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1A prisoner of war passing through the camp proves to be a skilled surgeon, and Hawkeye and B.J. scheme to keep him around. Unfortunately, Frank and Margaret seem to recognize him...!!Attention all personnel! Dr. Cho has arrived unannounced with the following tropes!* AliensInCardiff: Dr. Paik/Dr. Cho is the second of two Communist surgeons to appear in the series, after Dr. Lin Tan in "[[Recap/MashS3E2RainbowBridge Rainbow Bridge]]". Both studied in Illinois, Paik at the University of Chicago and Tan at the University of Illinois.* EveryManHasHisPrice: Radar helps Hawkeye and B.J. fake a profile and dog tags for "Dr. Cho" in exchange for assisting with the nurses' annual physicals. Sparky helps out on the I-Corps end in exchange for the doctor's Chinese Army-issue watch, "straight from the wrist of an enemy officer".* {{Hypocrite}}: Frank regarding Donald:-->'''Frank:'''He could be married, you know, and didn't tell you.-->'''Margaret:''' Remember how our relationship started?-->'''Frank:''' Right.* FailedASpotCheck: Dr. Paik was uncovered because he could tell the "medics" asking for supplies were actually North Korean. Only one way he'd know that...* JerkassHasAPoint: Frank and (especially) Margaret ultimately foil Hawkeye and B.J.'s plan, leading to his re-arrest.-->'''Potter:''' It was Houlihan and Burns who put the bee on him. If they can figure it out, anybody can.* NotWhatItLooksLike: Dr. Paik tries to help a choking patient when no nurse is around to help; they walk in as he has his hands on the man's throat.* MajoredInWesternHypocrisy: Dr. Paik attended the University of Chicago for his medical training.* PaperThinDisguise: All they visibly to turn Dr. Paik into Dr. Cho is give him a shave and a new uniform.* StereotypeReactionGag: Dr. Paik, despite being Chinese, was trained in Illinois, leading to this:-->'''Hawkeye:''' Maybe afterwards, you'll come to the States sometime and we'll all get together and have a few beers.-->'''Paik:''' Or perhaps you'll take an exotic cruise to my country and we'll share some rice wine.-->'''Radar:''' I bet you know some terrific places for Chinese food.-->'''Paik:''' One or two...but they're in Chicago.


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