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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:From Left to Right: Aaron 'Bley' Bleyaert and RJ Thieneman]]²->''"Both RJ and I are terrible at talking to girls."''²-->-- '''Bley''', ''RJ & Bley Suck At Girls'', "The Gamezone"²²Two guys who work for Series/{{Conan}} started a podcast to talk about how much they suck at girls (and hopefully get better at it). Started in September 27, 2012 with it lasts epsisode November 17, 2014 with a Spring Special May 22, 2015. It lives on as an infrequent livechat on ''Website/{{YouTube}}''.²²----²!!Tropes associated with ''RJ & Bley Suck At Girls'' include:²²* {{Adorkable}}: RJ and Bley²* AllGirlsWantBadboys: The conclusion they come to with on one of their podcasts.²* AmazonChaser: What Bley decides he's going to be²* BestialityIsDepraved: Played straight with RJ not so much with Bley²* CelebCrush: Discussed with Lisa Loeb²* IdiotBall: Many many times.²* GirlOfTheWeek: A non-romantic variant. For the most part they have girls as guests.²* GiveGeeksAChance²* MilestoneCelebration: On their 50th episode they recount their 50 most embarrassing stories.²* MomentKiller: Bley when he girlfriend had 'violently climaxed' on him.²-->'''Bley:''' Oh My God! Is that real?²* NiceGuysFinishLast: All the time.²* OfficeRomance: Bley with an un-named co-worker²** Which subsequently got him to workout out and lose weight.²*** He even made a [[ short]] about it.²* PairTheSmartOnes: What everyone wants to do with Bley.²* PairTheSpares: What some think should happen with RJ and Bley²* ParentsWalkInAtTheWorstTime: Inverted in that RJ [[spoiler:walked in on his grandparents]] during a family trip with his girlfriend.²* PuppyLove: With ''every'' girl they see.²* RelationshipReveal: [[spoiler: RJ reveals he's in a sort of relationship at the end of a podcast to Bley's surprise]]²* SecretRelationship: The subject of one of their podcasts²** Bley was also involved in a secret romance involving above mentioned co-worker²* SkinnyDipping: Averted Bley recounts a story where two women in it him to a naked pool party²** He also didn't participate in it when he worked at a summer camp²* AThreesomeIsHot: Averted Consider it they same as a bear attack Horrible during, great story afterwords.²* Almost all of their stories involve an UnrequitedLove²* WeaknessTurnsHerOn: When RJ reveals that the ending of Film/{{Cast Away}} makes him cry every time.²-->'''Emily:''' That's panty peeler. You know you're doing that to get laided right?²* WrongNameOutburst: RJ called a girl by the wrong name after kissing her.


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