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2 [[caption-width-right:350: From left-to-right: Alex Stevens, Howard Healy, Gab Cotton, and Dan Erickson]] Bluetile Lounge was a {{Slowcore}} band formed in Perth, Australia during 1991 consisting of Daniel Erickson (vocals, guitar, piano), Howard Healy (vocals, guitar, bass), Gabrielle Cotton (guitar, piano, vocals), and Alexander Stevens (drums, percussion). They spent several years perfecting their sound, until 1995, where they released, ''Lowercase'', on the Summershine label per the reccomendation of [[Music/{{Low}} Alan Sparhawk]]. In 1998, they released their second, and final album ''Half Cut'' on [[Music/SonicYouth Steve Shelley's]] the Smells Like Record label.
4Musically, they've been compared to other {{Slowcore}} artists such as {{Music/Codeine}} and {{Music/Low}}, but what distinguishes them is that they managed to make music that was even slower than the aforementioned bands. The result is an incredibly interesting wall of sound. Though relatively unknown, Bluetile Lounge's limited output is some of the most luminous work that the {{Slowcore}} genre has ever produced, and is considered one of the better ones to have emerged from the movement.
7!!BluetileLounge incorporate the following tropes:
8* EpicRocking: Practically every song they released. Nearly every track on both ''Lowercase'' and ''Half Cut'' goes beyond the five minute mark/
9* IndecipherableLyrics: Good look understanding what they are singing. At most, you can make out a few words.
10* PerishingAltRockVoice: Both Erickson and Healy.