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1Katalepsy are a Russian Brutal Death Metal Band that formed in 2003. Originally part of the Russian slam scene, they have since then evolved into their own sound. As of 2009, none of the original members are left in the band.˛˛Shortly after the release of their music, they made a split with two other foreign bands in hopes of being more well known outside their homeland of Russia. After lineup difficulties, they left their original label and were signed onto Unique Leader Records to record their sophomore effort, taking two years to complete.˛˛!!!Members:˛* Anatoly Shishilov - Bass (2005-present)˛* Anton - Guitars (2008-present)˛* Dmitry - Guitars (2010-present)˛* Igor Filimontsev - Vocals (2011-present)˛* Andrey Patsionov - Drums (2007-2009, 2017-present)˛˛!!!Notable Past Members:˛* Nikita Simonov - Bass (2003-2005)˛* Cain - Vocals (2005-2007)˛* Ruslan "Mirus" Iskandaroff - Vocals (2007-2011)˛* Evgeny Novikov - Drums (2011-2017)˛˛!!!Discography:˛* ''Musick Brings Injuries'' (2007)˛* ''Triumph of Evilution'' (2008) (EP, also released as a split with Fleshrot and Blunt Force Trauma)˛* ''Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy'' (2010) (Demo)˛* ''Autopsychosis'' (2013)˛* ''Gravenous Hour'' (2016)˛* ''Beast of Nod'' (2019) (single)˛* ''Terra Mortuus Est'' (2020)˛˛-----˛!!TROPES CONSPIRACY:˛* BaldOfAwesome: Anatoly˛* BlindIdiotTranslation: Their attempts at English on their earlier releases were, uhm, less than stellar, to put it mildly. "Rots of Fuck" was just one amusing example.˛* [[DeathMetal Brutal Death Metal]]: Started off as a slam band before changing their musical direction in 2010 to their more classic version of BDM.˛* CoverVersion: "Rabid" by Mortican and "S.O.D." by Music/{{Megadeth}}.˛* Franchise/CthulhuMythos: Their main lyrical theme as of ''Autopsychosis''.˛* FunWithAcronyms: "Evidence of Near Death ('''E.N.D''')"˛* {{Gorn}}: Moreso on ''Musick''˛* GrooveMetal: Touches upon this in both of their Igor albums.˛* IAmTheBand: Anatoly, as of 2009.˛* InNameOnly: Konstantin "Helvete" Djatlov, the last founding member, left in 2009, and was the only one who appeared on ''Musick Brings Injuires'' ˛* IndecipherableLyrics: Everything before the 2010 demo and ''Autopsychosis''.˛* {{Instrumentals}}: "Needles of Hypocrisy" from ''Autopsychosis'' and "In the River of Red" from ''Gravenous Hour''˛* LeadBassist: Anatoly is a type A and C.˛* LighterAndSofter: ''Gravenous Hour''. Although this is downplayed as the album is still very heavy. Just don't expect another ''Autopsychosis''. ˛* MisogynySong: Unlike with [[Music/AbominablePutridity another Russian band that never published lyrics]], they made no effort to hide this fact in ''Musick'', such as with the far more obvious artwork and samples. This is averted with ''Autopsychosis'' onward, favoring Franchise/CthulhuMythos and Armageddon.˛* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: 11 from ''Musick'' to ''Autopsychosis''. ''Gravenous Hour'' ranks more at a solid-to-hard 10.˛* NewSoundAlbum: ˛** The ''Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy'' demo dropped the slam in favor of a more NYDM sound. This carried over to ''Autopsychosis''.˛** ''Gravenous Hour'' does away with the slams and ups the technicality, with greater focus on guitar leads.˛* {{Portmanteau}}:˛** Autopsychosis is "Autopsy"" and "Psychosis"˛** Gravenous is "Grave" and "Ravenous"˛* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Igor Filimontsev.˛* ProgressiveMetal: ''Autopsychosis'' has elements of this.˛* RevolvingDoorBand: To put it bluntly, they went through a lot of members to the point that none of the founding members are left.˛* {{Sampling}}: ''Musick'' made use of samples from horror flicks.˛* SpecialGuest: Denis Akulshin of Fetal Decay on the "Needles of Hypocrisy" interlude. This is also what Anton Samokhvalov of Ease of Disgust fame was as of the live drummer.˛* SpiritualSuccessor: Often regarded as this to Music/{{Suffocation}} and Music/DeedsOfFlesh, and possibly Music/{{Cryptopsy}} and Music/{{Aborted}}, as of late.˛* TechnicalDeathMetal: As of ''Gravenous Hour''


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