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1[[quoteright:350:]][[caption-width-right:350:[[BreakingTheFourthWall WHAT!? How does he know that!?]]]]* Any time you get spotted, especially if you weren't expecting it. For the most part, Snake ''can't'' out-fight a group of enemies, so you have to find somewhere to hide until it's safe.* The complete mindrape that is Psycho Mantis. He's part fourth-wall-breaking fun ("You enjoy playing *name of game you have on your memory card*, don't you?") and part horror (watching as Meryl is helplessly forced to put a gun to her head).** The dreaded HIDEO screen, forcing gamers to shriek as they think their [=PlayStations=] blipped out, or if they knew what they were doing, frantically struggle to switch controllers before ''that thing'' un-screws the screen and starts pummeling you while you have ''nothing'' in ''either'' hemisphere of your "brain."** Just when this guy couldn't get any creepier, there's his [[ theme]], which encapsulates the man perfectly.** He's even worse in the updated Integral version, only released in Japan. How? '''[[ He can actually turn off your TV set!]]'''** In the ''Twin Snakes'' version of his psychokinetic demonstration, the [[SpookyPainting portraits]] behind him start to [[CreepyHighPitchedVoice laugh at you]].* Gray Fox's massacre of several soldiers.** It's actually worse in The Twin Snakes. Much, '''MUCH''' worse.** Same goes for whenever he goes through a mental breakdown; his erratic movements, that horrible screeching, the way he bangs his head against the floor...* The underground caves definitely belong here. The creepy music combined with the [[HellIsThatNoise distant howling of those dangerous wolf-dogs]] are really unnerving.* Poor [[spoiler: Meryl]] being shot down by Sniper Wolf several times with Snake being unable to do a thing about it without getting himself shot and possibly killed as well. [[AdultFear Bear in mind that this happens to someone who's still only a teenager and not a fully-grown adult yet]].* Vulcan Raven [[spoiler:getting eaten alive by a group of ravens, even if he did [[FaceDeathWithDignity face it with dignity]]]].* So, you get on a service elevator towards the middle of the game, and are riding down on it. But the ride is much slower than usual. Then, you get a codec call from Otacon. Someone has taken his [[InvisibilityCloak stealth suit]] prototypes, so he can't give them to Snake. Then they start talking about how the elevator is so slow, how that would only happen if the elevator were overloaded. But how can that be? You're the only thing on it. [[OhCrap Then it hits you.]] You aren't alone on the elevator. [[spoiler: Suddenly, you find yourself in a fight against four invisible Genome Soldiers in a very confined space.]] Now, [[ParanoiaFuel any long elevator ride gets a lot more nerve-wracking]].** The JumpScare delivered by a [[spoiler: panicked Otacon, with his face suddenly zoomed-in on his Codec portrait, who frantically screams at Snake that the Genome Soldiers wearing the stealth suit prototypes are in the elevator with him]]. What makes this notable is that [[spoiler: Otacon]] is the only character to have this notable feature.* Snake having to share a cell with the maggot-infested corpse of the [[spoiler:real]] DARPA Chief. Doubles as NauseaFuel.* [[BigBad Liquid Snake]] deserves special mention here. Imagine facing off against a foe that is a fellow sibling with many deadly positive genes within his blood ([[spoiler: the irony of Liquid finding himself believing that he was the inferior clone of Big Boss throughout the whole story]]) and a lot of super human like abilities to go with it. Liquid is a hard as nails bastard to take on... He's survived [[ImplacableMan explosions, bullets, crashes and even a bout from the very top of Metal Gear Rex that would have killed Snake from a great height during the final fight between the two brothers. And if that wasn't enough, Liquid even survived the crash of a jeep too]], much to the chagrin and surprise of even [[OhCrap Snake himself]]. The only time he finally succumbed was by the experimental virus called "FOXDIE". So again, Liquid is one bad [[PrecisionFStrike motherfucker]] who should be well feared for these reasons!** The fight on top of the Metal Gear Rex. The whole fight is a nerve racking bout. You have to defeat Liquid Snake within a short time. If you fail, you're welcome to [[LaughingMad Liquid's maniacal laughter]] and the infamous "Game Over" screen.** The very idea of FOXDIE, both for its carrier and its intended victims. Imagine just having a normal conversation with someone, only to suddenly watch him die of a heart attack right in front of you, all because you were right there. Or being on the receiving end; the picture of health one moment, suffering a painful death in the next. And then there's Naomi's revelation to Snake that FOXDIE may eventually kill him as well, but out of spite and a twisted sense of revenge for her brother [[spoiler:Gray Fox]], she programmed it to go off ''at a completely random point in the future'' that even she doesn't know when it will happen.* Metal Gear REX in general. It's a stealth mobile nuclear launch platform (its stealth missiles if not technically possible then at the very least plausible, even if only as a nuclear gun which is horrifying enough), funded by actual US government arms manufacturers no less who would not confirm nor deny the idea of such a project, that isn't technically illegal since it uses a rail gun to launch its nukes; had the project not gone FUBAR, who knows what it would've been used for. The best that Snake and Fox could do was to take out its radome. And, as [=MGS4=] shows, it's tough enough to be ''fully operational'' despite being in disrepair for years and can outfight its successor, Metal Gear RAY, with some support. It would still be a few years until technology advanced enough that Rex was truly obsolete.* Snake's torture at the hands of Ocelot. The pain he's going through is bad enough, but the knowledge that Meryl will die if he gives in pushes it to downright horrifying.** Just the idea of torturing anybody in who-knows-where in general, when you think about it. And it gets progressively worse in later installments of the series.----'''''[[ScareChord !]]'''''----


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