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1->'''Tevoran''': Aizu! This role falls on your shoulders--remove Zofia's head from hers if she entertains any mischief! Prove your worth, and my wisdom in hiring you!\'''Aizu''': [[TemptingFate What could possibly go wrong?]]\'''Ivan''': You took the words out of my mouth.\'''Tevoran''': And I'll gladly cram them back there if they keep emerging unbidden!->'''Tevoran''': 'Tis good you recognize our superiority. Soon the name of Tevoran and Company will be know to all!\'''Ivan''': Yeah, when our heads are on the Voronese chopping block.\'''Tevoran''': All in good time! That said, I must resume my favorite pastime. My lungs grow uncomfortably less caliginous with each passing moment.->'''Tevoran''': Regret? 'Tis only fools and cretins who waste their time with such nonsense!->'''Ysabel''': It's really too bad, but it looks like we're just gonna have to kill them all.->'''Aizu''': Reason is overrated.->'''Tevoran''': My plan, you see, is to valiantly rescue Prince Martin from his prison and sweep him to safety, where he might know the sweet embrace of freedom!\'''Ysabel''': You realize it sounds like you're trying to bang him when you say it like that?->'''Tevoran''': I assure you, I am 50% confident of success! In the event of failure, we'll retreat to the hills and dabble in guerrilla warfare for the forseeable future.-> '''Vera''': Aizu isn't just a blue fairy, she's an awesome blood drenched angel of vengeance!


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