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Context Recap / TheBigBangTheoryS11E22TheMonetaryInsufficiency

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1'''The Monetary Insufficiency''' is an episode from Season 11 of ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''.
3Sheldon tries to get $500 million in funding for advancing his research on quantum decoherence, but his authorities don't have that kind of money to give him, so he resorts to desperate measures such as attracting investors and selling his own beloved comic books.
6* TheBadGuyWins: Sheldon gets thrown out of the casino after he told them how he's winning off their machines.
7* BigNo: When Sheldon is kicked out of the casino at the same time his predicted and expected slot on the roulette wheel was the correct one!
8* DownerEnding: Sheldon ''did'' win some money from the Las Vegas casino, but he fails to win enough to secure funding for his black hole research because [[IdiotBall he told the security guards he knows how it works]]!
9* GeniusDitz: Sheldon deduced how the Las Vegas casino machines work (use probability mathematics to pick the most frequently recurring numbers a.k.a. modes in roulette), but he can't keep his mouth shut in front of security guards who don't want statistical experts taking home half to all the casino's loot and forcing them into bankruptcy.
10* HeKnowsTooMuch: Sheldon gets thrown out of the Las Vegas casino by a black security guard for not just figuring out how the machine works, but for also [[WhatAnIdiot deliberately explaining]] to the guard that the machine is fixed and follows a predictable algorithm.
11* IncrediblyLameFun: [[DumbBlonde Bernadette]] is amused at how finger sandwiches combined fit like a puzzle and even calls that interesting. This should be a no-brainer, finger sandwiches are usually cut into smaller pieces if they can fit like a puzzle.
12* {{Metaphorgotten}}: Raj when he tries to express his sentiment about the pie he just ate before this episode began. He said it was "bananas" (figuratively, as in superbly-tasting) but that it was a cherry pie.
13* PoliceCodeForEverything: The Las Vegas casino Sheldon participates at has security guards who communicate "Pelican" in case a winner knows how the machine works. This could be a reference to the pelican's large throat-pouch used to capture prey parallel to the large amount of Sheldon's winnings.