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1In order to meet Robert's very high goal of doubling their sales, Andy creates an Incentive Program to spark interest for the office.²!!Episode Tropes:²* DidNotThinkThisThrough: On paper, the incentive program does work to excite the staff. It's just the problem is that one of the goals was "put tattoo on boss's ass".²* GoneHorriblyRight: Andy agrees to tattoo his butt as the top prize for earning 5000 points, confident that the team will never work hard enough for any of them to reach that amount. It starts falling apart as soon as Jim reminds him that he told them they could pool their points together. It takes them only a single day to meet that milestone, much to Andy's regret and charign. He even gets on the phone with one of his old college professors and asks in desperation about "de-incentivizing" employees, to no avail.²* [[PetTheDog Pet the Nard Dog]]: After Andy enthusiastically agrees to tattoo his butt, Pam gives the tattoo artist a new design. [[spoiler: It's a dog that has Nard on it, a reference to his nickname "Nard Dog".]]²* RageBreakingPoint: Dwight, still resentful of Andy for having gotten the manager position over him, still engages in pleasant conversation with Andy when asked about his beet farm, until...²--> '''Andy:''' There’s gotta be some way you can double your beet sales.²--> '''Dwight:''' You wanted the job, the job is yours! '''JUST DO THE JOB!'''²* TakeOurWordForIt: We don't see what Phyllis' draft for the tattoo was, but it garnered a lot of surprised reactions.


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