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Context Recap / BlackLightning2018S1E9TheBookOfLittleBlackLies

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1Anissa reveals the truth about herself and Jefferson to Jennifer, who is angry at her parents for lying to her. She eventually forgives them, but claims that she doesn't want to be a superhero, just a normal person. Henderson appears to come around and now believes Black Lightning to be innocent, taking a vacation to spy on suspected corrupt cops. Gambi tracks down whoever bought electrical weapons to frame Black Lightning for Lady Eve's murder. He also gives Anissa her new Thunder suit. While reading Alvin's notes, Jefferson and Anissa locate a warehouse, where Green Light is being manufactured under the purview of Martin Proctor. The father-and-daughter team storms the lab, allowing Henderson to make several arrests, before blowing the place to smithereens, although Agent Proctor manages to escape. Two ASA soldiers try to take out Black Lightning using special weapons, but Thunder helps him deal with them.˛˛----˛!! Tropes˛˛* AbnormalAmmo: Henderson stakes out an arms deal where the participants were talking about weapons that can kill Black Lightning. Later on during the assault on the lab, a pair of ASA goons make use of those weapons - special ammo that can go through Black Lightning's electricity shield and disrupt it. They then go back to normal bullets and plan on shooting Black Lightning in the head to bypass his armor.˛* CostumeEvolution: Gambi designs Anissa a [[ new suit]], similar in style to Jefferson's but yellow and without lightning bolts. When suited up, she also braids her hair, so it doesn't get in the way. Just like Jefferson's, Anissa's suit is bulletproof.˛* DidNotThinkThisThrough: Anissa gets hit with this again. She doesn't consider someone's reaction to gaining superpowers could be anything but exhilaration, so she frightens Jennifer by dropping the bomb that their father is Black Lightning.˛* HartmanHips: Jennifer was watching an online video where the commentator kept going on about Thunder's butt. Turns out Thunder has gone memetic because of her booty.˛* HostageSituation: Proctor threatens to shoot one of the scientists manufacturing Green Light, if Black Lightning doesn't let him go. Jefferson just chuckles and tells him to go ahead and do him a favor, pointing out that the scientist's product is killing people.˛* IJustWantToBeNormal: Unlike her sister, Jennifer doesn't want to save the world. She just wants to go to school, then college, get married, have kids. And now she doesn't know if she's even able to have children thanks to her powers.˛* InASingleBound: Gambi has a FlashBack of tracking down a teenager with the ability to jump high.˛* NotSoDifferent: Anissa points out to Jefferson that him being angry at Gambi for keeping secrets is the same as Jennifer being angry at Jefferson and Lynn for keeping secrets. Jefferson disagrees.˛* PeopleJars: Gambi finds an ASA facility, where all the metahumans he found for the agency are being kept in pods full of liquid. He assumes they're dead.˛* SharedUniverse: Arrowverse heroine, Vixen exists in Black Lightning's world. With Jennifer finding out the rest of her family are superheroes, she asked her mom if she was actually Vixen. Lynn then says she's not ComicBook/{{Vixen}} nor is she ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}, she's just mom. The allusion/mention continues to be more about playing with vague information and toying with fans wondering what heroes exist in the Black Lightning world. After all, comic books and their heroes are also established as existing as fiction in this universe. ˛* SuddenlyAlwaysKnewThat: During the stakeout of Proctor, Anissa could tell what Proctor was saying. Turns out that she can read lips and she had learnt the skill a long time ago during one of her volunteer activities.˛* VillainExitStageLeft: Martin Proctor manages to use a distraction to get away from Black Lightning, Thunder, and Henderson.˛˛----


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