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1''Between'' is a Creator/{{Netflix}} and Creator/{{Citytv}} drama starring Creator/JennetteMcCurdy. It follows a town which is stricken by a mysterious ailment that kills everyone over 22 year of age.˛˛Its six-episode first season debuted on May 21, 2015.˛----˛!!Tropes in ''Between''˛˛* AdultFear: You are dead, and your children are on their own. A very scary adult fear indeed.˛* AmateurSleuth: Pat is called upon to be this.˛* ApocalypseAnarchy: By episode 2 there are cars and piles of junk around town. Kids are all out playing in the streets.˛* BloodFromTheMouth: All victims of the illness exhibit this upon their death.˛* CosyCatastrophe: The utilities are still running, cellphones still texting, Internet is up, and the parents out of the picture. Also, people still drive as though they could get gas at the corner store when they need to fill up.˛* CityInABottle: The city of Pretty Lake is quickly quarantined by the military.˛* DeadManHonking: When Chuck and his small band of cohorts makes their escape attempt Samantha is shot by a sniper as they stop to make plans invoking this trope.˛* DeadpanSnarker: Wiley. Not too far off Jennette [=McCurdy=]'s other roles, actually.˛* EverytownAmerica: It's a Canadian series, but it plays down the Canada aspect. One character in Episode one asks another if he's heard from "the Ministry", and the government is referred to generically as "our government" on TV.˛* GentleGiant: Gord. He is clearly large and imposing but only ever tries to do the right thing and act towards a peaceful solution, even giving up his last cow in order to feed the younger children of the town. He actually loses a fight he gets into with a smaller guy, Chuck, stating that he has never actually fought before.˛* MistakenForDying: Wiley is mistaken for dead in episode 2.˛* NearRapeExperience: Just so no one gets too confused as to which side of the HeelFaceRevolvingDoor Ronnie might belong on.˛* OffscreenTeleportation: when Mr. Lott and his son are tracking the stolen truck, they make a turn and while the camera is elsewhere end up far enough ahead they can set up flares and be hiding out.˛* OnlyFatalToAdults: The mysterious disease kills everybody over the age of 22.˛* PoorCommunicationKills: The government seems totally ready to completely seal off a town... but ''not'' as ready to fill the town in on what they think is going on. ˛* SlutShaming: After she has sex with Mark, Stacy complements him, saying it doesn't seem like it had been a while for him (he'd been in prison). He responds that it clearly hadn't been a while for her.˛* SpitefulSpit: A ten year old who stole a car and went on a joyride refuses to apologize and do community service. So he gets tied outside, in the cold, to a flagpole until he does. He refuses to give in and hocks a massive loogie on Chuck. Damn, son.˛* TeenPregnancy: Wiley is near birth, and gives birth in the first episode.˛* ThereAreNoAdults: The adults in Episode one are a DwindlingParty. As of episode four, not only is it confirmed that everyone 22 or older, but it appears to be the case that your 22nd birthday is actually the trigger. Everyone alive in Pretty Lake is 21 or under.˛* TriggerHappy: The military take aim at a teen coming out of the woods, not stopping to ask them to identify themselves or what they are there for. This being after said teen has put his hands up in a clear gesture of surrender. Likewise, Chuck's posse of ad hoc cop kids. There's a reason 15 year olds don't make good vigilante law enforcement.˛* WellIntentionedExtremist: The group [[spoiler:of which Adam's dad is part]] quarantining the town developed the virus for "thinning the herd" in the name of restoring resource sustainability.


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