Later spun off ''Series/TheGame2006'', and the show also shares a universe with ''Series/{{Moesha}}'' and ''Series/TheParkers''.²----²!!Examples²²* BlackAndNerdy: William fits this. He loves comic books and other geeky pursuits.²* BlackRepublican: William is a Republican, and it occasionally leaves the women wondering just why he is one if he's black. He’s uptight and nerdy, fitting the stereotype.²* ButNotTooBlack: Subverted with the main cast, which has a range of skin tones. Dealt with in-universe, with a episode about Toni (who has the darkest skin tone within the group) rejecting a date because she refuses to date dark-skinned black men. Toni’s justification is that she faced a lot of colorism growing up and doesn’t want her future children to be subject to the same hurtful comments that she dealt with. Also dealt with Lynn, who was raised by a white family and only started exploring her blackness when she became an adult. When Lynn gets a record deal, her label flat out tells her they don’t know how to market her indie music because she neither looks nor “sounds” black enough.²* BreakTheHaughty: Toni is [[spoiler: dumped by Greg (after he finds out she cheated on him with Clay), and after that she loses her job, and then Joan stops being her friend. After a particularly cruel revenge scheme by Greg,]] Toni starts spiraling out of control, having a FreakOut in a clothing boutique. Maya and Lynn then retrieve her, and they go to a church service where Toni decides to become a Christian and [[spoiler: she and Joan make up.]]²* BrilliantButLazy: Lynn is well educated and intelligent, but has no direction in life and doesn’t work or have a place of her own.²* CatchPhrase: Maya's "Oh hellllllll no" OncePerEpisode.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In the early season, the show included Joan breaking the fourth wall to comment on the action, complete with {{Imagine Spot}}s.²* ExtremeLibido: Sean, Joan's steady boyfriend in season 1, is a recovering sex addict.²* FourGirlEnsemble: Joan is the Leader/ TeamMom, Toni is TheChick, Maya is TheLancer, and Lynn is TheDitz.²* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Joan is Melancholic (goal-oriented but neurotic), Toni is Choleric (rude and prissy, but also a leader in her own right), Maya is Sanguine (uncouth but sociable) and Lynn is Phlegmatic (kind and non-judgemental, but a slacker).²* FullNameBasis: Toni Childs always refers to herself as Toni Childs.²* GoodBadGirl: Lynn, who isn't shy about sharing the fact that she's had a lot of sex. She's a lot less judgemental in regards to sex and mistakes and usually helps the other women open their minds.²* HappilyAdopted: Lynn, a biracial woman, is adopted by a white family, but feels little angst about it.²* HartmanHips: A ''male'' example; Joan dates Marcus and things are going well, until she finds a girdle in his room. She thinks he's cheating but then he reveals the girdle is for ''him'', and he uses it to hide his large hips.²* HeterosexualLifePartners: Joan and Toni [[spoiler:until the end of season 6]]²* ItsAllAboutMe: Toni, who is incredibly self-centered at times. Joan has her moments as well.²* LongRunner: Ran for 8 seasons from 2000 to early 2008.²* MixedAncestry: Lynn is half-black/half-white.²* LowerClassLout: Maya has shades of this, and Toni certainly thinks of her like one. The other women are educated and/or having high-paying careers, which in comparison makes Maya feel like she's "ghetto" as she lives in a working class neighborhood (the same one ''Series/{{Moesha}}'' lives in, in fact) and married her high-school sweetheart and already has a child.²* NeverMyFault: Toni blamed Joan for breaking her and Greg up because she inadvertently told Greg that Toni was planning to break up with him. Never mind that Toni was the one who cheated on Greg and caught an STI and nearly passed it to Greg.²* NWordPrivileges: Tanya, Lynn's white sister, thinks she has this because she's a fan of Black culture, especially compare to uptight Joan and no-biracial Lynn. She does not.