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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:DoNotAdjustYourSet -- the [[WebVideo/ClassicGameRoom disco pinball dimension]] is ''meant'' to look like this.]]²²->''Teleport Yourself to a New Dimension In Pinball!''²²''TX-Sector'' is a 1988 [[PhysicalPinballTables arcade pinball machine]] from Creator/{{Gottlieb}}, designed by Creator/JohnTrudeau with art by Constantino and Jeanine Mitchell. It features a vague ScienceFiction ExcusePlot about TeleportersAndTransporters; hit the various drop targets to build up the Energy Level, then shoot for one of the Transphazers and be teleported across the playield. For even more points, max out the Energy Levels, trigger a TeleporterAccident and [[AlternateSelf replicate yourself,]] then enter the Infinity Zone to quickly build up your score.²²Among pinheads, ''TX-Sector'' is an uncomplicated game infamous for two things: its eye-watering lavender and hot pink backglass, and its [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic Awesome Eighties]] {{Chiptune}} soundtrack. Fortunately, the game itself doesn't disappoint -- it's neither [[ItsEasySoItSucks insultingly easy]] nor [[NintendoHard annoyingly difficult,]] but has enough of a challenge to give players a decent amount of playtime.²²A digital version of ''TX-Sector'' is available for [=FarSight=] Studios' ''VideoGame/ThePinballArcade''.²²----²!!''TX-Sector'' demonstrates the following tropes:²²* AlternateSelf[=/=]TeleporterAccident: Multiball begins by inducing a TeleporterAccident to duplicate your pinball.²* CoolGate[=/=]PortalDoor: The Transphazers.²* ExcusePlot: And calling it a "plot" is rather generous.²* FlashbackBackBack: "TX - TX - TX - [-TX - TX - TX...-]"²* MachineMonotone: The voice clips.²-->"Teleport sequence activated."²* ScoreMultiplier: Hitting the drop target starts a Hurry-Up of sorts where a the value of a Teleport shot will be multiplied if one is made. The multiplier starts at 9x but it will gradually decrease back down to 1x and bring up the drop target again.²* SpaceClothes: The teleportation subject is a man wearing a blue jumpsuit with red and white shoulder pads.²* TechnoBabble: The playfield is festooned with nonsense babble for the various targets, such as "Transphazers," an "Inter-Link Gate," "Nega Ports," and the "Infinity Zone".²* TeleportersAndTransporters: The theme of the game.²* WarpWhistle: Technically, the Transphazers work like this, as they move the pinball from one fixed location to another.²* WordSaladTitle: Good luck trying to figure out what a "TX-Sector" ''is.''²----²->"Interlink disabled."


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