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Context Recap / BlackLightning2018S4E3DespiteAllMyRage

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1Jefferson is feeling even more lost after a frustrating therapy session. Meanwhile, Anissa continues to care for a still comatose Grace. Lastly, Lynn has a breakthrough.----* BaitTheDog: Just when Jefferson thinks he can finally patch things up with Lynn, he sees her at a table with Tobias Whale, who sent the invitation to both of them.* BeYourself: The therapist gives Lynn this advice.* TheBusCameBack: TC makes his first appearance this season, helping Jennifer set up a social media presence to reclaim her own narrative from Rebecca Larsen.* ContinuityNod: During his talk with Mayor Billy Black, Tobias mentions Metropolis.* DealWithTheDevil: Tobias Whale offers Lynn to fund her genetics research if she works on a cure for ALS for him.* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The smear campaign by Rebecca Larsen against Lightning is obviously inspired by the real life slander against the BLM protests. At one point in the episode, there is even a close-up on a paper for a George Floyd memorial.* DreamIntro: The episode opens with a (recurring) dream Jefferson has about Tobias invading his home and [[CurbStompBattle effortlessly beating him senseless]] while taunting him.* FightClubbing: Lala is running an underground cage fight ring that is livestreamed through the internet. Jefferson finds out that his colleague Marcel Payton is also participating.* HistoryRepeats: Lynn realizes during her therapy session, that throughout her life, she has always tried to fit in where she didn't belong.* {{Hypocrite}}: Jefferson once more points out Lynn's hypocrisy when he sees her experimenting with Jennifer's powers.* MagicalSecurityCam: Turns out, some random kid was recording the shootout between The 100 and the Kobra Cartel that Lightning broke up last episode. Said footage is eventually aired on Rebecca Larsen's show. Of course, all the footage is simply [[StockFootage recycled footage]] from last episode, complete with several different angles and cuts. Most egregiously, the footage ends with Lightning shooting right towards the camera, yet apparently not noticing the guy with the cell phone 20 feet in front of her.* MusclesAreMeaningful: The cage fighter Marcel fights in his second fight is much bigger than him and he eventually brutally loses against him. Jefferson also has to lay a ''lot'' of effort into defeating him.* MyOwnPrivateIDo: Anissa has Darius getting ordained on a quick note, so he can oversee herself and Grace getting married, shortly after the latter wakes up from her coma.* MythologyGag: Lynn mentions that her brother joined the army shortly after college. Her surname is Stewart, confirming that, much like in ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'', her brother is [[Franchise/GreenLantern John Stewart]] (though since Diggle from ''Series/{{Arrow}}'' is meant to be John, it's unclear if she's referring to him, or if this is a case of ExpyCoexistence).* NervesOfSteel: Despite knowing who Tobias Whale is, Mayor Billy Black is not so easily threatened, outright refusing to take the funding away from Garfield High School.* NothingPersonal: Lala's underling tries to talk himself out of responsibility for having killed Marcel's son this way, saying it wasn't deliberate, but just collateral damage. Lala then promptly turns it back on him, telling him it's nothing personal while beating him to death.* OhCrap: Both Gambi as well as TC have this reaction when they see the new [=DEGs=] produced by Lauren easily ripping a hole through the old Black Lightning suit, and on its lowest setting no less.* PragmaticVillainy: Lala kills his underling that is responsible for shooting Marcel's son, not out of moral reasons, but because he brought them the attention of Thunder and Lightning.* ShesBack: Grace finally awakens from her coma.* StrawmanNewsMedia: "Larsen Line", moderated by BlondeRepublicanSexKitten Rebecca Larsen who slanders Lightning, on the obvious Fox News-parody network GBS.* VisionaryVillain: Tobias Whale plans to build a clinic dedicated to curing ALS.


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