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1->''Please don't stare at me like that! I'm a very shy little girl!''²-->-- '''Ash, as Ashley'''²²!!Japanese Title: ''Erika and Kusaihana ''²!!!Original Date: September 23rd, 1997²!!!US Date: October 12th 1998²The party arrives in Celadon City, a perfectly pleasant town full of large department stores, condominiums, and fancy arcades. Brock and Misty are mesmerized, listening to a pretty young girl in a miniskirt, selling perfume. Appalled by the price of the perfume, Ash is kicked out of the department store, and heads for the Pokémon gym alone, but he is denied entrance to the Celadon Gym. The perfume that Ash criticized in the department store is produced in this gym. Brock and Misty enter the gym and befriend those who inhabit it, but Ash must go to some outrageous lengths in order to even set foot in the gym, let alone prove himself worthy of battle against its Master.²²!!Tropes in this episode:²* BerserkButton: Ash riles Erika and the workers at Celadon City's department store and gym by calling their perfume financially wasteful, which royally pisses them off to the point that they force him out of the department store and indirectly [[PersonaNonGrata ban him from entering Celadon Gym]].²* BreakingTheFourthWall: Meowth thinks his nose was dissolved by Gloom, but then remembers the cartoonists [[TheNoseless never gave him a nose]]. Note that Meowth [[ makes different a joke in the original Japanese version]], which had to be changed due to being LostInTranslation.²* CallARabbitASmeerp: In the dub, Team Rocket call a CartoonBomb a "blaster ball", presumably for censorship reasons.²* CurbStompBattle: Erika's Gloom curb-stomps Charmander easily with her scent.²* DisguisedInDrag: Team Rocket forces Ash to disguise himself as a girl named Ashley.²* DisproportionateRetribution: ²** When Ash poses as Ashley, Pikachu immediately recognizes him, and tries to snuggle up to him. Ash rebuffs him, forcing Pikachu to expose Ash's identity in front of Erika.²** Erika's workers throw Team Rocket out of Celadon Gym, putting an X mark on their faces. In response, Jessie decides that they're not only going to steal the recipe for Erika's perfume, but blow the gym up as payback. James [[LampshadeHanging notes this is a bit excessive]].²* EnemyMine: Ash teams up with Team Rocket after they are forced out of the gym. And unfortunately for him, he realizes too late that he's an UnwittingPawn in their plans.²* EvenEvilHasStandards: James is somewhat put off when Jessie announces she's going to bomb Celadon Gym just for putting a mark on her face.²* EvilIsPetty: Jessie decides to blow up Celadon Gym as twisted payback against Erika and her staff for manhandling her and stamping an X²* EyeCatch: In this episode, the ''Who's that Pokémon'' is Gloom.²* EyelidPullTaunt: One of the Celadon Gym's staff members responds to Ash's pleas to enter the Celadon Gym by doing this.²* FelonyMisdemeanor: Ash insults Erika's perfume for its high prices, resulting in him being forced out of both her store ''and'' Celadon Gym as a punishment.²* FictionIsntFair: When Ash mocks Erika's perfume, he is forced out the department store ''and'' Celadon Gym. Pokémon gyms are certified by a wider, [[SkeletonGovernment possibly]] government-affiliated league meant to provide places for trainers to battle. Ash never points out the blatant conflict of interest or that Erika should be obligated to meet his challenge, and instead forces himself into the gym to duel with her.²* FunWithAcronyms: In the English dub, Erika does this with the word PERFUME, using each letter of the word to stand for an adjective to describe perfume and ending it on a sort of CrowdChant note. This is in response to Ash's badmouthing perfume in general. In the original, she simply gives Satoshi a lecture about the benefits of using perfume. ²* HairDecorations: Erika, when she's dolled up in traditional Japanese style, and when she's wearing Western clothes and sporting a pink headband. ²* HarmlessElectrocution: Pikachu shocks Ash, which only comically chars him--through it somehow ''[[MagicPants disintegrates]]'' his disguise. Alas, poor Ashley...²* HeroicFireRescue: Ash earns the Rainbow Badge by rescuing Erika's Gloom from her burning gym.²* IdiotBall: Meowth placed the blaster ball near him and the others cause he didn't want to lose it.²* ItsPersonal: In Team Rocket's second attempt to invade the gym, Jessie plants explosives to exact revenge for her team being manhandled by Erika's staff. [[EvenEvilHasStandards Even James seems to think this is rather excessive]].²-->'''Meowth''': Just one question--what am I supposed to do with this blaster ball?\²'''Jessie''': Stick it someplace where it'll make a nice big kaboom!\²'''Meowth''': A-ha-ha! They'll get a bang outta this!\²'''James''': Jessie, what's the blaster ball for?\²'''Jessie''': Sweet revenge for stamping an "X" on the most beautiful face in the world!\²'''James''': (''under his breath'') Talk about delusions...\²'''Jessie''': '''''[[BigWhat WHAT?!]]'''''\²'''James''': Uh, I-I-I mean, ''yeah'', that'll teach those slobs!²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Although Erika's workers are violent pranksters who deny Ash access for pressing Erika's BerserkButton, they deeply care about their Pokémon and Erika.²* KickTheSonOfABitch: Erika's rather overzealous staff also humiliatingly punish Team Rocket for trying to enter the Celadon Gym. In turn, the trio outright ''level the gym with everyone inside'' as payback.²* LickedByTheDog: Pikachu was the only one to recognize Ash in his disguise, and quickly compromised his cover when Ash rebuffed him for trying to snuggle.²* LiteralAssKicking: Ash gets kicked out of the perfume store this way.²* MeaninglessVillainVictory: Team Rocket manage to steal Erika's perfume and set her gym ablaze without getting caught. However, they actually only got their hands on one ingredient; Gloom's essence. Cue more nose torture.²* MustMakeAmends: After Ash helps Team Rocket, thus indirectly setting Erika's set gym ablaze, he risks the fire to save her Gloom. This earns him Erika's respect and the Rainbow Badge.²* NoOSHACompliance: No sprinkler system in a huge building is already stupid[[note]]Not only is this pretty much a government building, but the Pewter City Gym had sprinklers as a plot point.[[/note]], but no sprinkler system in a huge building with a forest planted inside it?²* OhCrap:²** Ash, when he inadvertently presses Erika's BerserkButton.²** Erika, when she's cornered by a Grimer in her flashback.²** Ash and Erika, when the former realizes his cover has been compromised when Pikachu electrocutes him for outing himself after listening to Erika's story.²** Erika when she realizes that Gloom is stuck in the burning Celadon Gym.²** Team Rocket when they realize the perfume has the essence of Gloom.²* OneHitKO: Gloom knocks Charmander out with one blast of its stench.²* OverzealousUnderling: It is implied Erika, while very protective about her business, was willing, if not obligated outright, to challenge Ash to a gym battle. Her staff, however, violently forces him out of the department store ''and'' the Celadon Gym. When Ash's disguise is blasted off and he simply challenges Erika to a fight, she agrees, stating it's her duty under League rules.²* PersonaNonGrata: After Ash insults Erika's perfumes, the latter bans him from the store ''and'' Celadon Gym. Ash, however, doesn't care and enters the Gym to battle Erika anyway.²* RunningGagged: This is the last time Pikachu shocks Ash in temper.²* SensoryOverload: Gloom's stench is so horrid it can knock others out. It even scores a OneHitKO on Charmander.²* UnwittingPawn: Ash doesn't realizes that Team Rocket is using him to further their plans to steal Gloom's perfume until it's too late.


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