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1In the Pantheon/TropePantheons, the following have passed judgment:께[[AC:WebAnimation/AnimatorVsAnimation]]께* '''[[WebAnimation/AnimatorVsAnimation The Chosen One and The Second Coming]], the Duo Gods of ExploitingTheFourthWall''' (The Second Coming: David) as Greater Gods under Pantheon/{{Metafiction}} (House of Pantheon/{{Narrative}}).께[[AC:WebAnimation/MadnessCombat]]께* '''[[WebAnimation/MadnessCombat Hank J. Wimbleton]], God of [[{{Gorn}} Thrilling Violence]]''' (The Protagonist, "Our Hero", Mag!Hank) as a Lesser God under Pantheon/BloodAndGore (House of Pantheon/{{Slaughter}}).께[[AC:WebAnimation/SuperMarioBrosZ]]께* '''[[WebAnimation/SuperMarioBrosZ Metallix]], the KillerRobot God''' (Turbo Mecha Sonic) as a Greater God under Pantheon/AIPersonalities (House of Pantheon/{{Technology}}).께----


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