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1'''Basic Trope''': Situations where it is uncertain consent is given, or where consent is given on shaky grounds.˛* '''Straight''':˛** AliceAndBob meet InDaClub, and after he buys her a few drinks, Alice agrees to go home with Bob. Alice is too drunk to think coherently, but she has sex with Bob anyway. [[WhatDidIDoLastNight The next morning, Alice doesn't remember anything.]]˛** 14-year-old Alice agrees to sleep with her 24-year-old "boyfriend" Bob, even though she is underage.˛** Bob is the casting director for ''PrimetimeSoap'', and Alice is auditioning for the lead female role. Bob is taken with Alice and [[CastingCouch tells her she must sleep with him if she wants the part]]. Alice ''really'' wants this role, so she agrees to have sex with Bob, even though she normally wouldn't look at him twice.˛* '''Exaggerated''': ˛** NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization.˛** Due to the many secrets most of the cast hold, it's clear that many of them would not have given consent to their partner if they knew the truth. ˛* '''Downplayed''': Alice and Bob are in some kind of UnequalPairing, though it's obvious that they actually do care for one another.˛* '''Justified''':˛** Alcohol and other drugs (including {{Love Potion}}s) impair judgment and inhibitions. Alice might normally have said no to Bob's advances, but she was too impaired to really think straight.˛** Alice wants something from Bob, or wants to please him so he'll stay with her or be with her.˛** Alice is underage; she really lacks the emotional maturity and rational thinking ability for something as serious as sex. ˛** Alice ''thinks'' she's with Bob, but she is actually with Charles [[BedTrick who disguised himself as Bob in order to have sex with Alice]].˛** Alice is mentally disabled or ill; she lacks the necessary awareness to give (or not give) consent.˛** RapeByProxy˛* '''Inverted''': In a region with OrangeAndBlueMorality, Alice and Bob must exactly state [[DoYouWantToCopulate "I would like to have sex with you"]] for it to be considered consent.˛* '''Subverted''': Alice agrees to have sex with Bob, and everything seems ok. ˛* '''Double Subverted''':˛** But then for some reason Alice wants to stop, but Bob doesn't.˛** It turns out Alice just [[BeAWhoreToGetYourMan wanted Bob to like her]], or worries that Bob will cheat or leave if she doesn't "put out," and is just going along to get along. ˛* '''Parodied''': Bob thinks he got a drunken Alice to questionably consent, but he was pretty drunk too. When he wakes up in the morning, "Alice" [[BedmateReveal turns out to be a store mannequin]].˛* '''Zig Zagged''': ???˛* '''Averted''': ˛** Alice and Bob have ''clearly'' consensual sex.˛** It's clear-cut rape, and portrayed as such.˛* '''Enforced''': RuleOfDrama˛* '''Lampshaded''': "Drunk ''yes'' isn't the same as sober ''yes''."˛* '''Invoked''':˛** Bob buys Alice a few cocktails at the bar, and flirts suggestively with her.˛** Although Alice is getting uncomfortable, Bob [[ImAManICantHelpIt honestly believes he can't just stop in the middle]].˛* '''Exploited''': ?? ˛* '''Defied''':˛** Bob can see that Alice is quite drunk, [[AboveTheInfluence and just gives her his number to use later when she's sober]]. ˛** TheJailbaitWait.˛** Bob stops when he sees that Alice is uncomfortable.˛** Bob talks casually to Alice, hoping that the age question would be answered there, or outright asks how old she is. ˛* '''Discussed''': ???˛* '''Conversed''': ???˛----˛It's not like this link back to QuestionableConsent can ''tell'' you it wants to be clicked, you know...˛----˛%% Optional items, added after Conversed, at your discretion:˛%%˛%%* '''Implied''': ???˛%%* '''Deconstructed''': ???˛%%* '''Reconstructed''': ???˛%%* '''Plotted A Good Waste''': ???˛%%* '''Played For Laughs''': ???˛%%* '''Played For Drama''': ???


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