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1* Sarah, Tucker's girlfriend, meets a truly horrific demise at the beginning of the film. Her climbing rig malfunctions and despite Walker's best efforts to try and save her, she plummets to her death.* Forget action movies, [[CoDragons Kynette and Delmar]] wouldn't be out of place as the villains of a SlasherMovie. [[ScaryBlackMan Kynette]] is a steely, knife-toting maniac who hunts Gabe through the mountain caves like [[Film/{{Scream}} Ghostface]], even wielding the same knife. [[MeanBrit Delmar]] is a sadistic brute who savagely kicks the shit out of Tucker, laughing all the while and likening it to a soccer game.* Travers' SanitySlippage VillainousBreakdown when he GoMadFromTheRevelation over Walker outsmarting him is quite unsettling to witness.* The rough cut was [[WhatCouldHaveBeen originally]] ''NC-17'' rated, [[ExecutiveMeddling before cutting down to an R rating]], mostly the revolving around the [[ViolenceIsDisturbing actions of the terrorists and their death scenes]], thus Qualen and his goons could be considered to be a KnightOfCerebus group even in comparison to other villains in DieHardOnAnX films. [[SarcasmMode Thanks to]] director Creator/RennyHarlin, who himself had already created a KnightOfCerebus in ''Film/DieHard2''.


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