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1-->''"Well. As I have seen, you're carrying a bow and a quiver of arrows, two blades, two daggers and those strange crossbow-looking weapons I haven't figured what to make of. And I don't talk about the two metallic tubes that generate energy blades."''˛-->--'''Professor Oak''' listing the [[WalkingArmory weapons]] Silver was carrying when he knocked at the lab's door.˛˛-->''"That's right, you scare me. In fact, [[ShrinkingViolet a lot of things scare me]]. Ever since that day where that Persian snatched me from my home in Viridian Forest, I've been scared of almost anything. But not anymore. Ash is … someone very kind. [[IncorruptiblePurePureness His heart is made of pure gold and radiates brighter than the sun in Summer!]] And you are about to extinguish this light. So yes, [[ImNotAfraidOfYou I am scared of you … not]]. A common trait of us, Ash's Pokémon, is that we are able to become incredibly powerful if he is threatened. And you just threatened him with a fate worse than death. So, for once, I'm going to forget my fear. I am going to forget that you are a Ghost type with Levitate, which means my Ground attacks are useless and that you are gigantic and powerful, to the point you beat us all in a few attacks. I am going to forget that you are the most powerful being of the Power Plant. But I am not going to forget that you are literally [[MindRape raping Master's mind]] all the while draining him from his strength. This I won't forget. [[ThisIsUnforgivable And I won't forgive]]. [[PreAsskickingOneLiner Black Fog, I am bringing you down]]."''˛-->-- '''Sandshrew''', before evolving and trashing the giant Haunter that attacked Ash and the team˛˛-->''"Stop fighting! Violence only brings pain! Do you really want to die, wounded and exhausted? Tell me, what are you fighting for? Because Mewtwo ordered it? Mewtwo is blind from the pain and delusion he was a victim of. Even if he created you, his fight isn't yours. You weren't the fooled ones. You weren't the ones who got hurt. Not all humanity is bad. There is good and evil in everyone. In you, in me, in them. And yet, are we fighting one another? Are you fighting because you want to be your own self? The conditions of one's birth do not determine who he really is. His being depends of his choices and actions. My father is a criminal and I myself am illegitimate. And yet, am I a criminal? Am I a bastard? No. And neither are you. You were cloned from other Pokémon, but that doesn't mean you are those Pokémon. Why? Because Mewtwo copied the DNA only. He didn't duplicate the Pokémon's heart and mind. These things are yours alone. In that regard, you are different. In that regard, you are yourself. And no one else. Are you fighting for a place in the world? The world is large. There are plenty of areas where humans do not live and plenty where they do. There is place for everybody to live, grow and develop into what he was meant to be. Don't fight to take someone else's place. Violence only brings pain and no one wants to live in pain. Take instead what is rightfully yours. Everyone has a place where he belongs. I have found mine. My friends have found theirs at my side. What stops you from seizing your chance and find the place your heart is longing for? What stops you from being happy? Not me. And not anyone here but your own blindness. Open your eyes to the world around. Open your heart to the others. You do not have to fight. You never had to."''˛-->--'''Ash''', delivering a WhoopiEpiphanySpeech to the cloned Pokémon˛˛-->"Mewtwo, you took my son's life. '''''NOW, GIVE ME YOURS!'''''"˛-->--'''Silver's''' PreAssKickingOneLiner to Mewtwo. Never mess with a PapaWolf ...˛˛-->'''Axew''': The stab?˛-->'''Pikachu''': STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. That's an expression the humans use when your move is more powerful because it's the same type as you. Since you are a Dragon, any move of the Dragon type will benefit from the bonus due to you also being a Dragon. It won't be the case with Night Slash or Cut, though.˛-->'''Axew''': It sounds like 'to stab'.˛-->'''Onix''': Well, getting a power boost can make a move pretty painful, especially a high-level one. The same way, being stabbed by something pointy and sharp is both painful and dangerous. It's harder to heal a knife wound than a cut. [[FunWithAcronyms I guess the humans must've had fun coming with the name …]]˛-->-- '''Axew''', '''Pikachu''' and '''Onix''' [[LampshadeHanging hanging a lampshade]] on some battle mechanics ...


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