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1'''Cosmic Countdown''' is the twentieth ''VideoGame/MoshiMonsters'' mission and the tenth mission of Season Two.께It begins with a recap of the ending to "Missing on a Star" with the Moshi World in danger because of the Doom Ray. It is loading slowly. Then, an alarm sounds because a Super Moshi has been detected. Dr Strangeglove wants to deal with it, but the leader says he's too incompetent and sends Sweet Tooth and Big Chief Tiny Head down instead.께On the space station, Captain Squirk says that they have to stop the doom ray from powering up. Dr C Fingz knows the control room is in the red tower but the lift that takes them there is not working. Splutnik says it needs a key, so they decide to split up to look for it. Captain Squirk and First Officer Ooze go into the right door, while Splutnik and Dr C Fingz go into the left door. Click the left door.께It is dark. Somebody turns the light on and Dr C Fingz is stuck in toffee. Sweet Tooth is there and tries to run away so Splutnik chases him/her. Click and hold to go up and let go of the mouse to go down while chasing Sweet Tooth. Don't touch the gum bubbles or you will haveto start again. There's an E.P.I.C.S. to collect during the chase, pick it up upon return. Eventually, Splutnik pops the gum in Sweet Tooth's face, comes back and frees Dr C Fingz with a shower. Click the key piece, then click the door to leave.께Now, click the door that Captain Squirk and First Officer Ooze went into. You're in some sort of bar and Big Chief Tiny Head has locked Squirk and Ooze into a cave and demands to be made drinks or else the Zoshlings will "get it". On the shelf to the left, pick up all the ingredients and also pick up the purple Oobla-Doobla. On the book, there is a recipe for Bungle Jungle Juice: Oobla doobla, fizzy milk, creepy cola crush and essence of blue hoodoo. If you open the inventory (the blue pouch on the right), you will be able to tell which ingredient is which. Drag them into the cocktail shaker. Then, click the shaker, open your inventory and drag the drink to Big Chief Tiny Head. He demands more drinks. Then, Squirk notes that he saw the chief tear a sleeping potion recipe out of the book. To get an E.P.I.C.S., make a drink out of mystery potion, spiced slime, bogey bubbleade and perplexing purple potion and feed it to the chief. Now, click on the scrap of paper. It has the sleeping potion recipe: fizzy milk, atomic hot sauce (x2) and drinky inky. Make the sleeping potion and give it to the chief, who will fall asleep, freeing the Zoshlings and allowing you to get the key piece. Open your inventory and drag the first key piece onto the second. Now, click the door. Open your inventory and drag the key onto the lift to take it.께Dr Strangeglove and his leader are arguing when you appear. They claim that you are too late. Then, the villains leave. None of the controls are for the doom ray, but they think of cosmic harmony. At first they think that's too dangerous but they have no choice. Click the Zoshlings to make them harmonize and break the doom ray. Simon Growl appears on a monitor and offers them a seven-album deal, so the Zoshlings want to return to Music Island.께On the Rhapsody 2, Squirk congratulates you. However, you get attacked by a group of Glumps and Strangeglove. Click the mouse to fire at them, while moving the mouse to dodge the blobs. Eventually, they get defeated and you land on Music Island where a group of Moshlings are waiting, but then they disappear. Talk to Squirk. He has nowhere to go, so you can adopt all the Zoshlings.!! This mission provides examples of* AccessoryWearingCartoonAnimal:** Captain Squirk wears his helmet, gloves and boots.** Your Super Moshi wears their cape, mask and belt.** Sweet Tooth wears boots (briefly averted when they changed into biker clothing).* AliensSpeakingEnglish: The Zoshlings can communicate with the monsters.* AmbiguousGender: Sweet Tooth's gender is unknown.* BarefootCartoonAnimal: Big Chief Tiny Head doesn't wear shoes.* BlueIsHeroic: Played straight for the Super Moshis who wear blue utility belts and inverted for Big Chief Tiny Head who's a blue villain.* BubblegumPopping: Invoked and exploited. Sweet Tooth is chewing gum and Splutnik pops the bubble in their face, causing them to crash.* CartoonCreature: Strangeglove, Sweet Tooth, Simon Growl, and Big Chief Tiny Head's species are unknown.* CharacterTics:** Strangeglove plays with his mustache a lot.** Squirk dances on the spot a lot.* DistressedDude: Captain Squirk and First Officer Ooze were briefly locked in a cage and threatened.* DoomyDoomsOfDoom: The weapon is called the "doom ray".* EvilLaugh: The C.L.O.N.C. leader can be heard doing an evil laugh.* ExposedExtraterrestrials: Zigzagged. First Officer Ooze and Dr C Fingz go naked, but Captain Squirk wears accessories and Splutnik wears clothes.* ExtraEyes: Squiff the three-eyed Glump is briefly seen.* FatBastard: Big Chief Tiny Head is fat and villainous, however, he's not portrayed as villainous ''because'' he's fat.* ForcedSleep: The sleeping potion makes the drinker fall asleep within seconds.* FormallyNamedPet: The Zoshlings all have formal titles (captain, doctor etc) with the exception of Splutnik.* FourFingeredHands: Big Chief Tiny Head has four fingers on each hand.* FullyDressedCartoonAnimal: Strangeglove wears his suit, gloves, boots and hat, Splutnik wears his jumpsuit and Sweet Tooth temporarily wore a biker suit.* FunWithAcronyms: This mission features C.L.O.N.C. (the Criminal League Of Naughty Critters) and E.P.I.C.S. (rewards for Extraordinary Performance In Catastrophic Situations).* HumanoidAliens: Captain Squirk, Splutnik, and to a lesser extent, Dr C Fingz have the basic humanoid shape, but not First Officer Ooze, although he is sapient.* MeaningfulName:** First Officer ''Ooze'' who produces gloop.** Sweet Tooth, who works with candy.** Big Chief Tiny Head, who is a large chief with a tiny head.* MisterStrangenoun: Sweet Tooth, First Officer Ooze and Big Chief Tiny Head have words in their names.* NoodleIncident: We never find out what happened the last time the Zoshlings cosmic-harmonized that was so dangerous.* RedIsHeroic: Your Super Moshi's cape and mask are red.* ShoutOut: Captain Squirk's bio reads that his objective is to "explore monstery new worlds, seek out quirky melodies and boldly go where no Zoshling has gone before". This is a reference to the intros of certain ''Franchise/StarTrek'' series, who talk about exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations and boldly going where no-one has gone before.* SpaceEpisode: This mission takes place primarily in space.* SpaceStation: The control room is on a space station.* SuperheroesWearCapes: Your Super Moshi wears a cape.* ThirdPersonPerson: Big Chief Tiny Head says, "Big Chief" instead of "I".* WhiteGloves: Strangeglove has only one white glove.* YouNoTakeCandle: Big Chief Tiny Head doesn't say "is".------


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