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4->"[''Q*Bert's Quest'' was] a battle of the flippers -- left vs. right."
5-->--Creator/JohnTrudeau, describing his vision for the game
7''Q*Bert's Quest'' is a PinballSpinoff of Creator/{{Gottlieb}}'s popular ''[[VideoGame/QBert Q*Bert]]'' video game. It was designed by Creator/JohnTrudeau and released in 1983.
9''Q*Bert's Quest'' is memorable for its unconventional playfield layout, dominated by a massive figure eight design and two pairs of cross-over flippers at the bottom. Just as in the arcade game, the player had to light up all of the surfaces on a pyramid of six cubes by hitting various rollovers and dropdown targets. As he does this, the enemies Coily, Ugg, and Wrong Way would advance towards the pyramid, resetting one of the cubes if they reach it. The player could hit the enemies' targets to make them retreat, and clearing six pyramids awarded a free game. Of course, Q*Bert would be jabbering away incomprehensibly during all of this.
11''Q*Bert's Quest'' was available both as a standalone game and as a conversion kit for other Gottlieb pinballs. Unfortunately, Gottlieb's success with ''Q*Bert'' and pinballs did not translate into high sales, and fewer than 900 tables and kits were produced. Players tend to be divided about the game; its fans enjoy its fun layout and engaging gameplay, but admit it's a little too quirky to sustain die-hard pinheads.
14!!''Q*Bert's Quest'' demonstrates the following tropes:
16* AppealToNovelty
17* FishEyes: Q*Bert has these in the lower-left corner of the playfield.
18* FlawlessVictory: Hitting all three enemies before they can advance earns an Extra Ball.
19* InterfaceScrew: The lower set of flippers, which were controlled by the opposite set of buttons.
20* SkillShot: Plunge the ball into the top right rollover to light the current pyramid automatically.
21* SpeakingSimlish
22* SymbolSwearing: Q*Bert is seen doing this on the playfield.
23* TapOnTheHead: The backglass shows Ugg getting hit on the head from a pinball.