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1'''As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked [[Administrivia/SpoilersOff as per policy.]] Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned.'''----!! In General:* The werewolf howls: They do not sound much like a natural wolf howl, more like a low long drone.* In this movie there is the idea that once you turn into a werewolf, there's no going back.** Doubled by the fact that the generally accepted remedy for lycanthrophy, wolfsbane (although they use "monkshood" which is of the same genus) isn't a cure, it's a retardant that slows down the transformation, but ultimately doesn't stop it.----!! Ginger Snaps:[[quoteright:350:]] * The Beast in Bailey Downs encounter, just how fast it runs and how strong it is. Just imagine running through the dark woods, with that thing running in howling after you and it's fast enough to catch up to you.* Sam's death. Basically he was torn up a little bit, and was being kept alive by the werewolf Ginger, but was bleeding heavily. Ginger stops her attack when Brigitte shows up and she begins to give in to her developing wolf side and drink up some of Sam's blood. When Brigitte vomits it out and comes to her senses, the Ginger-Wolf bites Sam's neck, killing him.* Ginger's transformation scene. You don't see the whole thing, but ''God''... what you do see looks ''[[BodyHorror painful]]''. It certainly doesn't help that at the beginning of it, it almost looks like Ginger's having a seizure as [[BloodFromTheMouth blood]] ''[[BloodFromTheMouth pours out of her mouth]]''.* The moment when Brigitte sees that Ginger is starting to grow a tail.----


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