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1'''Funny Business:''' Lincoln becomes Luan's clown assistant, and he quickly steals the spotlight with his pratfalls.'''Snow Bored:''' On a snow day, Lincoln and his sisters try to teach Lisa how to have fun.----!!"Funny Business"* AbsenteeActor: Lori, Luna, Lola, and Lily don't appear in this episode.* AcquiredSituationalNarcissism:** Lincoln when he becomes popular for his pratfall routine.** Luan admits at the end of the episode that she was NotSoAboveItAll when it came to getting her first big laugh, but eventually understood that different crowds enjoy different forms of comedy.* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Luan admits at the end of the episode that Lincoln's pratfalls ''are'' hilarious, especially after he trips and falls into her collection of whoopie cushions; she even joins in and pratfalls on top of him in good humor.* CallBack: Luan's job at entertaining children at birthday parties was shown early on in "Cover Girls". Her payment for such was also shown in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru".* ContinuityNod: ** This isn't the first time Luan dressed as a jester.** This isn't the first time a Loud sibling got mad at someone and tried to handle something alone.* DishDash: Luan and Lincoln (upstaging her) do variations of this trope as birthday party entertainment. * EmoTeen: Maggie and the other emos.* {{Facepalm}}: Luan does this in a couple of flashbacks when she reveals the reasons why Lucy, Lynn, Leni and Lisa are no longer her assistant.* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: At first, Luan feels it would be a sobering experience when Lincoln's pratfalls are bombing at Maggie's party. However, when he points out [[RealityEnsues that Funny Business, Inc. will take a hit in reputation and customers]], she changes her mind and comes to bail him out.* HeliumSpeech: Lincoln inhales helium to make the crowd laugh in one of his performances.* IWasToldThereWouldBeCake: Luan initially convinces Lincoln to become her assistant by offering to share her leftover cake with him.* MirrorRoutine: Lincoln and Luan perform a routine at the emo party, which the gloomy audience takes as a metaphor for conformity.* OhCrap: Lincoln, when he realizes that the birthday girl, Maggie, is 13 and that the party is emo-themed.* PhotoBoothMontage: Luan shows Lincoln a filmstrip showing him freaking out following his disastrous act at the emo party.* ThePratfall: Lincoln becomes popular at Luan's parties thanks to his repeated goof-ups onstage.* RealityEnsues: ** Lincoln finds out the hard way that what works with one kind of audience, doesn't necessarily work with another audience as well.** As mentioned above, Lincoln learning that, in comedy, sometimes FailureIsTheOnlyOption ''is'' a good life lesson, but not so good in getting repeat business for Luan's comedy show, which is why she changes her mind and helps him out at Maggie's party.* ShoutOut:** Luan's phone receiver looks like [[WesternAnimation/OutOfTheInkwell Koko the Clown]].** One of the posters in Luan's room, judging from the positions of the silhouettes[[note]]|/||/||/|_[[/note]], is [[MemeticMutation the infamous]] [[WebComic/CtrlAltDel "Loss" comic]].* TakeThat: One of Maggie's friends interprets Luan's mime act as describing "[[JuniorHigh the soul-crushing pointlessness of seventh grade]]."* TerribleIntervieweesMontage: Luan recounts the times when Lucy, Lynn, Leni, and Lisa were her assistants.* TitleDrop: "Funny Business" turns out to be the name of Luan's neighborhood comedy act.* ToiletHumor: Luan puts on a bike helmet that her rabbit, Gary, pooped in.* ToughRoom: Lincoln gets this treatment when he tries his pratfall style comedy with an emo teen crowd. !!"Snow Bored"* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Lisa fails to see what is so great about a snow day, but when it comes to a snowball fight, she admits that it is fun.* BatmanGambit: Lisa's deal with NASA to make it snow longer is to get her siblings so fed up with her snowball-throwing that they'll want to settle for a school day.* BigNo: By Lincoln and the sisters when Lisa proclaims snow days are not fun and will unleash the salt which melts the snow and sends the back to school.* BreakingTheFourthWall: Lisa this time, when she admits to the viewer that going overboard with the snowball fight resulting in her siblings no longer wanting a snow day was her plan all along.* ComedicUnderwearExposure: Lana is forced to run from the bathroom with her overalls down when Lisa ambushes her with her snowball cannon. * ComplexityAddiction: Lisa's really didn't need the plan to make her siblings want to go to school, since they were prepared to go back in the first place.* ContinuityNod: Hazeltucky and Huntington Oaks are mentioned again.* DangerThinIce: When Lola tries to show Lisa how enjoyable figure skating is, Lisa makes fast calculations in the snow to predict when Lola will fall through the ice. She's a second off.* DoubleTake: Lincoln does this verbally when he realizes that Lisa tricked him and the other siblings into actually ''wanting'' a school day instead of a snow day:-->'''Lincoln:''' Wait, what just happened?* GoodLuckCharm: Lola has the classic LuckyRabbitsFoot, Lana a lucky booger, and Lynn a lucky jockstraps.* GotMeDoingIt: Leni misspells fun as "F-O-N", but she chants it with such gusto for a snow day that the rest of the Loud siblings (even Lisa, eventually) join in anyway.* IResembleThatRemark: When Lisa explains that snow days can lead to a decrease in intelligence, Leni spells "fun" as "F-O-N".* LetThereBeSnow: At the start of the episode, all siblings minus Lisa desperately wish and hope for enough snow to make the schools stay closed.* OffModel: During the "snow pranks" scene, Luan is missing her eyelashes.* PottyEmergency: Lana has one at some point, but is ambushed by Lisa and her snowball gun in the bathroom.* ProducePelting: When Lisa announces her plans to prevent a snow day, her siblings pelt her with pillows.* ShoutOut: ** Lincoln's winter attire looks very much like [[ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}} Charlie Brown's]]. ** Lucy's cloak strikingly resembles Raven's.** Lincoln crashing into a tree mirrors the opening of ''A Charlie Brown Christmas''.** "Dance of the Reed Flutes" plays during Lola's ice skating routine.* SnowballFight: The only part about a snow day that Lisa actually likes. Unfortunately for her siblings, she takes it to such extremes as building firearms and even a tank specifically for pelting people with snowballs. * TemptingFate: Lucy and Lynn think they're safe in the vents. Turns out Lisa didn't forget about Lucy's favorite private place. * ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Lisa's attitude towards snowball fights. She assaults her siblings everywhere they go, even in the house, with an increasing variety of snow weapons.* TruthInTelevision: Brain functionality actually ''does'' decrease for every school day someone misses.----


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