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1This is the Recap page for ''Wander Over Yonder''. Check out the main page [[WesternAnimation/WanderOverYonder here.]]²²As Wander and Sylvia would say, have fun!²²!!Recaps will presume you've already viewed the episode. SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED.²²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[index]]²[[folder:Season One (August 2013 - December 2014)]]²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E1TheGreatestTheEgg The Greatest / The Egg]]''' - Intergalactic conqueror Lord Hater is baited into a contest against cheerful vagabond Wander to see who's really "The Greatest in the Galaxy"; Wander tries to convince his companion Sylvia to get in touch with her sensitive side while trying to return a lost egg to its nest.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E2ThePicnicTheFugitives The Picnic / The Fugitives]]''' - Wander's attempt to have a picnic distracts Lord Hater from a showdown with a rival villain, Emperor Awesome; Wander and Sylvia try to sneak off a planet controlled by Lord Hater, but Wander keeps getting distracted trying to help people.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E3TheGoodDeedThePrisoner The Good Deed / The Prisoner]]''' - Wander finds himself having an "off day" when all his attempts to help people keep backfiring; Commander Peepers discovers that keeping Wander a prisoner is more difficult than he thought it would be.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E4ThePet The Pet]]''' - Sylvia tries to rescue Wander from a horrible space monster, while unbeknownst to her Wander tries to tame the beast.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E5TheBadGuyTheTroll The Bad Guy / The Troll]]''' - Wander and Sylvia try to play it tough in the rowdy town of Doomstone; Wander and Sylvia help the goat-men of Baa-halla face a monster that gets stronger when it insults people.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E6TheBoxTheHat The Box / The Hat]]''' - Wander tries to resist the urge to peek inside a box he's been tasked to deliver; Sylvia tries to use Wander's magic hat to save him from the belly of a giant monster, but the hat seemingly refuses to cooperate...or so she thinks.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E7TheLittleGuy The Little Guy]]''' - A wimpy Watchdog named Westley tries to capture Wander and Sylvia alone in order to prove himself, but Wander helps him discover they're not as bad as he thought they were.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E8TheBallTheBounty The Ball / The Bounty]]''' - Wander tries to rescue the people of Balzaria IX from an adorable monster; Commander Peepers is jealous when Lord Hater hires some bounty hunters to capture Wander.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E9TheHeroTheBirthdayBoy The Hero / The Birthday Boy]]''' - Wannabe knight Brad Starlight conscripts Wander and Sylvia as his sidekicks in his quest to rescue Princess Demurra; Wander tries to cheer Lord Hater up when he learns it's Hater's birthday, but all Hater really wants is to see him grovel up in fear.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E10TheNiceGuyTheTimeBomb The Nice Guy / The Time Bomb]]''' - Wander's helpful tendencies complicate the simple task of buying Sylvia a soda; Wander helps Sylvia tame her temper so she can win a big race.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E11TheFancyPartyTheTourist The Fancy Party / The Tourist]]''' - Lord Hater struggles to behave himself when he learns Wander is attending a fancy dinner party being held by Queen Entozoa; Wander discovers a tourism rival in Trudy Traveller.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E12TheDayTheNight The Day / The Night]]''' - Sylvia tries to keep a napping Wander safe while escaping from Lord Hater's clutches; Wander helps Sylvia catch up on her sleep while evading the Watchdogs.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E13TheLonelyPlanetTheBrainstorm The Lonely Planet / The Brainstorm]]''' - Wander visits an isolated planet that turns out to be alive... and rather clingy; Lord Hater and Commander Peepers try to plan a way to conquer a planet without being thwarted by Wander. ²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E14ThePartyAnimalTheToddler The Party Animal / The Toddler]]''' - Sylvia must thwart Emperor Awesome's attempt to literally party a planet to pieces, which Wander enjoys; Wander and Sylvia look after a giant toddler while trying to find his real parents.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E15TheEpicQuestOfUnfathomableDifficultyTheVoid The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty / The Void]]''' - Wander's attempt to return a lost sock to its owner turns into a galaxy-spanning quest; Wander's imagination runs wild in a mysterious void where everything one thinks up comes to life.