²--> '''Lynn:''' You've gone too far this time! You're not Black! Stop trying to be Black!\²'''Tanya:''' Oh, ain't this a trip. All of a sudden you're the authority on what's black? You-- two years ago you were a biracial grunge girl, and a couple years before that, you were just some preppy white girl.\²'''Lynn:''' That doesn't matter, because when you use that word, only one of us gets hurt. And there is pain behind it that you will never know!²* TheOneGuy: William is the only regular male main character, and the only man that hangs with the girlfriends.²* OneOfTheGirls: William is the only male friend that the group hangs out with, he's made it clear that he would only be attracted to them in the ''right'' circumstances. [[spoiler:He and Lynn actually start being FriendsWithBenefits in season two before they both end it due to it feeling weird.]]²* PoisonousFriend: Toni Childs to Joan, but most of the main four have had shades of being this to each other²* PoorlyDisguisedPilot: had one for ''Series/TheGame2006'' in season 6.²* PrettyFreeloaders: Lynn, who in the pilot episode gets kicked out of Toni's place, and has been a squatter at one time or another in Joan's house, Joan's yard, Maya's spare room, William's house and William's yard.²* PutOnABus: Toni after the end of season 6, [[spoiler:she leaves town after a major rift in her friendship with Joan and to be closer to her ex husband whom she shares custody of her daughter with]].²** PutOnABusToHell: The circumstances that she leaves under certainly makes it come off as this. [[spoiler: Toni, who had always wanted to marry rich and lead a life of leisure, ended up getting embroiled in a nasty divorce and loses primary custody of her daughter so she follows her ex-husband to a new city in order to remain close to her daughter. Interestingly, an episode discusses that while Joan may not be on good terms with Toni anymore, Maya and Lynn are still Toni's friends and share no problems with her. [[WhatTheHellHero They also call Joan out on trying to badmouth Toni to the rest of the group and trying to turn them against her after Toni leaves]].]]²* RecycledInSpace: The show was initially ''Series/SexAndTheCity'' except with black women, but the show quickly grew out of this towards the end of season one and focused more on CharacterDevelopment.²* RequiredSpinoffCrossover: Niecy (Creator/SharJackson) from ''Moesha'' shows up in season 1 as a patron at Davis's restaurant, and in the backdoor pilot for ''Series/TheGame2006'', Melanie and Malik are present.²* RunningGag: Toni regularly mispronounces Maya's son Jabari's name.²* SassyBlackWoman: All of the Girlfriends to various extents, but more so with Maya and Toni.²* ShoutOut: There was an episode when William was learning to hold a baby with a practice doll. At one point, he gave the doll to Maya, who left it on the patio...Series/Seinfeld and a dingo ate it.²* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Mostly the focus for Joan and Toni’s storylines, although Toni would add “rich” to her wishlist.²* StalkerWithACrush: Stan and Maya engage in an emotional affair, one Maya ends once [[spoiler: Stan kisses her (badly),]] killing any type of attraction she had to him. Maya gets Lynn's help in breaking it off with Stan, but [[spoiler: then Stan starts hanging around ''Darnell'' as a friend and threatens to tell Darnell all about their affair.]]²* STDImmunity: Averted when Toni [[spoiler: cheats on Greg with a doctor.]]²* TeamMom: Joan, who feels the need to take care of everyone.²* TheThingThatWouldNotLeave: Lynn crashed on Joan's couch and wouldn't leave for 8 years. She later also stayed with Toni, before getting a place in Maya's mom's garage.²* YourCheatingHeart:²** Toni [[spoiler: cheats on her boyfriend Greg with Clay, a doctor. She ends up getting an STI from him, and nearly passes it to Greg.]]²** Maya [[spoiler: emotionally cheats on her husband with Stan, until her husband got wind of it.]]²** Joan [[spoiler: emotionally and physically cheats on Ellis with Brock, but she eventually comes clean to Ellis.]]²----


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