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1->''"The tears are welling in my eyes again. I need\˛Twenty big buckets to catch them in\˛Twenty pretty girls to carry them down\˛Twenty deep holes to bury them in.''"˛-->--'''Music/NickCave and the Bad Seeds,''' '''''Hallelujah.'''''˛˛->''"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HE KEEPS WINNING! WAAAAAAH!"''˛-->-- '''[[TheDitz A ditz]] who got killed in a game, ''' ''[[ Sticky]]: [[ Rage Quit]]''˛˛->''"Oh, dear. I do wish I hadn't cried so much."''˛-->--'''Alice''', floating in a bottle on a pool of her own tears, ''Disney/AliceInWonderland''˛˛----


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