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E16TheGiftIITheGifteningTheGift The Gift II: The Giftening / The Gift]]''' - Hater and Peepers deal with a mysterious outbreak of "happiness" among the Watchdogs; Wander and Sylvia spread holiday cheer to both friends and foes.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E17TheDateTheBuddies The Date / The Buddies]]''' - Sylvia poses as a date for a stood-up Lord Hater to prevent a planet-wrecking tantrum; Hater is forced to pose as Wander's friend while the two are stranded in another dimension.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E18TheLiarTheStray The Liar / The Stray]]''' - Wander tries to keep spirits high while rescuing some baby birds from an erupting volcano; Sylvia is suspicious of a stray kitten named Li'l Bits that seems to have Wander hypnotized with her cuteness.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E19TheBigJobTheHelper The Big Job / The Helper]]''' - Wander acts as the look-out for a band of heroes plotting against Lord Hater; Wander is stumped when he can't find anyone who actually needs his help for once.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E20TheFunkTheEnemies The Funk / The Enemies]]''' - Commander Peepers tries to help Lord Hater get out of a depressed slump; Lord Hater teams up with Brad Starlight, who's bitter about being upstaged during his last appearance, in order to catch Wander.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS1E21TheRider The Rider]]''' - Wander meets an old friend of Sylvia's, and feels like a third wheel on a dangerous mission to Lord Hater's treasure vault.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Season Two (August 2015 - June 2016)]]²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E1TheGreaterHater The Greater Hater]]''' - Lord Hater tries to get his villain cred back by taking on a fierce new rival, Lord Dominator.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E2TheBigDayTheBreakfast The Big Day / The Breakfast]]''' - Wander tries to distract Lord Hater from destroying him once and for all by making a big production out of it; Lord Hater and Wander have wildly contrasting mornings.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E3TheFremergencyFronfractTheBoyWander The Fremergency Fronfract / The Boy Wander]]''' - Wander hangs out with Lord Hater while the latter is recovering from a trip to the dentist; Wander takes on a new persona to face an old foe of his.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E4TheWandersTheAxe The Wanders / The Axe]]''' - Sylvia must round up an army of Wander clones representing her best friend's personality traits; Commander Peepers gets fired as Lord Hater's right-hand man, but Hater finds going solo against Sourdough the Evil Sandwich isn't easy.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E5TheLooseScrewTheIt The Loose Screw / The It]]''' - Wander and Sylvia meet a strange old lady who claims to be a retired hero; Hater and Peepers get dragged into Wander's epic game of tag.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E6TheCoolGuyTheCatastrophe The Cool Guy / The Catastrophe]]''' - Lord Hater hangs out with Emperor Awesome, leaving Peepers feeling left out; Sylvia discovers an entire planet has become obsessed with cat videos.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E7TheRagerTheGoodBadGuy The Rager / The Good Bad Guy]]''' - Wander throws a party for some captured friends of his, and Lord Hater wants in on the fun; Lord Hater is dismayed to find that his favorite villain has become a good guy.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E8TheBattleRoyale The Battle Royale]]''' - When Wander discovers Lord Dominator is a girl, his attempts to hook her up with Lord Hater spiral out of control into an epic villain show-down.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E9TheMatchmakerTheNewToy The Matchmaker/The New Toy]]''' - Wander tries to deliver a love letter from Lord Hater to Lord Dominator, but Sylvia tries to stop him; Lord Hater looks for an opportunity to show off a tank he designed to Lord Dominator.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E10TheBlackCubeTheEyeOnTheSkullship The Black Cube/The Eye on the Skullship]]''' - Wander tries to cheer up a former villain who's struggling with life; One of the Watchdogs gives his fellow soldiers a day in the limelight while trying to report on Lord Hater.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E11TheSecretPlanetTheBadHatter The Secret Planet/The Bad Hatter]]''' - Wander struggles to keep an isolated planet a secret; Lord Hater finally gets his hands on Wander's magic hat, and tries to use it for his own gain.