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1''For the'' BTS Universe'' page, [[NightmareFuel/{{BU}} go here]].''
3By the first two chapters alone, the comic has already proven to be more graphic than the original videos. Some parts could be upsetting to read for fans who have grown deeply attached to the BTS members themselves, given how well the art style has captured the members' facial features.
5* The prologue starts by showing right off the bat everyone's "bad endings", most of which also appear in the "I NEED U (Original ver.)" music video or are implied in "Euphoria": [[BleedEmAndWeep Taehyung looking in tears at his blood-stained hands]], Namjoon in jail, Hoseok lying unconscious after falling down the stairs, Jimin alone in a hospital, Jungkook standing dangerously close to the edge of a rooftop, and Yoongi [[DissonantSerenity calmly standing in the middle of a room on fire]].
6* The thought of seeing a friend one day and finding out weeks later that they died (on that same day you saw them, even) is a ''major'' AdultFear. Especially the idea that you might have been able to prevent it.
7* In the second time loop, something hits Jin's truck while he's driving. He looks up: Jungkook lies dead on the car hood, [[DiesWideOpen eyes unblinking]], face turned towards Jin. In the third rewind, Jin gets out of the car to take a walk through the same alley, and hears a "thunk": that was where Jungkook had killed himself in the first timeline by throwing himself off a rooftop, and just happened to fall right behind Jin.
8** The panel showing Jungkook's corpse from Jin' point of view. The background is a stark red, and Jungkook is staring right at you. With a close-up on his eyes right after.
9** While it initially might seem that Jin hit Jungkook with the car in the second rewind, a closer look reveals otherwise: Jungkook jumped from the rooftop and landed on the car's hood. Later, when Jin starts remembering all previous rewinds, he gets a flashback to Jungkook briefly turning to look at Jin as he fell. So yes, they were looking directly at each other as he died. No wonder he entered a panic attack right afterwards.
10* In Episode 4, Namjoon and Jin try desperately to stop Jungkook from falling. Jungkook hears Namjoon and seems to go back to his senses, but stumbles while Namjoon [[BigNo screams in distress]]... Fortunately, Jin grabs him, but still.
11* In Episode 6, Seokjin gathering Jungkook, Namjoon and Taehyung for help in finding Yoongi results in a car crash that kills everyone except for Jin himself. From the car colliding with a truck, we cut to Taehyung and Jungkook dead on their seats. The worst part, however, might be Seokjin (still alive, but with a bad hit to the head) slowly turning towards Namjoon, who (as can be seen by the way the car hit the truck) got the worst of the impact; we never see his face, [[GoryDiscretionShot but we see bloodstains around the front of his shirt]]...
12** From the same chapter, [[DissonantSerenity Yoongi's smile]] as fire starts to consume his room.
13* In Episode 8, we get Taehyung's dream, which is similar to Seokjin's in Episode 2 - except it's Taehyung watching Jimin being dragged down by a dark figure, which is Jimin himself.
14** Jimin's situation: being trapped in a hospital for 2 years with barely more company than doctors, nurses, other patients and your mental illness. And as we learn later in the chapter, he was forced to remain there by ''his parents''.
15** Jimin's NightmareSequence (or hallucination?), where we get our first glances at the Grass Flower Arboretum incident. We get vague images of bloodstains, a dark hallway, and Jimin as a child running away terrified from something - from which we jump to a terrified Jimin in the present, underwater, and a dark figure grabbing him by the ankle and dragging him towards the bottom while Jimin desperately struggles- and then Jimin wakes up, clearly scared.
16** Taehyung gets constant dreams of [[FlashSideways what we know are actual events from previous loops]], meaning he also has seen Yoongi die repeatedly, though he doesn't know it.
17* Episode 9: Jimin's reaction to the others being there is fear, asking Hoseok not to let them know he's in the hospital.
18** After Hoseok falls down the stairs, Seokjin sees him being carried by nurses, in tears from the pain. Want to make it worse? In the panel that first shows him being carried away, look at his legs.
19*** The way his head is positioned and the fact that he doesn't seem to make any noise despite the pain seems to imply that he also broke his ''neck''.
20** The way the loop rewinds this time is more disturbing than usual, making it look like Hoseok's feet and neck are breaking in pieces like glass, which then happens to Jin himself.
21** The fact that an entire ''month'' was reversed for (as always) something that was completely beyond Seokjin's control at the time.
22* Episodes 10 and 11 are this from Hoseok's perspective: your friend suddenly shows up just at the right moment to save you from a bad fall, and says he was "just passing through"... but then you catch notes listing names of your friends and locations, including your name and the place where he just found you. Your other friends agree that he's acting strange, and also found them at the right moment for no apparent reason. He then saves another friend from a fire, as though he knew it would happen.
23* By Episode 12, Seokjin has lost count of how many times he's had to rescue Yoongi from the fire, and has had to constantly think in terms of how much variables he can control.
24** The scene of Jimin being left in the hospital. His mother just throws him an indifferent remark that he might get out sooner if he "gets better", with the room going dark as she closes the door. Then Jimin sees dark splotches of water coming out of his feet, to which he freaks out and goes to the bathtub to clean them until his skin gets raw. We then jump to the NightmareSequence from before, now with the dark splotches being the ones dragging him underwater. Then it cuts to the present - Jimin staring at his feet, still with wounds from scratching, and still surrounded by the dark blotches.
25** Jimin's mother. She's an accurate depiction of emotional abuse, similar to ''WesternAnimation/{{Tangled}}'''s Mother Gothel minus her humor and her caring pretense. She's dismissive of his feelings and wellbeing, blames him for his situation and his condition, treats him like a burden to his parents, victimizes herself and, when confronted, slaps him and leaves. And she and her husband forced Jimin to stay alone with his illness in the hospital, with no company or visits of his friends, for 2 whole years, just because they didn't want to "handle" him anymore.
26** The last moments of the chapter. A month after Jimin's failed escape attempt, Seokjin visits him, only to see nurses desperately attempting to get Jimin to open the door to his bathroom. After they manage to get through, they find Jimin - unconscious, completely submerged underwater in an overflowing bathtub.
27* Episode 13: Jin finally helps Jimin to escape the hospital! Except that the escape route involves go near a sign for the arboretum, the mere view of it triggers Jimin's trauma and compels him to escape from Jin's car and jump into a nearby construction site to his death. While we have got some hints about what happened to him at the arboretum and that whatever happened to him there affected him to this day, to have such an ''intense'' reaction to the mere notion that he could be brought there again...
28* The final episode.
29** From Jin's perspective: realizing that he FailedASpotCheck and in the mess of loops he forgot about the misery of one of his precious friends
30** From Taehyung's perspective: accidentally stabbing one of your best friends when he tried to impede you from killing your abusive parent.