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1[[Roleplay/SayakaQuest Considering]] [[FanFic/AsukaQuest the]] person who created this web comic. It's pretty much a given in their work.------* Pilots like J are modified to be far more durable than the average person but this has the side effect of prolonging serious injuries, making their death slower and painful to the point that being obliterated by something like J's PileBunker is a mercy kill.* The world in general. It's far in the future and mankind has achieved space travel but very few planets are actually inhabitable due to things like the rarity of earthlike planets, conflicts ruining planets or being in a state of conflict and that's not going into things like inequality, interstellar wars, etc.* The fate of the convoy that J attacked in the beginning. The poor tank crew in general since we never saw what happened to them, [[NothingIsScarier just]] [[NothingIsScarier the]] [[NothingIsScarier implications]]. [[spoiler: One of them was only two weeks out of retirement.]]


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