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1NightmareFuel heard in ''AudioPlay/{{Gallifrey}}''.* The various ways of time travel that the main political factions are capable of, all of which offer new and exciting ways to erase someone from time. * Narvin being trapped on alternate Gallifrey and having [[spoiler: all his remaining lives]] sucked out of him. Meaning he'll never [[spoiler:be able to regenerate again]].* The things that happen to scared newbie Castellan Wynter are more horrifying than most of the rest of Who ''combined''. In the interest of keeping the shock as severe as it's meant to be, we're not even spoiling it on this wiki. * Creator/ColinBaker as the Lord Burner, an alternate-timeline version of the Doctor who got forcibly rehabilitated instead of getting a Trial. * Leela losing [[spoiler: her eyesight]], and being fully convinced at first that she'll simply get over it after a few minutes, like she did in the ''Doctor Who'' TV series once.


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