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E12TheHoleLottaNuthinTheShowStopper The Hole... Lotta Nuthin'/The Show Stopper]]''' - Wander is left with nothing to do but wait for help when he gets his finger stuck in a black hole; Lord Hater puts on an epic concert to impress Lord Dominator. ²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E13TheCartoonTheBot The Cartoon/The Bot]]''' - Lord Hater has the Watchdogs make a cartoon about him; Wander ends up befriending one of Lord Dominator's robotic probes.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E14TheFamilyReunionTheRival The Family Reunion/The Rival]]''' - Sylvia needs some time off from heroism, and visits her family on the Zbornak homeworld with Wander in tow; Hater and Peepers worry (for different reasons) that Emperor Awesome is hanging out with Lord Dominator.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E15MyFairHatey My Fair Hatey]]''' - When it looks like Lord Dominator is asking Hater on a date, Wander helps Lord Hater learn how to talk to women; meanwhile, Commander Peepers and Sylvia team up to take out Dominator's forces once and for all.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E16TheLegendTheBadNeighbors The Legend/The Bad Neighbors]]''' - Wander and Sylvia meet some refugee kids who have ''wildly'' different ideas of what "the hero of legend" is like; While hiding out on a suburban planet, Lord Hater butts heads with Emperor Awesome.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E17ThePartyPoopersTheWasteOfTime The Party Poopers/The Waste of Time]]''' - Wander struggles to keep a straight face when seeking help from a band of unusual aliens; Wander and Sylvia get lost in time and space.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E18TheHotShotTheNightOut The Hot Shot/The Night Out]]''' - Sylvia is jealous of a new hero named Hot-Shot who keeps stealing her and Wander's thunder; Sylvia hangs out with a rowdy young woman who turns out to be Lord Dominator.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E19TheSearchForCaptainTimTheHeebieJeebies The Search for Captain Tim/The Heebie Jeebies]]''' - Lord Hater teams up with an alien-hunting mercenary to track down his beloved pet; Wander faces his fears in a haunted forest.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E20TheSickDayTheSkyGuy The Sick Day/The Sky Guy]]''' - Sylvia tries to take over Wander's helping duties when her friend falls ill; Wander inspires a band of tiny people to worship him.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E21TheRobomechabotatronTheFlower The Robomechabotatron/The Flower]]''' - Wander, Sylvia, Hater, and Peepers must team up to pilot a legendary robot against Lord Dominator; Wander struggles to keep his hopes up as he and Sylvia try to save a wilting flower found on a planet destroyed by Dominator.²# '''[[Recap/WanderOverYonderS2E22TheEndOfTheGalaxy The End of the Galaxy]]''' - In the SeriesFinale, Wander and Sylvia rally their allies on the one planet Lord Dominator hasn't destroyed, while Lord Hater prepares his Watchdogs for an epic showdown.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Shorts]]²# The First Take - Lord Hater attempts to destroy Wander on live TV, but Wander gives a few shout-outs to his friends across the galaxy.²# The Smile - In the second take of his address to the galaxy, Lord Hater instructs Wander not to talk. His address goes off without a hitch, until he notices Wander's goofy smile.²# The Killjoy - Commander Peepers catches Hater making his address and about to destroy Wander.²# The Theme Song - Hater has difficulty singing his own theme song.²# The Bathroom Break - While Hater is in the bathroom, Wander kills time and a Watchdog breakdances.²# The Planetary Conqueror - Lord Hater keeps forgetting his line and Wander tries to help, but Hater just gets mad and messes up his line over and over again.²# The Sharpshooter - After blowing his lines in the previous take, Lord Hater successfully completes his speech. After which, he finally prepares to destroy Wander, but he cannot quite hit the target.²# The Glitch - Lord Hater starts his speech again, but suddenly, the camera begins randomly freezing. Hater tries to fix it, while Wander offers suggestions.²# The Caller - Lord Hater gives a shortened version of his speech, when suddenly, his glove phone starts ringing. He picks it up and it is Sylvia, who tells him she's about to board his ship to rescue Wander.²# The Whatever - Even though the camera is rolling, Lord Hater has all but given up, so Wander pretends to be Hater. ²# The Big Finish - Hater's broadcast is interrupted by an interloper.²²[[/folder]]²²[[/index]]²²----


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