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1->''"We're a gang of wackos who share no interests or personality traits aside from a selfish urge to stay alive and a lack of caring for other sentient life. Even though we all start off as enemies who are perfectly willing to murder the rest of the group, we readily and eagerly accept another unstable psychopath onto our team every time we defeat them in combat, whether if it's because they are willing and we see potential use in them or because it's such a tradition that they are brought along completely against their will and to this day want to inflict as much bodily harm as physically possible upon the rest of us. As you can likely see, we have amassed a large ensemble cast full of variety in the ways that they can kill you."''
2-->--Gohma, explaining who the group is to Majora.
4->''"I AM BARINADE!"''
5-->--Who else?
7->'''Gyorg''': ''"WAIT! Get me away from these clowns! I don't want to be here! They're a bunch of fucking dolts who probably think two plus two is two! Save meeee!" *Skull Kid teleports him roughly one meter away*''\
8'''Skull Kid''': ''"[[{{ExactWords}} There. You're further away from them.]]"''\
10'''Skull Kid''': ''"That's nice. I'm going to crush you all with the moon now."''\
11'''Gyorg''': ''"That's not nice."''\
12'''Skull Kid''': ''"I know."''
13-->--The argument between [[{{SirSwearsalot}} Gyorg]] and [[{{BigBad}} Skull Kid]] near the end of Majora's Mask.
15->'''Gohma''': ''"Yeah, saying things out loud tends to show you how ridiculous they are. For instance, our group of idiots and monsters are going to take down the lord of all evil and his armies of undead and powerful minions all by ourselves with the help of several seemingly amnesiac sages and a ninja. To do so we must gather several medallions that serve no purpose other than to fill up the quest log to show what we've done so far and ransack ancient temples for new gear. We recruit the minions that we have defeated, proving that their power is inferior to our own, and yet bring them along anyway. When I say all that out loud, I know that we're a group of weirdoes."''\
16'''Poe Dealer''': ''"Weirdoes indeed."''\
17Link's head was stuck inside the bottle and he was running out of oxygen.\
18'''Poe Dealer:''' ''"The weirdest weirdoes I've ever seen."''
19-->--The Poe Dealer and Gohma dropping the title and pretty much summing up the entire story.
21->'''''[[LargeHam MY]] [[AGodAmI MIGHT]] [[LetsGetDangerous IS]] [[LaughingMad THE]] [[PreAssKickingOneLiner PLAN!]]'''''