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1->People with success should never have regrets and I would certainly say that what I have right now is a success, it's a job I love doing, it's paying the bills more, more than required and I fucking adore it but any quote on quote mistake I made up until now got me to where I am right now, so I don't regret it, [[IRegretNothing I value the mistakes I've made, I value not putting effort into my videos for so long because that's what actually motivated me to actually fucking do it, because I did three videos a day back then and they were all terrible.]] I realized I had like a thousand videos and they all sucked, so I started putting effort into them, that's right, that's why I'm here. Making terrible content for two years is why I make ama..well, that's a bit too much, making good content now. You know, I'd never have 50,000 subscribers, holy shit by the way, if I didn't make the mistakes I did, if I didn't make the good decisions that I did. Every single step, right or wrong, limping or not was a good one, it was the right one because I'm sat here right now able to say that my passion is my job and my job is the bills and oh so very much more. -->-- ''[[ Tear of Grace: An Uplifting Update - TAKING A MORE MEANINGFUL STEP IN LIFE]]''->It's OK to do things differently, it's OK to be a little weird, but this isn't weird, it's just bad and the only way it's funny is because this was a professionally made and released thing by ''you!''. [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs Any person above the age of minus five is going to look at that, laugh, and wonder what the hell you ingested before you fucking produced that garbage.]] If you want to market a game like Splatoon you don't get some whatever the hell that was as the music. All you need to do is get some cheery guy to explain the game and make it sound appealing to ''people'', not children who think that think that a wacky wavy inflatable arm tube man is the hottest shit since Barney the Dinosaur.-->-- ''[[ Splatoon Commercial - NintenDON'T ADVERTISE LIKE THIS]]''->With a site the size of this, hell let's narrow it down, with Maker and its network Polaris, with the size that that is, it's exclusively only accepting people of a sizeable impact (...) A network such as this could benefit heavily from simply promoting the people already in their network, at the end of every video of one channel, they promote other channels, maybe on a random roulette one at a time or employing the thing that I do of implementing a whole bunch at once and telling you why you should watch them because you like them, simply put, content creators supporting the content creators that they enjoy watching because they enjoy watching them and they'd like to think their audience would enjoy the same thing, simply by doing that you'd see all the content creators in Polaris have their growth rathe likely double, and that's assuming only one channel would promote another at the same time and not have multiple promote them all at once. (...) So again if Polaris were to start promoting each other over and over again, their growth would be exponentially bigger, exponentially better, it would benefit everyone, the site would make more money, the network would make more money, the content creators would make more money and the consumer benefits as they have more content to watch from more content creators and there's also the possibility of the part time content creator being able to go full time thanks to the support and the exponential growth at a greater rate, they're able to become full time and support themselves solely on this, and then they are able to make more content for the people they already watch them, there isn't a single individual in that chain that loses, not one.-->-- ''[[ Youtube: THE SELF SUSTAINING SYSTEM]]''->They put a copyright claim on the most popular video because it involved one of their creators. Sounds justifiable, sounds reasonable, and in some world, in some way it would be, [[ByNoIMeanYes but unfortunately we do live in a world where fair use exists, and when I say unfortunately, I mean thank fuck for that fortunately]], because if we didn't we'd be in a hell of a mess, wouldn't we, where content creators are silenced and can't critique people without the ever present danger and risk of their channel being taken away from them because of a flawed copyright system on Website/YouTube. [[ByNoIMeanYes Am I trying to say that's not the situation? Oh, that's exactly the fucking problem we're in despite the fact that fair use exists.]]-->-- ''[[ Youtube Copyright Strikes - THE POWERLESS CREATORS]]''->There's no competition on Website/YouTube when it comes to "you can't mention other channels, you can't promote them" because promoting the channels doesn't negatively affect you. Someone having a bigger number than me doesn't make their content better, all the respect due because it makes good stuff that people enjoy. (...) The main reason that I'm trying to improve this show, channel, whatever, in any way that I can is because it's for me, it's to satiate my own desire of being good at what I do and being better at what I do on a regular basis because I had the realization that it took me four fucking years to even attempt to improve. (...) [[QuantityVsQuality The quality matters more than quantity]], even though the Website/YouTube algorithm begs to differ.-->-- ''[[ Tear of Grace: HOW I ACCIDENTALLY FELL INTO YOUTUBE]]''


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