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1The Digimon Epics are a series of written fan [=RPs=] based on a Digimon fan universe. There are three universes, with the first two having a modified reboot categorized by the updated "name" of the Digital World it takes place in.께Civil War and its sequel, Dark Reign, take place in the "first" universe where the Dramon Empire have taken over the Harmonious Republic. Rebels of said Republic fight them off along with a group of skilled Digimon known as the Avengers.께Unholy Crusade, and its sequel Devil's Ascent, take place in the "second" universe. In Unholy Crusade, the Royal Knights have rebelled against the establish order on a quest to remove the human tamers who have entered their world and an elite team known as The Peacemakers have been gathered to stop them.께The "Eon" server is a reboot of the first, with its first story utilizing the same name. It's currently in progress. In this one, Realmless, or Ronin, fight off against the Metal Empire as they see past their excuses (usually the Realmpact) for conquest.께The "Saga" server is a reboot of the second, again under the same name, currently in progress and following the newly assembled Guardians. This group, consisting of both Digimon and human Tamers, attempts to stop the Royal Knights from removing the Tamers from their world.께Idylls: Fracture takes place in the "third" universe, the "Idyll" server. In this setting, the world is ruled by the benevolent King Artorigus and his Royal Knights, while the player characters investigate a sinister plot in his kingdom of Albion.께Civil War can be found [[ here]].콲ark Reign can be found [[ here]].쾇nholy Crusade can be found [[ here]].콲evil's Ascent can be found [[ here]]. Civil War Reboot can be found [[ here]].쾇nholy Crusade Reboot can be found [[ here]].콹dylls: Fracture can be found [[ here]]께----께!Universe 1:께!!Main RPG Series:[[index]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsCivilWar Civil War]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsDarkReign Dark Reign]]께!!Side Stories:께* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsDawnOfDusk Dawn of Dusk]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsScars Scars]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsWillTheyThankYou Will They Thank You?]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsDracocide Dracocide]]께!Universe 2:께!!Main RPG Series:께* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsUnholyCrusade Unholy Crusade]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsDevilsAscent Devil's Ascent]]께!!Side Stories:께* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsTheGatheringOfHeroes The Gathering Of Heroes]]* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsTheRootsOfYggdrasil The Roots Of Yggdrasil]]께!Rebooted Series:께!!EON Server:께* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsCivilWarReboot Digimon: Civil War (Reboot)]]께!!SAGA Server:께* [[Roleplay/TheDigimonEpicsUnholyCrusadeReboot Digimon: Unholy Crusade (Reboot)]]께!!IDYLL Server:께* [[ Idylls: Fracture]]께[[/index]]


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