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Context Recap / IZombieS5E7FillettedToDeath

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1Investigating a chef's murder, Liv runs into her mother for the first time in years.˛˛!!Tropes˛˛* AngryChef: Liv becomes this on the victim's brains.˛* TheBusCameBack: Liv's mother shows up for the first time in years. ˛* CartwrightCurse: Justin, Liv's other ex-boyfriend, gets killed after betraying the Commander. ˛* DeceptiveLegacy: Liv and her brother have long assumed their father was a doctor who was her mother's good friend at the hospital. When confronted, Eva finally reveals Liv's real dad was a junkie who she last saw homeless on the streets.˛* EatTheEvidence: The murder weapons was a frozen pork tenderloin that was left to defrost overnight. It was served to customers the next day. One of the customers sent their order back because someone found a hair in their meal, a rarity at the restaurant.˛* {{Irony}}: Clyde changed assignments so that pregnant Michelle, temporarily assigned to homicide, would simply take a statement from a witness instead of investigate a stabbing case. She got seriously injured when a puck hit her.˛* KilledMidSentence: Major shoots Justin while Justin is monologuing about how Major doesn't have the nerve to do what's necessary.˛* MundaneUtility: The restaurant's owner tries to convince Liv to recover the recipe for the chef's remoulade, which the chef never wrote down before she was murdered.˛* ParentalIssues: It turns out Liv has been trying to reach out to her mother ever since the truth of zombies came out but her mom is still upset Liv never told them first before refusing to save her brother's life.˛* PunnyName: The restaurant owner's name is Sal Monela (salmonella). The head waiter is ''Herb''ert.˛* ShootTheHostageTaker: Justin grabs a hostage and tries to escape. Major shoots him in the head.˛* WhamShot: Combined with WhamLine. The man we've been seeing as the ringleader of the Zombie extremist group undermining Fillmore Graves opens his door to find Liv there saying "I'm your daughter." ˛* WoundedGazelleGambit: To test Peters' claims of Justin being the traitor, Major has a seemingly burned and wounded Peter wheeled in as a captive. When Justin tries to kill the man on his bed, that's all the proof Major needs.


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